Upper Level Program Guide – Middle & High School

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Everyone starts with U14/U19

U14/U19 is the foundation upon which all upper-level (middle and high school) programs are built. It’s where our upper level riders build their general trail riding skills that they will carry with them through a lifetime of cycling. Some riders spend their whole middle- and high-school experience riding with U14 and U19: it’s where we all begin, and it’s the perfect place for anyone who hasn’t fallen deeply for a particular niche discipline — those of us who just love to ride bikes with our friends.

Whether you’re new to Devo, new to upper level programs, or just not currently interested in a specialty, register for U14/U14 Girls (middle schoolers), or U19 (high schoolers). We highly recommend ALL RIDERS spend at least one season in just their foundational group (U14 or U19, one day or two days per week) before choosing an elective / specialty team, even if the rider knows what specialty they’d like to pursue

What you get out of U14 and U19 core teams:

  • Foundational riding skills necessary for general trail riding and any (future) advanced skill development
  • Exposure to a wide variety of disciplines and specialties (who knows what you might find yourself to love?)
  • A robust community of peers with overlapping interests and shared love of bikes (think: friends to plan adventures with!)
  • A strong base of aerobic fitness and strength (helpful no matter your specialty)
  • Some of our most committed, seasoned, fun coaches (ask anyone – these coaches are incredible)

After the first season, some upper level riders gravitate toward a specialty — gravity riding, freestyle, cross country riding, bikepacking. Your second season (or third, or fourth, or fifth . . . ) is a great time to dip your toes with one day in a specialty group + 1-2 days in U14/U19.

Specialist options are as follows:


U14: Pedalers (cross country) or Senders/Sendas (downhill)

U19: EnDevo


U14: Senders / Sendas 

U19: Flyers / Flyas


U14: Pedalers 

U19: Devo 3000 or High School League


U14: Ramblers / Exploras

U19: Trailblazers

*Bikepacking programs do not require prior season of U14/U19 to register

Do I have to specialize? Do I have to ride multiple days per week?

About 75 percent of our upper level athletes practice more than one day per week. 

For some, this is two days of U14/U19. For others, this is one day of their core team and one specialty practice. Some (who have ridden with us for multiple seasons) even switch to only their elective, practicing multiple days with their specialty team.

Anyone with a base of U14/U19 can try any elective at any point! 

We have found that many of our most enthusiastic alumni and happiest lifelong cyclists have tried multiple specialties just to feed their curiosity. Trying new things keeps your fresh and engaged, and can deepen your love of the sport!

For those with a serious commitment to another extracurricular activity, a single day of U14 or U19 is a great option. About a quarter of our athletes are committed outside cycling but practice with us once per week to maintain fitness and friendships within Devo.

The mix-and-matching discount and how we price our programs

Compared to the actual full cost of our programming, our registration fees are actually quite low compared to other similar programs (did you know that about 45% of our youth program fees are subsidized for families through the generosity of our sponsors and donors?)

Combo registrations (U14/19 + a one-day specialty) are discounted by $155 using the following code at checkout: ul-mix-match-s24

Here are the fees for our most common upper level combos:

U14/U19 one day: $330

U14/U19 two days: $440

Mix-and-Match (one day U14/U19, one specialty): $505

If you want more info or you’d like geek out on how we set prices and how your money breaks down to build our program, have a look at this financial transparency document.

Check out this handy visual on upper level programs and specialty options:

Questions? Need advice? Reach out to Rob, our Upper Level Programs Director, for help: robnichols@durangodevo.com