Trail Safety & Etiquette

Spring = stoke for many riders, and with that stoke comes the necessity to refresh ourselves on the rules and courtesies that make for a safe and pleasant experience for all trail users. Here are a few handy rules to keep in mind when out riding town trails and beyond.

  • Cyclists should always yield to other trail users. Pedestrians often choose to stop and pull over, but that is their option, not their responsibility. When encountering another trail user, be prepared to stop, wait, and put a foot down to pass.
  • Uphill traffic has the right of way. This system is not perfect, but generally downhill cyclists should stop and pull over to yield to riders climbing a trail. 
  • Slow down around hikers and dog walkers, even if you feel there is plenty of room. 
  • At particularly busy locations, like the Bike Path and Horse Gulch Road, please take extra care to be courteous. Keep speeds moderate in busy areas. 
  • Riders should be single-file on the bike path in order to pass/be passed by others.
  • A smile and a wave go a LONG way toward making positive impressions on the trail. 

One of our most important coaching mandates at Durango Devo is to teach courtesy, kindness, safety, and good habits when interacting with the public on rides. Occasionally we fall short — especially in springtime when we see enthusiasm and ambition occasionally overshadow these tenets — but we are committed to teaching our youth how to act as responsible, kind stewards of cycling in this community we are lucky to call home.