We at Durango Devo believe in the power of bikes and wish to share our passion as broadly as possible! We wish for the Devo mission of “developing life-long cyclists one ride at a time” to apply to ALL Durango interested area youth, regardless of personal financial situation.
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The Durango Devo Scholarship Fund, founded in 2011, helps cover registration fees and provides bikes for riders in need.

Research consistently shows that cycling in a team environment promotes positive physical- and mental health outcomes, improves self-confidence, reduces screen time and isolation, creates lasting friendships, boosts determination and grit, and more. Just as importantly, our experience consistently proves that kids learning, striving, and playing with peers from a variety of backgrounds benefits every participant involved.

In 2023, Durango Devo awarded a record 67 full scholarships for program registrations, 21 scholarships for trips, and gifted 26 bikes in good condition and new helmets to young riders in need. Altogether, we disbursed a record-setting $24,450 in scholarship funds!


Come ride with us! The scholarship application process is quick, easy, and online.


Help us get more kids on bikes! 

The main limitation in how many scholarships we can award is FUNDING. To donate to our scholarship fund and help us make more young riders’ dreams come true, click below!

The 2024 Scholarship Fund is made possible thanks to individual donors and the following generous sponsors:


Who can apply?

Durango Devo scholarships are open to any area youth with a financial limitation wishing to participate in Spring or Fall 8-week sessions or Devo Summer Camps.

Devo youth programs serve riders from age 3 through high school. Scholarships are available for any age and grade level.

Minority (Black or African American, Hispanic or Latino, Native American, or Asian) applicants and those with significant financial need are especially encouraged to apply.

What is the financial threshold to qualify?

As every family’s situation is unique, we do not set any hard-and-fast rules to determine eligibility. The scholarship application collects general information about household income range and includes several narrative response opportunities for applicants to support their request for scholarship. 

It is our goal to award scholarships to as many qualified applicants as possible. We don’t want money to stand in the way of your child’s participation in our programs!

How do I apply?

The application process is fully online on our website and takes about 15 minutes — maybe 10 if you’re a fast typist. We do not ask for any proof of income or other documentation, just some answers to questions that will help us understand who you are and how we can help!

CLICK HERE to apply.

What is the deadline?

Scholarship deadlines are before registration dates so that we may award recipients in time for them to sign up! Deadlines are kept up to date on our Events & Important Dates section of our website. 2024 deadlines are as follows:

Spring programs: February 16

Summer programs: April 29

Fall programs: July 22

Additional scholarships are occasionally available after the deadline on a rolling, case-by-case basis.

How are applications reviewed?

Each application is reviewed by Devo’s Executive Director and scholarships are awarded based on greatest financial need and timely application. We strive to award scholarships to all qualified applicants, but due to financial constraints, this is not always possible.

When will I know if I got a scholarship?

We do our best to review applications lightning fast. You will receive a decision, by email, sometime before registration day.

What if my application is denied?

If you are a qualified applicant but are not awarded a scholarship for the current Devo session, your name will automatically be placed at the top of the list for a scholarship for the next Devo session. For example, if you aren’t awarded a scholarship during the spring, you will be automatically given preference for a scholarship during the Summer or Fall session. 

Additionally, even if you aren’t awarded a scholarship, Devo may still be able to set up a payment plan. 

If your application is denied and you wish to appeal, contact our Executive Director (

Can I keep my scholarship application open for future seasons?

You must reapply for every season that you wish to be considered for a scholarship. Apply before the fall deadline for a fall program, before the spring deadline for a spring program, etc. The only exception is in the case above (a qualified applicant who does not receive a scholarship is automatically rolled over and placed at the top of the list for the next term).

Do scholarships cover middle school and high school trips?

Sometimes, yes! You may submit an application for a trip scholarship separately from your application for program registration cost.

My child needs a bike and a helmet. Do you have a scholarship for that?

Support with equipment is separate from scholarships. If your child wants to ride with us but lacks essential equipment like a bike or a helmet, contact and we’ll see what we can do!

What about races?

Our scholarship fund is not set up to award scholarships for races, but if you wish to race and can’t afford it, talk to your coach. We will do what we can to ensure that all our aspiring racers can race!

Am I required to volunteer in exchange for my scholarship?

No! Our scholarships are awarded without any consideration to whether you wish to volunteer or not. We encourage ALL Devo families — not just scholarship recipients — to be active in the Devo community, but volunteering is NOT a requirement.

Does my scholarship guarantee me a spot on the team of my choice?

Unfortunately, no. Scholarship recipients must register at the allotted time along with all other riders. For the best chance at getting into the program and time slot you are hoping for, pre-register on our website and be ready at the exact time your age group registration opens. Click here for more information about registration.