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Established in 2006, Durango Devo is a 501c3 non-profit organization.  The mission of Durango DEVO is to develop each individual, in a traditional team setting, into life-long cyclists. There are 900 kids in the program, 70 coaches and over 20 different groups.  The organization is arranged in a building block style to increase interest in mountain biking and promote each athlete in a positive environment. The Durango Junior Development (DEVO) Mountain Bike Organization is a program for ages 2 to 19  years of age. The organization is split into 9 programs: DEVO Push Bike, DEVO Jr.(this is split into 9 different groups from preschool-advanced 5th graders), Explorers Club, DEVO Flyers gravity team, DEVO Cycle Cross (CX), DEVO Boys and Girls U14,  DEVO Boys and Girls U19 and the Colorado High School League Teams of DHS and Animas High. Durango DEVO also conducts summer camps. All programs are led by a Devo trained and First Aid certified head coaches with the help of assistant coaches. #NFTF.

Push Bike for ages 2-4


This group is for kids ages 2-4 who ride a Strider or push bike only. Parent participation may be requested for kids younger than 4. There are two 4 week sessions each season with a different location each week. Your coach will email you a schedule a week before the season starts with additional information.

Spring 2017 Push Bike Groups

Monday 10-11am
Monday 4-5pm
Thursday 10-11am
Thursday 4-5pm
Devo Jr Groups for Pre-school-5th graders

  • Below are descriptions to help you place your child in the appropriate grade level group.  If you have additional questions regarding Junior Devo or placement of your child, please contact Aubrey, Junior Devo Program Manager, Continue to scroll down to see the days and times for groups.

**Some of the groups have changed for 2017.  We encourage you to register your child in the appropriate grade based group.**

Push Bike

  • Kids on push bikes.  No pedal bikes.

Preschool Training Wheels

  • Kids on pedal bikes with training wheels.
  • Kids without training wheels but still having a hard time starting stopping on their own 50% of the time.
  • Goal is to get training wheels off so they can pedal independently.


  • Rides a pedal bike solo.
  • No training wheels.
  • Able to start and stop on their own 50% of the time.


  • Confident on a pedal bike and IN Kindergarten
  • No training wheels
  • Coaster brakes or handbrakes welcome
  • Able to ride on dirt trails

Special Needs

  • Currently enrolled in school, 2nd-5th grade
  • Current IEP for autism, serious emotional disability, or other mild to moderate cognitive or developmental delays.
  • Must be willing to provide the Coach, a licensed social worker, with your child’s behavior intervention plan for review.
  • Child is able to verbally communicate.
  • Must have a recommendation from a licensed social worker. ​
  • If you have interest in this program, please reach out to Erica McCalden, LSW, 970.692.4104 for more information.
  • 1st Grade
  • Confident on a Pedal bike
  • Hand brakes highly encouraged (no coaster brakes)
  • No training wheels
  • Able to ride on dirt trails

2nd-3rd Grade Beginner

  • New to Devo
  • New to Mountain Biking
  • Coaster Brakes or Uses Front and Rear brake independently
  • Does not change gears while pedaling
  • Is not familiar with parallel pedals
  • Sits while pedaling and descending

2nd-3rd Grade Intermediate

  • Confident with parallel pedals
  • Confident with front and rear braking (no coaster brakes)
  • Beginning to learn gear changes while pedaling
  • Able to stand while pedaling

4th-5th Grade Beginner

  • New to Devo
  • New to Mountain Biking
  • Uses Front and Rear brake independently, or only uses one and never the other.
  • Does not change gears while pedaling
  • Is not familiar with parallel pedals
  • Sits while pedaling and descending

4th-5th Grade Intermediate

  • Confident with parallel pedals
  • Confident with front and rear braking
  • Confident changing gears while pedaling
  • Able to stand while pedaling
  • Wheel sizes 24”-29”

3rd-5th Grade Advanced

  • Goals to join upper level programs one day.
  • Able to have faster practices with less stopping.
  • Confident with operation controls (gears, brakes)
  • 26”-29” Wheel Bike

2nd-4th Grade All Girls Beginner

  • New to Devo
  • New to Mountain Biking
  • Uses Front and Rear brake independently, or only uses one and never the other.
  • Does not change gears while pedaling
  • Is not familiar with parallel pedals
  • Sits while pedaling and descending

3rd-5th Grade All Girls Advanced

  • This is for girls with intermediate/advanced skills.  Ladies wanting to join the U14 girls team.
  • Confident with parallel pedals
  • Confident with front and rear braking
  • Confident changing gears while pedaling
  • Able to stand while pedaling and descending
  • 24”-29” Wheel Bike recommended

    2017 Devo Junior Fall Schedule***Push Bike Programs run in 4 week sessions:

    Session 1 starts the week of August 28 through September 21st

    Session 2 starts the week of September 25th through October 19th


    All Preschool through 5th grade groups run 8 weeks beginning August 28th through October 19th


    Monday Push Bike AM Session 1 10-11am
    Monday Push Bike AM Session 2 10-11am
    Monday Push Bike PM Session 1 4-5 pm
    Monday Push Bike PM Session 2 4-5 pm
    Monday Kinder 2:15-3:45pm
    Monday 1st Grade 2:15-4:15pm
    Monday 2nd-3rd Grade Intermediate 4-6 pm
    Monday 2nd-3rd Grade Beginner 4-6pm
    Monday Special Needs 2nd-5th Grade 4-6pm
    Tuesday Preschool AM 10-11:15am
    Tuesday Preschool PM 4-5:15pm
    Tuesday 2nd-4th All Girls Beginner 4-6pm
    Tuesday 3rd-5th All Girls Intermediate/Advanced 4-6pm
    Wednesday Preschool AM 10-11:15am
    Wednesday Preschool PM 4-5:15pm
    Wednesday Kinder 4-5:30pm
    Wednesday 1st Grade 4-6 pm
    Wednesday 4th-5th Grade Advanced 4-6pm
    Wednesday 4th-5th Grade Beginner/Intermediate 4-6pm
    Thursday Push Bike AM Session 1 10-11am
    Thursday Push Bike AM Session 2 10-11am
    Thursday Push Bike PM Session 1 4-5pm
    Thursday Push Bike PM Session 2 4-5pm
    Thursday Preschool Training Wheels Only 4-5:15pm
    Thursday 3rd-5th Co-ed Advanced 4-6 pm
Explorers’ Club for 6th-12th graders


DEVO Explorer’s is a  middle school-high school weekly group ride for riders looking to learn the fundamentals of mountain biking and not necessarily the competitive side. The Ramblers group is for 6th grade and up. Ramblers is for those kids who are newer to the Explorers  group, and the Trailblazers are for high schoolers or  8th graders with previous explorer experience.

The goal of the program about using the bike as tool for exploring and self-sufficiency (touring, commuting, bike building,etc). Each session ends with a self supported camping/touring trip the heart of the Southwest. There is a Spring Session, and a Fall session. Each rider is responsible to get their bikes ready for the Explorer trip. Depending upon the bike and gear availability, a rack and panniers may need to be purchased. Durango Cyclery is the Explorer shop and gives discounts to all Explorer families.

Fall 2017  SCHEDULE:

Ramblers 6th – 8th Graders :  Tuesday’s August 29th thru Oct. 17th

Trailblazers 9th- 12th : Wednesday’s August 30th thru Oct. 18th

Trip schedule TBD

U14 Girls and Boys Teams for 6th-8th graders

pict 14

DEVO U14 is for middle school age kids interested in continuing to build skills and begin to pursue racing. Although these youth may still be interested in other sports, this group is more serious than DEVO Junior. The U14’s meet more often and have the option of traveling to races and going on camping/riding trips with their coaches.  Racing is not mandatory. Promoting the sport in a fun environment and learning skills is still the overall goal of U14, but some specific training is involved. The season in broken into 3 parts with 3 highlights for each season:

**Stayed tuned for more exciting information coming soon!**

Spring: Top Secret Training Camp

Summer: summer trip plus more options for racing

Fall/ the U14 Fall trip.

2nd ave Sports gives the U14 and U19 teams discounts for all riders on the teams.

Fall 2017  SCHEDULE:

Monday and Wednesday’s August 28th through Oct. 18th

Trip schedule TBD

Devo Flyers Gravity Team for 5th-12th graders


Devo Flyers “New” Enduro Team

6th-12th grade

Riders in 6th or 7th grade will need to talk to a coach to see if program is fitting.

Contact Devo Head Coach to inquire.

Schedule not yet finalized.  Stay tuned…..

U19 Boys' and Girls' Teams for 9th-12th graders

pict 70

U19 (Springtime only!)

Our program is now 2 days a week, Tuesdays and Thursdays from 4-6pm in the springtime.  Fall our U19 riders participate in the High School League. (See High School League for fall offerings.)

Led by Coaches Sarah Tescher and Sarah Sturm for the Ladies and Brendan Shafer and Lee Paustian for the Boys. The program will follow a skills-and-thrills based approach to weekly rides and will teach the youth how to have a good healthy time on a mountain bike. Team camaraderie, teamwork, and life skills are the bread and butter of this program.

The Team will road trip to several ride weekends/races throughout the season and racing is not mandatory. The schedule will be available in mid-Feb and based on riders and coaches wants, needs and goals.

The “new” Devo Race Program (DPR) has been added as an option for any U19 riders looking for a workout/competitive day of the week.

This is an add-on program that will meet Wednesdays and some Saturdays (depending on race schedules) from March-July. Practices will start and finish at different places each week and riders will need to be able to get from school to trailheads around town. Coach Chad will lead up this new program and the main goal is to give any Devo rider the chance to learn race skills and get a more “racelike” workout on a weekly basis. U19 riders will have the option of adding this on to the U19 programs or by itself. The practice days will reflect the group’s goals towards the local, regional and national events. Short Tracks, hill climbs, time trials, skills instruction, race simulation and of course tricks will be offered plus much more.

Coach Chad recommends this program for any traditional 3 days per week U19er looking to improve their race craft or wanting a more guided spring/summer race season. He also recommends doing the 2-day U19 programming as well to provide the best weekly riding habits. Contact Devo Head Coach if you have questions.



Cyclocross Team for 6th-12th graders


The Devo Cross team is open to all levels of rider to learn the sport of Cyclocross.  This group meets 2x/week during November and December.  The team races in the local Cyclocross series and may take a trip to the USAC Cyclocross National Championships (racing is not mandatory to participate).  Skill development is at the heart of this program as riding in the snow, mud, and sleet is good skill development for all cycling disciplines.  Riders are not required to have a cross bike, but we highly recommend it as mountain bikes can get worn down quickly in the adverse condition of cyclocross.

Colorado HS League Team of DHS and AHS

Sepp wins the Colorado league!

The Colorado High School League is the DEVO U19 fall team.  DEVO is the supporting organization for the  Durango High School (DHS) and Animas High School (AHS) league teams.  The teams begin practicing the August 15th and travel together throughout the season to all 4 Colorado Mountain Bike League races, plus the High School Colorado State Championships.  Both high schools practice and travel together, but compete for their schools separately.  Skill development in a fun, team camaraderie environment is still at the heart of this team.  All riders need to register with the Colorado League and are responsible for all race fees.  Scholarships and loaner equipment is available through Devo and through the Colorado League.

See the practice schedule here. This schedule will be updated periodically.

Devo Women on Wheels

Back by popular demand! Devo is offering a ride for Devo’s fabulous moms, led by one of our coaches to learn skills and have fun with each other! This group is for advanced beginners to upper intermediate and above riders. If you can ride up horse gulch road to the meadow no-problem, then you can ride with this group. If you like to ride your bike, but just want to learn more skills and hang with the ladies, this group is for you! Coach Bri is back for another season and we can’t wait!

Visit below to register!

Devo Registration Page

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