Pickup/Dropoff Safety Tips

Help Make Drop Off & Pick Up Safe for Kids!

Spring season is underway, and we’d like to remind of you of some critical protocol for keeping your kids safe.

Drop off and pick up are the MOST DANGEROUS part of Devo practice. The following reminders will help you keep your kids safe this season!

Help us out by following these rules: 

  • Drop riders off with a coach. The earliest drop off allowed is 5 minutes before practice. Riders may not be left unattended!
  • Check in with your coach at drop-off – do not take off until your coach has seen and greeted your rider. Pushbike and Preschool parents must sign in and out of each practice with their coach. 
  • Let your coach know if you’ll be late! Save your coach’s phone number and shoot them a text if you’ll be late for practice. Coaches can choose to wait up to 10 minutes for late arrivals, but after that, you may need to help your rider find their team out on the trail. 
  • Send an email before practice if your rider will be riding to practice unaccompanied to let the coach know that this is OK! 5th-grade and younger riders may not leave practice unaccompanied without advance notice from a parent.

Click below to see Devo’s full book of rules and guidelines.

Thanks for helping to keep your kids safe at practice!