Spring ’24 Programs Survey

Thank you for your early-season feedback on your experience with Devo this Spring! We will use this information to help our coaches better understand what they’re doing well and what aspects of the rider experience they can improve. Please be thoughtful in your responses and if possible, provide us with any comments at the end — we love compliments, but we also need your constructive criticism and ideas!

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If you participate in multiple Devo programs, just pick one.

Rate your agreement with each of the following statements.

Team email communications are comprehensive, clear, and timely.
I know how to reach my coaches and get the information I need about practice times, locations, and other details.
My team’s coaches are engaged, friendly, and professional.
My rider feels comfortable with and supported by their coach.
Drop off and pick up are easy, safe, and orderly.
My rider enjoys and looks forward to practice each week.
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