New Registration Tips and How-Tos

Also Read: New Programs FAQ


This spring, we are excited to launch a new registration system that promises a much faster, much simpler, and more mobile-friendly experience. 


Please pre-register and familiarize yourself with the new system before registration day. Pre-registering saves you time on Saturday morning and ensures the smoothest checkout possible. 

We like to think the new system is pretty user-friendly, but please click below for a fully guided tour!


Registration times are staggered by age group to help turn down the stress of registering multiple riders, and to allow Devo staff to provide more personalized support to anyone who needs it. 

Please avoid logging in until it is your age group’s turn to register. Your cooperation will help those registering in age groups before yours to complete the process smoothly and easily and be done before it’s your turn. By staggering registration launch times, we hope to take some stress off of our system, our staff, and our parents! 


8:00am – Pushbike and Preschool

8:30am – Kinder – 2nd Grade (not including 2nd-5th Grade Jr. Explorers)

9:00am – 3rd-5th Grade (including 2nd-5th Grade Jr. Explorers)

9:30am – 6th-12th and Adult 

You can register anytime after the posted registration opening time for each age group, but not before. 

Important note: Once a program is in your cart, it is reserved for you for 10 minutes. You will see a cart timer appear. Make sure to complete your registration within 10 minutes to avoid losing your spot. 


Even with so many extra registration spots, Devo’s programs usually fill up, and registration spots are still first-come first-served. If you do find yourself on a waitlist, know that hope is not lost. We are often able to pull riders from the waitlist by filling spots from cancellations. Sometimes we’re even able to hire more coaches and create an entirely new team! 


Scholarship applicants will receive their decision letter by the Wednesday before registration opens. You will apply for your scholarship with a coupon code, delivered to you via email. Scholarships are still available, and riders may apply HERE. We will do our best to process applications as quickly as we can. Please note that a scholarship award does not guarantee a spot on a team. Scholarship recipients must register with everyone else on registration day.

For returning registrants who have an outstanding bill on their old registration account, you will receive an email with an invoice to pay your outstanding bill. 

Accounts with a credit will be emailed instructions on how to transfer their credit.

New in 2024, Devo will be offering an optional two-installment payment plan for all registrations. When registering, you can choose between paying in full at checkout and paying in two zero-interest installments.

Devo’s Cancellation Policy remains the same, regardless of your payment plan selection. Refund and credit percentages are calculated based the price of the WHOLE registration, not just what has already been paid via a payment plan. Read our full Cancellation Policy.

Submit a Support Request to request a cancellation or transfer.