NOT Just for Kids! Devo Adult Programs Available Now!

NOT Just for Kids! Devo Adult Programs Available Now!

Admit it: you’ve seen those Devo kids around town and felt a little twinge of envy at the boundless energy, pure joy, and sense of community they seem to exude as they hit the trails after school.

Luckily, Devo is not just for kids! Curious about our adult men’s and women’s programming and whether it might be for you? We offer beginner, intermediate, and advanced-level sessions for men and women – in other words, something for everyone! 

Read on for a collection of sentiments from riders just like you and CLICK HERE for current registration information!

“Making this time for myself each week (which honestly I would not have done without putting some cash down) has breathed new energy into me not only on the trails but also crossing into all aspects of life. I feel more centered, confident, and fulfilled in a way that’s hard to achieve in a busy life where I’m used to putting the needs of others first. I didn’t realize how much I deserved and needed to invest in myself, my fitness, and my connection with the outdoors and other female athletes.”

“As I type this email, I am daydreaming about mountain biking. I go to bed at night thinking about mountain biking, and often wake up thinking about it too. Three years ago, nothing could’ve been farther from my mind. I signed up for one session so that I could ride with my kindergartener without hurting myself like a fool, and what began as a begrudging mouse click is now a full-fledged passion. I couldn’t recommend this program any more highly, and in this town with such wonderful access to trails everywhere, nothing could feel like a more appropriate new skill. #devoforever”

“When I moved here I was not in shape, but I dreamed of doing things like mountain biking. Last spring I finally decided to try the beginner class. It was empowering and a real game changer. I met some amazing women that were all very supportive even though I was often the last one up the hill. My coach was knowledgeable, kind and encouraging. We had some incredible rides and on a few of them I couldn’t help but have tears in my eyes. I had become a mountain biker! It was a dream-come-true season for me.”

“A special thanks to Coach Rob for his encouragement and support.  Few athletes with this level of skill are also patient and supportive of beginners like me.  He has a true gift for coaching and I’m proud to consider myself one of his students.”

“WOW has exponentially boosted my mountain biking confidence and skills. The fabulous instructors have taught me techniques for riding both courageously and safely, giving me the grounding in best practices that I’d lacked. I’ve learned so much and found a passion for the sport. I can’t wait for the next season!”

“I now feel equipped to take on the technical aspects of mountain biking with a sense of excitement rather than apprehension. The camaraderie and support from the other women in the class was an awesome part of the clinic and I am thankful for the new friends and riding companions that I have made!”

“I have been a self-taught mountain biker for over 20 years. In my 20s this felt right. In my 30s it felt ok too. But now, deep into my 40s with kids at home, I started to worry about my safety after playing it fast and loose for so many years . . . the stakes are higher now. I registered for Devo and from day one I was amazed at the precision of instruction in all kinds of tactical scenarios. I walked away from each practice with new practical skills that I could implement immediately, and my riding is sharper than ever. One of the soundest investments I have ever made.”

“As a mother of a young girl, I am proud to show her an example of a mid 40s woman athlete trying new things, learning from the times I take the wrong line, then walking my bike back and trying it again, or listening to my body when it tells me today isn’t the right day to push it. In short, showing my daughter that we women can do hard things– and have fun doing them!”


What kind of gear do I need?

For beginner and beginner/intermediate programs, you’ll want a full-suspension or hardtail mountain bike in good working order. For intermediate to advanced programs, we recommend a full-suspension bike – though we have had successful participants rip the trails on hardtails too.

Everyone needs a helmet that fits and athletic shoes. Bike gloves are highly recommended.

Why are adult programs so much more expensive than kids programs?

Did you know that our youth programs are subsidized by 45-50%? Thanks to our donors and sponsors, we are able to offer team riding to kids for only half the price that it costs us to run those programs. The adult programs are not subsidized. If you break the cost down hourly, our adult programs run around $25-28 per hour. Not bad, if you consider your instructor’s PMBI coaching certification, the low student-to-coach ratio, and the sense of community our participants rave about.

I work 9-5. Why don’t you offer adult programs in the evenings?

Boy, we wish we could. We haven’t offered adult programming during peak Devo time for a couple main reasons: first, the trails are mega congested in the 4-7 time frame, which makes for a frustrating experience for a lot of adult riders who can learn more fluidly without having to share the trail quite as much. And second, our adult coaches also coach our kids’ programs. Morning programs for adults are the best way we have found to allow our most popular and highly-trained coaches to be able to serve both groups.

I’m kind of out of shape. Can I still do it?

Mountain biking is not just grinding up steep hills made of dirt! While a very basic level of athletic capacity and fitness certainly helps, it is an ABSOLUTE myth that you have to be an elite athlete to succeed at mountain biking. Our programs are carefully designed to accommodate a wide range of ability levels, strengths, and interests.

I’m not a beginner. What do you have to offer me?

Many of our participants – particularly in the intermediate and advanced-level classes – have been riding for years at a high level of performance. Hours and hours of saddle time go a long way, but when it comes to mastering subtle, critical, advanced technical skills, nothing beats formal instruction. And that is where we excel!

How do I figure out what level I am?

If you are interested in riding with us but nervous about picking the right level course for you, email Aubrey ( for women’s programs or Rob ( for men’s programs.

Do you offer trips for adults?

Formally, no. But we have great stories of riders and coaches from both our women’s and men’s programs forming strong friendships and going off on epic adventures together. Last year some of our men’s program participants spent a week in Sedona sharpening their technical skills, and some our women’s riders took a weekend adventure up and over the mountains from 550 to Rico and back again. Riding bikes is about more than just riding bikes. Join us and you may be surprised at the adventures that await.