Update: 2024 NEW PROGRAMS!

Also read: New Programs FAQ

Hey Devo families: You spoke and we listened! This Spring we are stoked to bring you more spots in our most popular junior groups, a shiny new registration process, and better rider/team matching for a more fun, more stoked, and more fulfilling season.


This spring, we are thrilled to announce: We are expanding the total number of registrations available! This will allow more athletes to participate in our program, meaning more kids on bikes and more fun all around! 

JUNIOR (Pushbike – 5th Grade Ages)

Based on consistent demand for more programming at the lower-elementary age levels, we have added a new team for Kindergarten, one for first grade, and one for second grade. That’s 25% more spots for some of our raddest young shredders!

UPPER LEVEL (6th-12th Grade)

Thanks to popular demand, we are proud to introduce an expanded set of all-girls programming at the middle school and high school level in Spring 2024.

The all-new Sendas (middle school and high school) track adds a new opportunity for our athletes identifying as female to train in downhill and enduro riding styles in a much-requested all-girls team environment. 

Likewise, the Girls Just Wanna Have Fun team creates a continuation of the U-14 Girls team for high school-age athletes wishing to ride with a female-identifying trail riding group. 


Up until this year, Devo’s popularity has grown a lot faster than our website technology! At long last, it’s technology’s time to catch back up. This spring, we are excited to launch a new website and a new registration system that promises a much faster, much simpler, more mobile-friendly experience. 

Our new site eliminates the need for the waiting room, so you’ll spend less time staring at a screen and more time enjoying your day! Plus, starting with our Spring 2024 registration launch, we will stagger our registration release times by age to help turn down the stress of registering multiple riders. 

8:00am – Pushbike and Preschool programs open for signups

8:20am – Kinder – 2nd Grade programs open for signups

8:40am – 3rd-5th Grade programs open for signups

9:00am – 6th-12th and Adult programs open for signups

We hope that by staggering registration launch times, we can help take some stress off of our system, our staff, and our parents! *You can register ANYTIME after the posted registration opening time for each age group. 

Of course, even with so many extra registration spots, Devo’s programs will still fill up, and registration spots are still first-come first-served. If you do find yourself on a waitlist, know that hope is not lost. We are often able to pull riders from the waitlist by filling spots from cancellations. Sometimes we’re even able to hire more coaches and create an entirely new team! 


Thanks to you, Devo has grown enormously in the past decade. With this growth has come an incredible diversity and richness of riding abilities, styles, and interest areas among our young athletes. Although age-based learning is still king at Devo, our programs have grown robust enough to offer a more sophisticated and nuanced rider-to-coach matching system based on not only age but rider compatibility, too.

Program changes apply to elementary programs (K-5th) ONLY. Upper-level, pushbike, and preschool programming remain the same.



Each grade level K-5th will now choose from two practice day options. By consolidating offerings for each age to two options per week, we will be better able to keep friends together and match riders with the best coach and team for their unique interests, level, and needs.

When you register, you will choose your rider’s grade and day of the week, but not a specific class. Our most experienced coaches will be on hand to group riders into optimal teams on the first day of practice.


On the first day of practice, all riders registered for that day and grade will meet at the same location. Riders and coaches will warm up together and then split into preliminary teams based on riding style, personality, buddies, and a little bit of coaches’ magic. Teams will include two coaches and –as always– no more than ten riders each, and rosters may be revised as needed throughout the first day and subsequent practices to ensure the best fit for each of our junior athletes.

With this new system, we expect that our riders will have greater camaraderie, better-tailored learning opportunities, and more fun. We are excited to roll out this new approach and hope you enjoy the ride!

Here’s a handy chart to summarize what’s new:



Push Bike (3-4yo)

No changes

Preschool (4-5yo)

No changes

Kinder - 2nd Grade

*Programs consolidated to two weekday options

*Improved team grouping process to better match riders with peers

3rd-5th Grade

*Programs consolidated to two weekday options

*No changes to team grouping process

2nd-5th Grade Explorers

No changes

2nd-5th Grade Wanderers

No changes

Middle School & High School

*Added new all-girls groups for gravity and trail riding