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Devo Family Needs Your Help!

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Come to Ska tomorrow (Friday) night between 6pm-10pm for a Silent Auction to benefit Sue B Earl who is battling Leukemia. $10 entry includes food from Zia Taqueria, Cassidy’s Kitchen,
CJ’s Diner and Serious Delights plus live music performed by Robby
Overfield. Show your support for this wonderful Devo family!!

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We Almost Made Cycling Cards in 2008

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In 2008 we had an idea to make cycling trading cards of the local cycle lovers and eventually the Devo youth. Bicycle Bob of Durango Cyclery was our prototype subject. The card was designed to replicate the 1986 Topps Baseball Card that was one of the most unpopular card designs of the 80’s due to its black top and white sides that were very susceptible to showing wear, thus reducing the cards value. Someday in the future, this project will see the light.Roost2008_Contract


card front


card back

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Chip Peddler Making Community Magic

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Local tortilla and potato chip maker Neil of The Chip Peddler needs our community support. Check out his Kickstarter project to help launch his new salted tortilla chips. This is a sweet community business that you can be a part of. The Chip Peddler is a Devo supporter and we are trying to find a way to be connected even more. Nice chips Neil, and good luck with the deadline of March 15th!

They are in our stores!

They are in our stores!

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FLC Cycling Meet and Greet at Ska Brewing

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The FLC Cycling Team would like to invite the Durango Community to a Meet and Greet at Ska Brewing World Headquarters on Wednesday Feb. 23rd from 7-9pm. The FLC Cycling Team would not be where it is at without the very supportive community that supports it. We’d like to give you all a chance to meet the members of the FLC Cycling Team and get to know them other than through their exploits on bicycles. Most importantly, it is a chance for the team members to get to know the community that supports them. Please join us for the good times and pass it on to others who might be interested in joining. For more info please contact:
Dave Hagen
FLC Cycling Team Manager

In Short:
FLC Cycling/Supporters Meet and Greet
Wednesday February 23 7-9pm
Ska Brewing World Headquarters – 225 Girard St. Bodo Industrial Park

Coach Annies shorts say FLC and both Coach Chad and Annie went to FLC. So thats how this photo relates to the post.

Coach Annies shorts say FLC and both Coach Chad's arm and Annie went to FLC. So thats how this photo relates to the post.

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Devo Jr Spring ’11 Schedules

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Devo Jr Spring Schedule for April 4th through May27th:

Monday: Kindergarten 4-5:30 (Coaches: Sara Tescher Stephan Davoust)
Monday: 1st Grade 4-6 pm(Head coach:Sabina Krashaar)
Tuesday: 20″ Inchers ages 2nd-4th 4- 6 pm(Head Coaches: Sabina K, Ron Thompson, Sarah Tescher)
Tuesday: 24″Inchers ages 3rd-5th 4-6 pm (Head coaches: Ivan, Taylor, Keenan, Helen)
Wednesday: All Girls Ride ages 2nd-5th 4-6 pm (Head coach: Sarah Tescher, Nicole, Mel, Caroline)
Wednesdays: 24″/26″ Advanced ages 4th-5th 4- 6 pm (Head coach= Brendan, Stephan, Helen)
Thursday: All Girls Advanced ages 4th-5th 4- 6 pm (Head coach= Annie Cheeney, Sarah S., Melissa, Kay)
Thursday: Co-ed 24″Inchers ages 3rd-5th 4-6 pm (Helen, Catherine, Aubrey)
Tuesdays 10-11 am Devo Stryder group(Booya!)

Things to know: First day of practice will be a bike set up day with the Fort Lewis College Cycling team, there will be a trailwork day at BMX track for all groups, and the Devo Jr fun race with photo shoot will happen again on May 25th, the week of the Iron Horse!

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U14 Coach Evan Elliott Still Recovering from Wrist Injury

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U14 Devo Coach, Evan Elliott will be forced to sit out his 2011 coaching duties. After breaking his wrist in the Pro Mens National Championship race in Sol Vista last July, Evan had surgery to place pins and plates to support the recovery. He must now get surgery to take the metal out, meaning another period of healing off the bike. This is sad news as Evan has been with the program since the beginning in 2006. Please wish Evan a speedy recovery! We wish him well and look foreword to his future role with the program.

Evan Elliott on the FLC Rim Trail in 2006. photo by Kennen Harvey

Evan Elliott on the FLC Rim Trail in 2006. photo by Kennen Harvey

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DEVO Base Spin Class at The Hub Begins Today

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Howdy Devos,
It is time to get pumped up for biking!
We are offering another season of Spin classes with Coach Chad Tuesdays and Thursdays at The Hub from 330-5pm.
This class will begin on the 15th and will run through March 3rd, the week before Spring Break.
You have the choice of signing up for 3 tuesdays or 3 thursdays or all 6.
The cost is $85 for all six or $45 for 3 tuesdays or thursdays.

Have a nice sunny day

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DEVO U14/U19 Info Meeting

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It’s that time! U14/U19 meeting is at the rec center Tuesday Feb 22nd from 7-8 pm

Registration is 100% online this season…yahoooo!

Want to talk with your coaches? Give em a shout to talk about the up-coming season
U14 Girls Annie Cheeney 764-5758 (assistant coaches are Alicia Pastore and Jess Reed)
Rides are 4-6 on Mondays and Wednesdays
U14 Boys Chad Cheeney 764-5909 (assistant coach is Mint Henk)
Rides are 4-6 on Mondays and Wednesdays
U19 Girls Elke Brutsaert 749-2946 (assistant coach Sarah T, with guest coaches Teal Stenson-Lee and Jen Gersbach)
Rides are 4:15-6:15 Tues, Thurs, and Fridays
U19 Boys Chad Cheeney 764-5909 (assistant coach is Brendan Shafer)
Rides are 4:15-6:15 Tues, Thurs, and Fridays

Check out the pre-season at the Hub, Friday TT on Telegraph and summer short track series!

New this season: Devo Explorer’s Club for ages 11-18 led by John Bailey. Learn how to build a bike and use it as a tool for exploring, skill development, and non-competitive fun! Session ends with a tour/camping trip with panniers leaving from downtown Durango.
Rides are 4-6 Tuesdays

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Top Secret Training Camp 2011

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Top Secret Training Camp is back for its 4th season. The dates are set for Apirl 8-10th in the top secret desert location. Durango Devo coaches and staff along with a long list of generous local cycling enthusiasts put on the 3 day camp to kick off  the 2011 Devo season in style. This year, the newly formed RMCF/DEVO Sweet Elite Team will be in attendance. The camp is for all 2011 U14, U19 and Explorer Club boys and girls. Riding is the name of the game at this weekend campout, as riders train, play and learn skills from surnise to sundown. Contact if you would like to get involved. TSTC 2011 poster

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