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Devo’s Secret Sauce Seminars are for coaches and youth cycling program administrators. As a nationally-acclaimed youth program producing lifelong cyclists and professional athletes, Durango Devo is often asked, “How do we do it?” Devo’s Secret Sauce Seminars were created to share that knowledge and better prepare all programs and coaches across the country. We can help with a wide range of questions from, “How do we coach?” “What skills and games do we work on?” “How do you start, manage and run a non profit?” to “What type of Admin structure and tools do you use?” Through the Secret Sauce Seminars, Devo’s 16 years of experience will be shared along with what we’ve learned from both our successes and mistakes.

Devo’s Secret Sauce is deliverable in several different ways to help best serve your needs:

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To learn more about how Devo’s Secret Sauce Seminars can help you and your junior cycling program, contact Sarah Tescher at! We can’t wait to hear from you!

Scholarships are Available!

Thanks to funds provided by the Catena Foundation, scholarships are available for programs from the Four Corners states (CO, NM, AZ, and UT) for the 2022 Summer In-person Seminar in Durango, One on One Consulting, and the Fall Webinar.

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Programs we’ve helped:

Crested Butte Devo
High Desert Devo
Nebraska Devo
Arizona Devo
WORD New Zealand
Silverton Devo
Flagstaff Flyers
Highland Ranch Junior Cycling
Gallup Composite Team
Nazlini AZ Composite Team
Summit Endurance Academy
Ashland Devo
Avout Cycling
Israeli Cycling Foundation
Oakland Devo
Sky Island Cycling Club (Future) NICA Buena Coach
Absolute Bikes Adventures

Inspired Training Center
Desert Vista HS MTB
NICA team in Los Alamos, NM
GS Andiamo Junior Cycling Club
Verde Valley Wheel Fun
Shasta Gravity Adventures
Moab Youth Cycling
Shasta Gravity Adventures
Silver Stallion Bicycle & Coffee Works
0s3 Movement
Little Bellas
Verde Valley Wheel Fun
Andy Clark
Avout Racing
Vail Junior Cycling
Chris Baddick Coaching
Moab Youth Cycling
Park City High School MTB team
Project Bike Tech
El Grupo Youth Cycling
Telluride High School Bike Team
Denver Dynamo
Roaring Fork Cycling
Crested Butte Development Team

Cedar Valley Mountain Bike Team
Duluth Devo
A-Team MTB Devo
Cortez Middle School
Hopi composite
Field Institute of Taos
High Desert Devo
Grand Valley Youth Cycling
Mountain Kids!

Goatheads Composite MTB Team
MST Adventures LLC
Ashland DEVO
Radical Roots MTB
Colorado League

“Thank you so much for putting this together. It was super worthwhile. Worth way more than I paid for. Especially loved the sharing of presentations, documents, etc. Great seminar. Would recommend to every coach in our league, and beyond. Thank you!”
–Kate Rau, Colorado NICA League

“This was such a great opportunity to get a deep dive into the Devo program and what makes a mountain biking organization successful. As I have been building out our program, I constantly find myself asking “what does Devo do?” This seminar helped me answer many of those questions. I would love to send people from our organization to this seminar in the future so I look forward to future opportunities such as this. I have been to many different seminars, conferences, mtb instructor clinics, etc and this was one of the most comprehensive and the cheapest. Thank you so much!”
–Flagstaff Flyers ED Tyler

“Overall this was an excellent seminar and I was excited to have the opportunity to participate and will recommend it other coaches in the future for the August option. I really liked the outdoor skills. This helped to give me a good visual representation of how you set things up and how it is conducted. Joining the optional days helped a lot more in being able to see how a practice is conducted.”
–High Desert Devo Coach Chase

“You guys rock and can’t wait for more of the Secret Sauce in the future.”
–Rick Smith

“Overall, you hit it out of the park for your very first seminar offered! We enjoyed the size being small since it allowed more intimate conversations. All the different coaches that led the sessions had their own twist on things and offered so many practical ideas. It was good to experience each level. Change? Nothing!”
–Highland Ranch Program Director and Coaches Julie and Roger

“Awesome job as always. The Seminar was very informative and it’s always great to get like-minded folks together to discuss youth development and mountain biking. Unfortunately, there aren’t too many of these opportunities so please keep em coming.”

–Coach from Session