Secret Sauce Seminars

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Secret Sauce Seminars

The What

Mission: To create a Devo Coaches Training program to support, mentor and train junior mountain bike coaches and spread the love of mountain biking.

Vision: Prepare coaches to create practices and programs that create lifelong cyclists.

Goal: Sarah Tescher will pull together over 20 years of teaching and coaching knowledge (with the input and support of current Devo staff and coaches such as Chad, Aubrey, Levi, Amy, Steve Otter, etc.) and create a Devo Training Program that will serve as a recruiting, training, supporting, preparedness, giving the tools to run a smooth practice and retention of coaches for the Devo Program as well as create a seminar open to any current or aspiring coaches outside of Durango Devo to learn how to create, organize, and lead mountain bike practices and programs for juniors.

To put it simply: Devo’s special sauce is a secret recipe that we would like to share.

What makes this different from other trainings? First it is specific to juniors (unlike PMBI and IMBA) and while it has skill development, it is the overall tools you need to be a coach who wants to spread a passion for riding vs. just creating a fast racer

The How

Devo will provide one day seminars for it’s coaches’ 3 times a year. All coaches need to attend one per year (ideally the Spring one).
Non-Durango Devo coaches are welcome at any of the seminars.

All Three of the Trainings offer the option to come early or stay later to visit Devo practices live such as push bike, Explorers, All Girls Programs, U19 etc.

The When?

April 6th, 2019 One day Seminar (Thank you to the 70 coaches who attended this training!)

June 21-23, 2019 Multi-day Seminar geared more towards out of town coaches and program directors who are starting a program like Devo or who would like to grow their current program.

Aug 24th, 2019 One Day Seminar

The Who

Devo will pull some its key coaches and leaders to create presentations, interactive role playing, skills clinics and bike maintenance clinics.

Sarah Tescher/ co founder of Devo who has served in almost every role in Devo from pre-school coach to President of the Board.

Chad Cheeney/ co founder of Devo and who has coached just about every Devo program as well as social media guru

Levi Kurlander/ Director of Devo who came up through the program to now lead its mission while also racing professionally

Aubrey Volger/ Devo Jr Program Manager who manages over 90 coaches and 30 Devo Jr programs for kids Push Bike -5th grade

Amy Haggart/ Development Director of Devo and our fundraising guru who also has experience directing and leading Devo

Many more special guests from coaches of programs such as U14, Explorers and Flyers

The Why?

Devo has created over 10,000 life long cyclists, 49 National Champions and an Olympian. Devo has been instrumental in the cycling culture not only in Durango but within the world of junior cycling. It has 13 years of experience creating happy kids on bikes! While we have helped many programs get started, we would like to step it up a level and create seminars that bring people into Durango to witness and learn the secret sauce to take back to their communities.

What to Expect at a 3 day Seminar

Friday afternoon: Meet and greet. How to create a practice without trails close by. Fun Urban Shred

Morning: Nuts and Bolts of running fun, safe practices. Program info such as structure of groups, coaches’ roles, skills games, team camaraderie games
Afternoon- Skills and coaching skills/into to games
Evening: BBQ

Morning: Fundraising, Sponsorship, and growing your program
Afternoon: Bike maintenance clinic (trailside)/ Option for Non-Profit info for program directors
Late Afternoon- more skills and games on bike

Monday- optional program “check out” on June 24th there is U14, Push bike and Seed Summer camp , Flyers? Who else/ Tuesday groups???