Summer Camp Registration – 2019!

Welcome to the Registration for all of Devo’s 2019 Summer Programs!

Below you will find links to register for all of Devo’s 2019 Summer Camps and other summer trips and programs! If you have never used Devo’s registration system before, please refer to the registration instructions at the bottom of this page. Please make sure your registration is correct, and that you are registering for the correct group! If you have any doubt about which group is right for you, please confirm with the appropriate contact below, BEFORE registering! Thanks!

Program Info:

If you have any questions about times, locations or descriptions for any of Devo’s groups, chances are that the answer to your question can be found on our website under the “Program Info” tab!

For a complete schedule of Devo’s important dates, events, and fundraisers, click here:

For all Summer Camp Schedules and information, click here:

For all Upper-Level Schedules, click here:

For brief descriptions of all of Devo’s programs, click here:


If you have a question that isn’t answered in any of the links above, please refer to the appropriate contact below:

All Junior Devo and Summer Camp Questions: contact Aubrey Volger. Email: Cell: 970-946-2209

All Upper-Level Devo Questions: contact Chad Cheeney. Email: Cell: 970-764-5909

All other Devo registration and admin questions: contact Levi Kurlander. Email: Cell: 970-799-0609


Some things to consider before registering:

*If a registration reads “Unavailable,” that particular group has already sold out! If your desired group is sold out, check the schedule to see if there are any groups that might work for you. Otherwise, sign up for the Waitlist at the link below.

*Riders are encouraged to purchase an official Devo jersey, by clicking here:

*New this year, you will be able to register for more than one group with a single Credit Card transaction. Simply add your desired registrations to your cart, and pay all at once! We will hold your registration for you in your cart for a maximum of 20 minutes.

*Scholarships for Devo’s programs ARE available! To apply for a scholarship, click here:

*A 10% multi-rider discount is available upon request. Discounts are also available to register for fewer days per week or to arrange other one-off payment plans. To request discount codes or payment plans, email Levi at

Registration Links:

Ready to go? Click the link below to register:





Groups that have sold out will read “Unavailable” on the registration page. If your preferred group as sold out, you may sign up for the waitlist by clicking below. Please enter the full description of your desired group in the form, including a day of the week, time, and age group. As new spots open up, we will contact names off of the waitlist via email on a first come first serve basis.


Devo’s registration system is powered by Flipcause (TM), a third party registration software that securely stores your information, and processes payments on behalf of Devo. Once you click the appropriate registration link below, you will be directed to a “” domain name. Here is where you’ll enter your registration information. You must have a credit card ready to complete your registration. If this is a problem, and you need to pay by cash or check, please contact so that we can help you process your registration. Please read the following registration instructions, then click the link to the appropriate registration under the “Registration” tab above. 

Read these instructions entirely before registering! Messed up registrations are a bummer, and take us a long time to fix!

Registration Instructions:

    1. Find your desired registration group, and select how many riders you would like to register. Double check that you have selected the correct registration group for your child(ren). If you would like to download a hard copy of Devo’s registration Waivers, scroll to the bottom of the group description to download. These waivers must be electronically signed later on to complete registration. Click continue.
    2. You are now filling in the “Your Details” Section. This section is for the PRIMARY PARENT/GUARDIAN INFORMATION. Do not fill in your child(ren)’s information on this page. Click continue.
    3. You are now filling in the “Participant Information” Section. This section is for the DEVO RIDERS. Here is where you fill in your child(ren)’s information. If you are registering more than one child, make sure that you fill in the correct child’s information under the correct registration group! For example, if you are registering two children for two different groups, Participant #1 will be preset with one Devo program, while Participant #2 will be preset with the other. Fill in the correct name and information under the participant with the correct corresponding Devo program! To speed your registration, some fields will be auto-filled. Make sure to double check all auto-filled fields to make sure the information is correct! The Additional Information fields, including medical insurance and emergency contact fields, must be filled completely for each participant. Click Continue.
    4. You are now on the Review and Payment page. Double check that you are registering for the correct Devo programs. If you have obtained a Coupon Code (either for a multi-rider discount, coaches discount, or Devo Scholarship), enter it on this page. Fill in your card information. When you are certain that all of your registration information is correct, click Finish.
    5. Congratulations! Your registration is complete! You should receive your receipts in your Inbox in a few moments.