This is the online registration page for all of Devo’s programs. This page will be updated periodically with currently active registrations.

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Current Registrations

Spring 2021 Registration will launch February 1st, 2021

COVID-19 UPDATE – Reopening Plan!

As of 6/19/2020

SUMMER CAMP UPDATE: Group sizes for Devo’s programs have been modified to meet Colorado’s statewide health safety guidelines for sports youth camps, which limit outdoor camps to groups of 25 participants. Devo’s Summer Camps and Fall programs will include no more than 10 riders (12 for Purgatory Camps), meaning that we will still operate well below state recommended limits for group sizes. Programs will also follow all other health safety guidelines laid out in Devo’s COVID-19 Reopening Plan. We will continue to follow statewide guidelines for our programs, and reserve the right to cancel these programs at any time should conditions no longer allow for a safe summer camp experience.

Additionally, due to the continued financial strain of the COVID-19 pandemic, we have modified our policy for refunds in the event a program is canceled due to COVID-19 or related health safety concerns. In the event a program is canceled due to COVID-19 BEFORE the start of the program, we will issue a 50% refund to all registered participants. If a program is canceled due to COVID-19 AFTER the start of the program, NO REFUNDS OR CREDITS WILL BE GIVEN. For all other, non-COVID related cancelations, Devo’s usual Cancelation Policy applies.

Click here to view the State of Colorado guidelines for youth sports camps: https://covid19.colorado.gov/safer-at-home/guidance-by-sector/childrens-day-camps-youth-sports-camps

Please read Devo’s detailed reopening plan and health and safety guidelines, below. It is extremely important that all registered Devo families carefully read this reopening plan and understand how we will be working together to keep each other safe and healthy!


Since our place in the Durango community is very important to us, we sent out a series of surveys to gauge community sentiment towards restarting Devo’s programs. These surveys closed on 5/27. In order to be as transparent as possible with our decision-making process as we restart Devo’s programs, we’re making the anonymous summary results of our reopening surveys available to the public!



Did your preferred Devo group fill up too fast? Bummer! But, don’t worry. There’s till hope on the waitlist. Put your name and contact info on the waitlist by clicking the button below. If a spot opens up, we’ll contact you via the information you provide. The waitlist is first-come-first-served.