Refund Policy

As a registrant, it is your responsibility to have read and understand these refund policies upon
registering for any Devo program. Click below to view Devo’s Refund Policy.

Privacy Policy

Durango Devo utilizes third party software provided by Flipcause, Inc. to process online payments, registrations, donations, and volunteer signups. By utilizing any of these services on Devo’s website, you consent to the collection, use, disclosure, processing, transfer and storage, in accordance with the Privacy Policy of Flipcause, Inc., of any Personal Data or other information received by Flipcause Inc. as a result of such use. To view the Flipcause Inc. Privacy Policy, click the link below.

When registering for a Devo program through the Flipcause, Inc. software, Devo reveives all of the information that you willingly provide during registration, including names, contact information, relevant medical information, health insurance information, and names and contact information for emergency contacts. This information is provided to Devo coaches on a need-to-know basis in order to ensure that Devo coaches and staff can successfully fulfill their duty of care to Devo athletes, and maximize the health and safety of the Devo group. Devo coaches acknowledge and understand that the information and data which you have provided to Devo before, during, and after the course of your participation in Devo’s programs is to be kept striclty confidential. Devo and our staff and coaches will not disclose any of your personal information under any circumstances, except to the extent necessary to fulfill our duty of care for Devo’s participants. Devo coaches are not permitted to use your contact information for promotional purposes unrelated to Devo or Devo’s activities, or otherwise for their own personal gain.