DEVO News 5-14

DEVO News 5-14

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Hello DEVO. Bikes are everywhere this time of year. With the Iron Horse Bicycle Classic right around the corner, the local bike population seems to triple, maybe even quadruple. Check the IHBC website for all your event questions. There are two jr races on the sunday of IHBC weekend. A Tommy Danielson Junior Series race starts the morning at 7am and the usual jr races are at 8am. 

Velo Swap is on for Friday 10 am to 10pm at the fairgrounds. If you are into selling stuff, you need to make it to the drop off on thursday night, 3-8pm at the fairgrounds. This is a big DEVO fundraiser, Thanks to the IHBC for letting us take part.

May 31st is the BigHugeGroupRide at Phils world, for all boys and girls, 20 and 24inch groups. Family members are invited to take part in this sweet weekend shred fest. Time will be announced later. We cant wait!

Telegraph Time Trial for all U-14,19 boys and girls is this friday. Wish them luck. The track is fast these days and the gulch road has been tailwindy, so times should drop.

May 29th is the rainy day make up ride for Jr DEVO 1st grade group, wednesday 24inchers and the AllGirlsRide. Location to be announced later. 

The Chili Challenge will be the same weekend as the IHBC and a handful of DEVO rippers will be in attendance to ride the dirt. U-19er Taylor Borucki will be racing downhill in the jr Expert category on sunday, with the top place on the podium earning a supported trip to Italy in June as part of the USA World Championship Team, and has been training hard for this one race qualifier. Send T-Bone some positive vibes!  

This past monday the U-19 ladies and U-14 boys met for practice and were greeted by local superstars, Shonny VanLandingham, Mary (sorry cant remember yet,) Tad Elliott and Todd Wells. Dang these kids are lucky. There were a ton of sweet silent, mouth agape, observations that day. Thank you for showing your support superstars!


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Fort Lewis College 2nd at Collegiate Road Nationals

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FLC missed the elusive college sweep last weekend and finished a, still impressive, 2nd place overall. After being tied for first place heading into the last event, the criterium, FLC lost ground to the overpowering Lees MaCrae College. Colorado State, the host of the event rounded out the podium in third place. For full results, check out

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Durango DEVO Velo Swap Enters 3rd Year

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Click this for info.

The Velo Swap is near!  Friday May 23rd, day before the big race to Silverton at the fairgrounds.  It’s time to sell and/or buy sweet used bikes, parts and gear, much of it coming from the local pros like Ned Overand, Shonny Vanlandingham, Todd Wells, Chris Wherry, Travis Brown, Matt Shriver, Elke Brutsaert and Tom Danielson.  It is going to be HUGE this year with the help of Ironhorse  and race registration in the same location!  %20 of sales go to Durango DEVO so helps keep our kids on bikes, who could ask for more?   Come check it out!  

If you have items to sell drop off is Thursday May 22nd 3-8pm at the Fairgrounds

Swap is Friday May 23rd 10am-10pm

See you there!

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Sweet Pics From Nathrop

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Thanks Jeanne for these amazing race photos. Man these kids look good!

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Elke Brutsaert and DEVO Downhill Day Delights Deva's

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Dang, The U-19 ladies team, led by Coach Kricket Lewis spent last wednesday evenings practice in the hills surrounding Log Chutes Downhill Trails. Elke is a former world ranked downhill superstar. Retiring in the early 2000’s, Elke now keeps it in cycling by acting as head masseur for the Giant Factory mtb team. Traveling all over the world, she keeps the athletes in prime mental and physical conditions. This week the ladies felt the positive vibes that Elke brings as practice was all about being smooth on the downhills. Thank You Elke for sharing your shred tips.

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Tara Llanes Auction Ends Soon

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Hey DEVO, only one day remains to buy amazing cycling history for super-duperstar, Tara Llanes’s medical bills. 

“Tara Llanes and will be hosting an online auction to help raise money to go towards her ever growing medical bills.  The auction will feature some of the most sought after items in the sport today!”

There are TOOOONS of great items up for bid from many of the sport’s famous faces!  & as the auction says, it’s “ONE OF A KIND”… you can’t get many of these items anywhere else!!  Signed jerseys, signed helmets, signed BIKES!   But the best thing of all, is that the money goes to the TARA LLANES ROAD TO RECOVERY FUND!  So no matter what you bid, no matter what you win… we all win!  It’s all going to a such a great cause! 

Here are just a few hot items up for bid…

* Shaun Palmer Signed ’08 Jeep KOM Title Winning Jersey….. only $50 (current bid)

* Shaun palmer Signed  ’99 Team Specialized / Mtn Dew Jersey….. only $60 (current bid)

* Cedric Gracia’s  Signed ’08 Team Commencal /Oakley World Cup Race Kit….. only $200 (current bid)

* Eric Carter’s ’05 National Championship Mongoose Bike!….. only $530 (current bid)

* Tara Llanes Signed ’06 Giant STP Hardtail Race Bike….. only $800 (current bid)

* George Hincapie Signed ’06 Tour de France Yellow Leaders Jersey….. only $350 (current bid)

* Leigh Donovan’s ’01 Schwinn Straight-8 World Championships DH Bike….. only $510 (current bid)

* Alison DUnlap’s Signed Luna Chix World Championship Skinsuit….. only $55 (current bid)

* Tara Llanes Signed ’05 National Championship Custom Painted Giant Trance….. only $1000 (current bid)

& much much more!!

It all ends on MAY 9th!   So make sure to get your bids in before it’s too late!!!


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Durango Bike Summit a Success

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Today at the first annual Durango Bike Summit, a crowd full of local cyclists, business people and city officials were the first to hear that Durango has been awarded with a Silver level ranking from the Bicycle Friendly Community Program. Other Colorado towns to receive awards are Boulder (gold,) Fort Collins (silver,) Steamboat Springs (silver,) Denver (bronze,) and Longmont (bronze.) Nice work to all those involved in the project to make Durango an even better place to ride a bike.

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From Coach Sarah Tescher in Argentina

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 I was riding home last night from my class that I teach and noticed in the beam of my head lamp that it was snowing…snowing ash.  The volcanoe that erupted close by has hit home (or home away from home).  It is pretty crazy right now as people have been evacuated here to Bariloche and now the ash is falling here as well.  The major bummer is that the scientist can’t agree on whether the volcanoe has erupted or just burped before its big eruption.  The winds have been to the east but have now switched toward Bariloche…not psyched.  Mark is currently cleaning up ash from our floor and I’m going out to see if I can find masks.  And so I am reminded that really destiny is out of my hands…which is not an easy thing to come to terms with when you are a  control freak.  I think I’ll sleep in tomorrow.


We’re crossing our fingers for you Sarah!

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Anthony Colby Describes His Race-Week Routine

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Anthony Colby and I, coach Chad, attended and graduated Fort Lewis College together. Then Colby was a budding pro mtb racer and now he is a top domestic road professional. Last weekend Anthony placed third in the ultra sweet stage race, Tour of the Gila in Silver City, New Mexico. Below is, in his words, a typical Colby pre race week. Being a pro cyclist is not easy, read on……

     I like to keep everything in order the week before a big race and it’s always differs depending on where the fitness is at and how much training and racing I’ve been doing. It usally looks something like this. A hard race the weekend before, then 3 days easy because you can always go hard before the race but it’s harder to back track and take more rest. 1 spin the day after the race, then a day off, then another easy spin. By then the legs still hurt a little and it’s a good time to do a 2-3 hour fun ride to push some of the junk out of the legs, sometimes I’ll do a longer ride but it’s always on the road well within the comfort zone with some good climbs. The next day is best being a travel day so I’m not traveling the day before the race and everything is squared away the day before the race so you can focus on the task at hand. The only thing I have to look forward to is a nice spin after the car of plane ride. I’ll sometimes open it up a little but nothing structured. The day before the race I always head out in the morning and a 1-2 hour ride mostly spinning, but I usally do a good opener 3-15 min. If it’s a TT it’s important to get the systems going and get all cylinders firing. I’ll do this in intervals not forcing anything to hard until the legs have time to adjust. That’s when I start to dig a little focusing my a nature high cadence with good form and hold it for a few min, recover and then once more. If it’s a long road race just a few smaller intervals and if it’s a crit then the same but also with a few 20 seconds jumps to get the legs up to speed with the right muscle firing. Somtimes my teammates and I use each other to motivate and push the pace, but it’s never good to race before the race just  to lison to your body and do what’s necessary to prepare for the event. 

Anthony Colby

Have Fun



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Tad Elliot's 2007 World Championship Ride

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Check him out. DEVO Alumni Tad Elliott at last years World Championships in Fort William, Scotland. Tad is in his second season as a member of the U-23 national team. While his team mates have been overseas racing the World Cup circuit, Tad has chosen to stay stateside and focus on the national and regional race circuits. Starting in late september, he will begin his winter training as a member of the professional Subaru Factory cross country ski team. Keep up the good work Tad. 

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