Snowmass Racing Photos

Taylor Borucki Defies Odds

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Durango DEVO’s Taylor Borucki has been quietly mending his injured ankle since tweaking it attempting a 360 at the infamous Gravity Cavity. He should be back pedaling a bike in the next couple weeks. His injury took place on the very day he was selected to the USA downhill worlds team. “He will come back stronger than ever,” coach Chad Cheeney said several times. Keep up the quality recovery Taylor.

Don\'t try this at home

Don't try this at home

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NMBS #5 Sees Todd Wells Win STXC

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The recent NMBS east coast round in Windham, New York saw Todd Wells win his first short track race of 2008. Other local shredders in the race were; 15. Troy Wells, 17. DEVO Alumni Tad Elliott, 34. Adam Snyder, 40. Drew Edsall, and 41. Greg Carpenter. Check out photos and full results here.
In the previous days cross country event, Troy Wells was Durango’s top spot at 18th place. Tad Elliott, taking it easy before next weeks national championships in Vermont, rode to a 25th place finish. Nice work fellas. The ladies races were again dominated by the Luna Chick squad. Since Shonny VanLandingham retire from the circuit, Durango has not had a pro women in the national series races this season. Who’s next?

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Snowmass Was Great Sucsess

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Day 2 Downhill and Super D results;
Junior Beginner 14 & under: 8. Hank Stowers of 15
Junior Beginner 15-18: 14. Elliott Saslow of 35
Junior Sport 14 & under: 8. Sepp Kuss of 13
Semi Pro Men: 11. Evan Elliott of 35
Super D
Junior Women: 1. Alicia Rose Pastore, 2. Hannah Madden, 3. Kaila Hart, 4. Elyse Massone of 5
Junior Men: 5. Chase Orrick, 6. Howard Grotts, 7. Gino Pastore, 11. Sepp Kuss, 14. Stephan Davoust, 19. Hank Stowers, 20. Levi Kurlander, 21. James Shahan of 30 riders
Men 19+: 8. Daniel Walker of 9 riders
Women 19+: 5. Michelle Stowers, 7. Annie Cheeney of 8
Open Men: 7. Chad Cheeney of 25

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DEVO Does Snowmass Mountain States Cup

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Day one cross country results;

Jr Expert Men; 11. Kyle Horn, 13. Howard Grotts, 14. Chase Orrick of 18

Jr Expert Women; 1. Alicia Rose Pastore (by 10 min)

Jr Sport Women; 1. Kaila Hart, 2. Joan Walker, 3. Hannah Madden, 4. Kaylee Blevins, 5. Avra Saslow, 7. Elyse Massone of 7

Sport Women 30-39; 4. Annie Cheeney of 8

Begginer Men 19+; 5. Daniel Walker of 13

Junior Sport Men; 1. Gino Pastore, 2. Sepp Kuss, 9. Stephan Davoust, 10. Levi Kurlander, 16. Elliott Saslow of 17

Junior Beginner Men; 2. Hank Stowers, 4. James Shahan of 5

Semi Pro Man; 7. Chad Cheeney of 24

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Results for Three Springs #5

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July 9th

B Men; 1. James Shahan

B Women; 1. Kaila Hart, 2. Hannah Madden, 3. Summer Ellefsen, 4. Joan Walker, 5. Annie Cheeney

A Women; 1. Alicia Rose Pastore, 2. Kricket Lewis

A Men; 1. Todd Wells, 2. Tad Elliott, 3. Travis Brown, 4. Mike Wilk, 5. Chad Cheeney, 6. Dustin Wanstrath, 7. Nate Whitman, 8. Brendan Shafer, 9. Jeff Toohey, 10. Gaige Sippy, 11. Lars Ellefsen, 12. Gino Pastore, 13. Devin Dahl, 14. Doug Boykin, 15. Howard Grotts

*next wednesday’s stxc is at the Durango Sports Club. 5:30 will be sign up and bonus individual TT, 6pm B’s and 6:30 A’s.

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DEVO Short Track Tonight at Three Springs

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Tonight is round 5 of the DEVO Short Track Series. Three Springs Development is the site and getting there is easy. Head out of town on 160 towards the airport. Take a left at the new Mercy Hospital enterance and ride towards the back right of Mercy. The course is located in between the hospital and Three Springs. Sign ups start at 530 and will cost ya 5 bucks. B category racers begin at 6pm and the A’s start at 630. See you there.

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Durango's Darien Harvey Leads the Nation

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Mountain Bike Specialists mechanic and local professional downhiller, Darien Harvey, is the current NMBS series leader in downhill after 4 of 7 events. She leads current mountain cross world champion, Melissa Buhl by 65 points. This weekend is round 5 of the national series, taking place in Windham, New York. Olympian Todd Wells will also be there to throw down in his home state. Good luck to both of you.

Sobe/Cannondale\'s Darien Harvey


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Become a Durango DEVO Supporter

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Become a Durango DEVO supporting cyclist and purchase a U-14 (blue,) or U-19 (red,) jersey for $250.00. We hear ya, that is a ton of money for a jersey, but the money goes towards U-14 and U-19 athletes costs. So in the end its a good deal. Please email chad@durangodevo if you want to look good on your bike.

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