2008 Escalante Days Results

DEVO Roostesess Escalante Days in Dolores, Colorado

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DEVO’s team race number 5 for their summer program was this weekend in Dolores, Colorado at the four corners classic, Escalante Days Mountain Bike Race. Organized by the Dolores Rotary, this small town race has been happening for 10 years now. The Boggy Draw trail network is is the home to this shredfest, as racers start from town, do a couple mile road climb, before holeshoting the singletrack. This years $100.00 prime for first to the cattlegaurd went to Durango’s Tad Elliott. That’s a sweet race in itself.

DEVO arrived in the Boggy Draw National Forest friday for pre-rides, pot-luck, and the materialistic, SchwagFest 2008, a free box of random cycling artifacts from Durango’s generous cycling professionals. It rained, but the show went on. The parents; Johanna, Buck, Bob, Tracey, Lori, Jeanne, Mark, Fran, Claudia, Steven, Dolf, Sabina, Richard and Holly all brought food, Bread Bakery supplied us with cookies, bread and tasty sandwiches and Kricket, Annie and Chad did the coaching. 

Race day was typical. Dudes and dudettes riding around in circles, nervous and patiently waiting to do what they do best, Race! John Tomac was there, just being rad in a non rad sort of way. DEVO did very well and many personal goals were accomplished. Here are the DEVO results;

Junior beginner women; 1. Hannah Q., 2. Elysee, 3. Whitney, 4. Hannah P., 5. Martina

Junior beginner men; 1. Tucker

Junior sport women; 1. Kaila, 2. Joan, 3. Hannah M., 4. Summer

Junior sport men; 1. Stephan, 4. Collin, 6. James

Junior expert women; 1. Alicia Rose

Junior expert men; 1. Lars, 2. Gino, 3. Sepp

Singlespeed Women; 1. Coach Kricket

Sport Women 19-34; 2. Coach Annie

Sport Men 19-34; 1. Coach Evan, 7. Daniel

Expert Men 19-34, 4. Coach Chad, 6. Alumni Tad

Beginner veteran women; 4. Mom Lori

Beginner master women, 1. Mom Becky

Sport master women; 1. Mom Jeanne, 2. Mom Sabina

Sport master men; 5. Dad Bob

Expert veteran men; 3. Dad Dan, 5. Dad Mark, 7. Hero John Tomac!

Top 3 overall women; 1. Teal Stetson-Lee, 2. Jona Bollinger, 3. Alicia Rose Pastore

Top 5 overall men; 1. Andy Shultz, 2. Chad Wells, 3. Cale Redpath, 4. Erich McAllister, 4. Chad Cheeney, 5. Gaige Sippy

Full Results on monday

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Todd Wells's Olympic Ride

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Todd's Sweet Olympic Steed

Todd's Sweet Olympic Steed


Rock Shox Sid Bejing, custom sweetness

Rock Shox Sid Beijing, custom sweetness


U-19er's Kaila, Alicia Rose and Coach Kricket gift Todd a good luck glitter wand for his legs in China. yes, that black rose-lookin thing is a wand that you wap against the skin to glitter-a-cize yourself.

U-19er's Kaila, Alicia Rose and Coach Kricket gift Todd a good luck glitter wand for his legs in China. yes, that black rose-lookin thing is a wand that you wap against the skin to glitter-a-cize yourself.

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The Fort Lewis Cycling Team Gets Crawford Back

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In a total switcharoonie, the Fort Lewis College Cycling Team coaching mess is over. Back on board as head coach is Rick Crawford, team manager Dave Hagen and new hire Michael Engelman as interim director. The Durango community was surprised when the FLC board and staff decided to restructure the program, just days before it’s being named the top collegiate program in the country. The decision to let Crawford go was made without the input of the cycling student body, and after the announcement, they got all fired up. As a club sport, the students are the voice of the program and quickly got together and made things happen. As of now, things are looking good again for the schools most successful program. With Dave, Rick and Mike at the helm, FLC is bound to be stronger than ever.

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Sol Vista Photos by Jeanne Pastore

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Results for Dump Run #9

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August 6th

B Women; 1. Kaila Hart, 2. Joan Walker, 3. Annie Cheeney

B Holeshot; Kaila Hart

A Women; 1. Alicia Rose Pastore, 2. Kricket Lewis

A Men; 1. Travis Brown, 2. Trevor Downing, 3. Chad Cheeney, 4. Alex Howard, 5. Lars Ellefson, 6. Evan Elliott, 7. Greg Lewis, 8. Gino Pastore, 9. Sepp Kuss, 10. Robin Guillaume, 11. Michael Andres, 12. Brendan Shafer, 13. Erich McAlister

A Holeshot; Trevor Downing

past results

*sweetly epic shortened race due to rain and lightning stormage

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Crankworx Colorado Photos and Video

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DEVO’s Chase Orrick caught winner Brandon’s foot in spokes crash on video.

Crankworx Colorado

1. Brandon Semenuk 280 
2. Andrew Taylor 276 
3. Cam McCaul 273 
4. Cam Zink 267 
5. Jamie Goldman 255 
6. Tyler McCaul 225 
7. Kelly McGarry 217 
8. Greg Watts 214 
9. Justin Wyper 213 
10. Alex Prochazka 212

All Photos by Jeanne Pastore

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DEVO U-14 Dual Slalom Results

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Fairgrounds Track Qualifier; 1. Evan 9.77, 2. Gino 10.11, 3. Chad 10.39, 4. Tad 10.40, 5. Stephan 10.69, 6. Collin 10.92, 7. Sepp 11.03, 8. Tucker 11.09, 9. James 11.33 *race was forced to move

DHS Swings Track Qualifier; 1. Tad 9,97, 2. Chad 10.15, 3. Sepp 10.67, 4. Collin 10.73, 5. Gino 10.87, 6. James 11.41, 7. Stephan 11.54, 8. Evan 11.63, 9. Tucker 11.88

Finals 1. Evan, 2. Gino, 3. Tad, 4. Stephan, 5. Collin, 6. Sepp, 7. Tucker, 8. James

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DEVO Short Track #9 on Wednesday

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Durango DEVO will host its 9th short track race this wednesday night up in the Test Tracks, aka Durango Mountain Park. Registration is at 530 and the B’s go at 6pm, with the A’s to follow at 630. Cost is 5$. To get there, head uphill from the Mana Soup Kitchen, or uphill from the Recycle Center in the Tech Center. The track is at the base of Hogsback in the old city dumpsite. The course is sweet and fast. See ya there.

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Tad Elliott World Cup Interview

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2008 U-23 national champion and DEVO alumni, Tad Elliott was interviewed by Coach Chad and here is what he had to say on his first two World Cups of his entire career.

Q: Which world cup superstar gave you the chills when you saw them in person?                                          A: Seeing Christoph Sauser in his world champions kit sitting on a folding table waiting to ride his bike. Also Having Julien Absalon say good morning to me in perfect english, without and accent, as he blazed passed me up the climb on a training day.

Q: What is the techiest thing you saw on the start line?
A: Probably Adam Craigs brand new Giant anthem that is a prototype for 2009. Set up as one chain ring in the front and nine gears in the back. Four inches of travel in the rear, and the lightest full suspension Giant has. Also seeing Absalons custom bike, clothes, shoes, helmet and socks. Major Teched out.
Sam Hill rode by me and he had cut an old mountian bike tire and screwed it into the middle, and on top of his seat running length wise. It gives him traction in the mud when he sits down and pedals.

Q: Who did you talk to while you waited to start the race? What did you talk about?
A: I only remember talking to Troy Wells before the start of Bromont and having him ask what gear I was in. We also talked about who had to the goods for that day, and both hopping that Todd would come home with the win.

Q: Do you have a crush on any of the World Cup Women? If so Who?
A: Absolutely, a mystery girl. In Bromont I crashed and bent my water bottle holder. When I went through the feed zone Jimmy Deaton handed me my water bottle and when I put it in my cage it immediately fell out. I yelled, “OH NO” I was looking for another bottle in the feed zone and at the last minute a drop dead gorgeous blond pro women, that raced earlier in the day, handed me a water bottle. She saved me for that last lap. I said I loved her and kept racing. I don’t know her name, but if you know who she is I need a name and number NOW.

Q: What was the coolest thing about racing a World Cup?
A: There are a few cool things about racing a World Cup. You get to start in the same race as the Olympic and World Champions. The are within arms reach at the start line. Also getting my name called up to the start and getting to hear the announcers say instead of riding out of the United States, that I am riding out of DURANGO COLORADO for the United States. I also had spectators take down some course tape so that I could take a faster line in the woods.


Tad Elliott at his first World Championships in 2007......he lost big time

Tad Elliott at his first World Championships in 2007......he lost big time

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