Click the questions below for quick answers to frequently asked questions about Devo’s programs. If you don’t find what you’re looking for here, please peruse the other pages on this site. If you still don’t the answers you need, feel free to contact us through the “Contact Us” page!

Where does my group meet?

Practices for all of Devo’s groups will meet at various locations and trailheads throughout town. All meeting locations are within a 15 minute’s drive of downtown Durango. All Junior Devo groups will meet directly at the specified trailhead to avoid commuting on roads. Upper-Level groups may choose to meet at a trailhead or at a central location in town, like the Durango Rec Center or Rotary Park.

A detailed schedule of meeting locations for the current season can be found on the “Current Schedules” page.

A map of trailheads and meeting locations can be found on the “Find My Group” page.

What should I bring to practice?

In general, you should ALWAYS bring a helmet with a safety rating certified for mountain biking that fits your head snuggly but comfortably. The helmet should be free of any dents, cracks, or defects. Devo recommends you always replace helmets every 2 years.

You should also bring:

  • Close toed athletic shoes or mountain-bike specific shoes,
  • Clothing appropriate for the weather (warm layers and a rain jacket if necessary, or light breathable clothing for when it gets hot),
  • Water,
  • A healthy snack,
  • A tube that fits your tire, tire levers, and a mini pump. A quick-link that fits your chain is also a good idea.

If you don’t have a way to fit these items either on your bike or comfortably in your pockets, you should bring a backpack or fanny pack.

Sunscreen, bike gloves, and quality sunglasses are also always good to have.

Visit 2nd Avenue Sports or Pedal the Peaks if you need recommendations on any bike-specific gear.

Do I need my own bike?

Yes! You need your own bike to bring to every practice. Specific bike requirements depend on the age group, and can be found under each group on the “Program Info” page. For riders on Devo Scholarships, some assistance with bikes and equipment is available. Learn more on the “Scholarships” page.

How do I register?

Registration for Devo’s all of Devo’s programs is online through our website! Once you’ve chosen a Devo group you’d like to register for, view all of Devo’s currently active registrations on the “Register Now” page. Click on the appropriate registration link and then complete the required fields. Registration is not complete until we’re received your payment. Keep in mind that once you start registering, we only hold your registration spot for 20 minutes (see the timer in the upper right hand corner of the registration window), so make sure to have your personal information and credit card handy.

What do I need to register?

In order to complete your online registration, you’ll need:

  • Name and contact info (including address, phone number, and email) of parent/guardians,
  • Name and contact info (including phone number and email if different from parent/guardian) of the rider,
  • Name and contact info (phone number) of an emergency contact,
  • Policy numbers for an active health insurance policy covering the rider,
  • To know if the rider has any allergies or medical conditions that coaches should know about,
  • Jersey size of the rider (if applicable)

The registration will also need to be completed by a parent/guardian authorized to sign a liabiltiy release waiver for the rider’s participation.

Which group is right for me?

Devo does our best to provide a group for every age group and interest. Keep in mind that Devo is an age-based program, meaning riders are placed in groups based on their age or grade level, not their level of profficiency on a bike. This distinction (while different from many other junior mountain bike programs you’ll find across the country) is a key component to Devo’s proven success in developing life-long cyclists. We beleive that mountain biking skills and fitness will come naturally as a result of being part of an inclusive community of people who are excited about riding bikes. Riding in an age-based program helps build those key friendships that ultimately makes a successful rider.

To find the right group for you, see the “Program Info” page and click to expand the program discription for your age group. Still have questions? Reach out through the “Contact Us” page.

I'm not good at riding yet. Can I ride with Devo?

YES, YES, YES! Devo loves riding with everyone – regardless of experience or ability level. While many of our riders are experts now, they certainly didn’t start out that way! We strive to make our programs welcoming for all.

I'm a parent - can I tag along at practice?

Typically, the answer to this question is NO. Riding with Devo is an excellent opportunity for your child to learn independence (all practices are lead by Devo trained and certified coaches, so you can feel comfortable leaving your child in our care). However, for exceptionally young ages (in Pushbike groups, for example) or in cases of children with special needs, you should talk to your coach about joining for practice.

The weather looks bad - what happens now?

In the event of bad or dangerous weather (excessive rain, cold, close lightening, floods, or fires) Devo may cancel practice. Information about cancelled practices will come from your head coach or program admin via email and/or phone. Keep a close eye on your email all day if weather looks questionable. Each season, Devo offers one weather make-up day at the end of the season if a practice is cancelled for weather. Typically, the makeup day is held at the same time and location of the cancelled practice, on the week after the conclusion of the regular season. Keep an eye out for more information via email from your head coach.

Registration sold out for my preferred group! What now?

Devo’s programs are open to ALL individuals of appropriate age, regardless of gender, sexual orientation, race, religion, or economic class. Devo does not discriminate on any basis, and Devo registration is open to the general public. However, in order to promote rider safety and ensure responsible and conscientious use of public trails, Devo limits the total number of riders on each team. As a result, registration is on a first-come-first-served basis. Devo staff may not reserve registration spots for others, and no special preference will be given to anyone during the registration process, even if you’re a long-time Devo rider. 

If your preferred group is sold out, please add your name to the Devo Waitlist on the registration page.

Have a question you think we should add to our FAQs? Let us know through the “Contact Us” page.