2018 Fall Jr. Devo Practice Locations

If you have questions about any Junior Devo programs or would like to get in direct contact with any of your coaches, please send an email to Aubrey at aubrey@durangodevo.com with your inquiry.

Click below for a spreadsheet of Devo’s FALL 2018 Junior Devo Practice Locations!


2018 Fall Devo Jr. Master – schedule


Click below (or click the “Map” button under “Program Info”) for a map of Junior Devo Practice Locations!


Junior Devo Practice Locations


Below is a list of Junior Devo Spring Programs and their Coaches!

Group Name Position
Monday Push Bike AM 10-11am McKenzie Winebarger Head
Amy Katz Assistant
Monday Push Bike PM 4-5pm Riley Amos Head
Ian Kutzleb Assistant
Monday Kinder 2:15-3:45pm Miguel Ramos Head
Roan Harvey Assistant Volunteer
Monday 1st Grade 2:15-4:15pm Aubrey Volger Head
Jude Kassay Assistant Volunteer
Monday 2nd-3rd Grade 4-6 pm Ken Armstrong Head
Sean Holley Assistant
Monday 2nd-5th All Girls 4-6pm Julie Brennikmeyer Head
Donna Dallas Assistant
Monday Wanderers Club 2nd-5th Grade (special needs) 4-6pm Erica McCalden Head Admin
Matt Lillien Assistant
Monday 4th-5th Grade 4-6pm Scot Davis Head
Andy Munroe Assistant
Tuesday Push Bike AM 10-11am Amy Haggart Head
Danielle Emter Assistant
Tuesday Push Bike PM 4-5pm Neil Hannum Head
Gina Carrasco-Songer Assistant
Tuesday Preschool AM 10-11:15am Miguel Ramos Head
Bucky Farley Assistant Volunteer
Tuesday Preschool PM 4-5:15pm Steve Otter Head
Mack Otter Assistant
Tuesday Kinder 4-5:30pm John Hackman Head
Aiden Rosenberg Assistant Volunteer
Tuesday 1st Grade 4-6 pm Katri Annast Head
Kevin Lutgen Assistant
Barron Bronson Assistant Volunteer
Tuesday 2nd-3rd Grade 4-6pm Ken Armstrong Head
Ben MacKenzie Assistant
Wednesday Push Bike AM 10-11am Chase LaCroix Head
Jason Hardee Assistant
Wednesday Push Bike PM 4-5pm – CANCELLED
Wenesday Preschool AM 10-11:15 Julie Brennikmeyer Head
Amy Katz Assistant
Wednesday Preschool PM 4-5:15pm Alma Wolf Head
Kelsey Nicholson Assistant
Wednesday Kinder 4-5:30pm Jason Hardee Head
Neil Hannum Assistant
Wednesday 1st Grade 4-6pm Erica McCalden Head
Mitchell Castricone Assistant
Wednesday 2nd-3rd Grade 4-6pm Gabe Ion Head
Jason Rothrock Assistant Volunteer
Wednesday 4th-5th Grade Go Fast Advanced 4-6pm Tony Hermesman Head
Liz Carrington Head
Pete Basinger Assistant
Jeremiah Lloyd Assistant Volunteer
Thursday Push Bike AM 10-11am Amy Haggart Head
Danielle Emter Assistant
Thursday Push Bike PM 4-5pm Matt Lillien Head
Laura Hazlett Assistant
Thursday Preschool Training Wheels Only 4-5:15pm Steve Otter Head
Mack Otter Assistant
Thursday Kinder 4-5:30pm Jess Reed Head
Jack Tescher Assistant
Thursday 1st Grade 4-6pm Beka Ratliff Head
Gunnar Ensign Assistant
Thrusday 2nd-3rd Grade 4-6pm Vic Rudolph Head
Ben MacKenzie Assistant
Thursday 3rd-5th Co-ed Learn Skills Advanced 4-6 pm Taylor Whitworth Head
Aubrey Volger Head
Shaw Kassay Assistant
Andy Barber Assistant Volunteer
WOW Beginner Tuesday 4:30-6:30pm Bri Dilley Head Admin
Erin Dimas Assistant
WOW Intermediate/Advanced Tuesday 8:30-10:30am Aubrey Volger Head Admin
Gisele Pansze Assistant