Devo Scholarships

Important Updates for Scholarship Applicants!

We have received a massive number of scholarship applications this year, and we are thrilled at the prospect of helping so many young cyclists have fun on bikes!

In order to manage the large number of applications we have received, we have made the following changes to our scholarship program:

  • The Spring Application Deadline is March 1st! All applications must be received on or before March 1st in order to be considered for a spring scholarship. The fall deadline is August 1st. Generally, scholarship applications should be submitted a minimum of one month prior to the start of the season.
  • You will be notified of scholarship decisions as soon as possible. Your application will be reviewed by the Devo scholarship committee, and we will notify you of our decision as soon as possible.
  • Only a limited number of scholarships will be awarded! We would love to be able to give everyone a scholarship, but the reality is that tough decisions will have to be made. Our primary consideration in reviewing applications will be demonstrated financial need.  
  • If you don’t receive a scholarship for the current Devo session, don’t worry, we’re still here to help! If you don’t receive a scholarship for the current Devo session, your name will AUTOMATICALLY be placed at the top of the list for a scholarship for the next Devo session. For example, if you aren’t awarded a scholarship during the spring, you will be automatically given preference for a scholarship during the Summer or Fall session. Additionally, even if you aren’t awarded a scholarship, Devo may still be able to help with a payment plan. Contact Levi at to inquire further.

Durango Devo 2019 Scholarship Form and Instructions

Durango Devo aspires to support each and every athlete in their cycling endeavors (racing or riding) and to share the love and passion of cycling with the hope of creating life-long cyclists. Durango Devo has a scholarship program to help assist with program fees per session (Spring, Summer & Fall.) You must fill out a scholarship application form for each season and each program for which a scholarship is requested.

The goal of the Durango Devo Scholarship Fund is to provide equitable access to Devo’s programs, especially for those families who might not normally consider Devo as a financially viable option. Minority (Black or African American, Hispanic or Latino, Native American, or Asian) applicants and those with significant financial need are given preference. In some cases, limited assistance with gear and equipment such as helmets and bikes may also be available. Assistance with gear and equipment will be disbursed separately from the scholarship as it is available.

The Durango Devo Scholarship Fund is Supported By:

Alissa and Hunter Sykes

Zia Taqueria

Durango Urgent Care

James and Toni Abbey

Other Anonymous Donors and Grants


About the Devo Scholarships:

  • Scholarships are Full Scholarships that cover 100% of registration dues and fees.
  • Scholarships DO NOT cover additional expenses incurred throughout the program, such as additional trip or event fees. All additional trip and event fees are the responsibility of the parents.
  • Scholarships are awarded by Devo’s Scholarship Committee.


  • Generally, scholarship applications will be due at least 1 month prior to the start of the Devo season.
  • Racial or ethnic minorities and those with significant financial need are highly encouraged to apply.
  • Scholarship recipients DO NOT need to volunteer for Devo events as they have in the past. Scholarships are awarded with no strings attached. However, scholarship recipients and their families are encouraged to be active in the Devo community.
  • Both new and returning riders are eligible to apply.