In order to keep our kids, coaches, and community healthy, we follow these COVID-19 guidelines at all Devo practices and events.

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FALL SCHEDULES ARE AVAILABLE NOW! Summer registration will open on July 24th.


Welcome to Devo Schedule Central! This page is your source for Devo schedules for all programs, events, and summer camps. These schedules are subject to change depending on COVID guidelines, weather, etc. Check back periodically, and subscribe to the Devo newsletter for updates.

2021 Events and Important Dates

This calendar includes dates for events, fundraisers, registration dates, group rides, and other important dates to keep on your radar. Click below.

Program Schedules

Click below to view days, times, and locations for current program schedules. Click tabs for Spring or Summer schedules. Take note of alerts and updates!

Summer camps typically run Mon-Fri. Some Middle/High School camps will run on a different schedule, so please read the camp descriptions for details! Register for just 1 weeklong camp, or load your summer with fun and sign up for them all!

*NEW* this summer, Devo is offering ongoing (1 day per week) programs for Jr. Devo age groups. Registration for these ongoing programs will be offered first for those on the Spring 2021 Waitlist, before going live to the public.

Junior Devo is for kids ages 2.5 through 5th grade. Click to view program offerings and practice schedules for Jr. Devo.

Upper-Level Devo is for all Middle and High School ages. Click to view program offerings for all Upper-Level programs.

Devo’s Keep Up With Your Kids programs are for Devo parents and other adults looking to ride together, make friends, and improve their MTB skills. Click to view the schedule for the two programs: WOW (Women on Wheels) and DADS (Devo Dads).