Trek VW's Chris Furer Would Like to Help

Hi Devo families, >> I would like to help support the great program of Durango Wheelclub’s >> Devo with a gift certificate offer. For every hour long massage gift >> certificate or structural analysis certificate I will donate 25% of the >> value to Devo. >> For the many of you who don’t know who I am: I am a massage therapist >> who has worked with many top level athletes for the past twelve years, >> including the TrekVW pro mountain bike team. What I am offering to the >> advanced Devo riders is a free structural analysis and a corrective >> program. This is to identify any physical habits that will cause >> problems down the road, and change those habits now before something >> breaks, tears, or is inflamed. Rick Crawford has used this program on >> his pros for 5 years and swears by it. We have worked with the Fort >> Lewis Cycling team for the past 3 years identifying and correcting >> problems in 18 and 19 year olds, now I would like to work with the high >> school riders. >> >> The structural analysis consistent of six basic assessments of posture, >> balance, core strength, muscle flexibility, joints alignment, and >> neuromuscular function. From those tests major problems or disfunction >> will keep reappearing. That is what we tackle in the corrective phase. >> Together we go through the core exercises and the corrective program >> over six weeks so that you really feel the goals we are trying to >> achieve. With this knowledge many of the riders who have done this >> assessment in the past, can identify small problems early and correct >> them on their own before the issue becomes a big problem. >> >> With this analysis I have helped people with chronic pain in hips, >> knees, necks, shoulders, not to mention improve core strength >> dramatically so that the body is now much more stable and fewer issues >> arise in the future. >> >> My massage therapy works with your body, targeting key issues brought on >> by stress, disfunction, or injury. I utilize eastern and western >> techniques to minimize and mitigate structural problems, to improve and >> eliminate pain and disfunction. I have more than twelve years of >> experience in several massage styles such Thai (a medicinal massage from >> Thailand), Deep Tissue, Muscle Release Therapy, and Swedish. This work >> can feel like a luxury but the goal is to improve how you feel everyday. >> >> The structural analysis is $300 (for the parents; free for high school >> Devo riders) for the assessment, the findings, an exercise DVD, and 6 >> weeks of hour long workouts. My massage fee is based on $60 per hour. >> Again 25% of the value of the certificate will be donated to the Devo >> program. >> >> If you have any questions please do not hesitate to call or write. Thanks for your time, and a happy new year to all. Sincerely, Chris Furer Certified Massage Therapist 970-946-2776

2008 Mountain States Cup Looks Very Nice

Go over to the right and click on the MSC website and check out the 2008 schedule. Looking very nice. State Championships this year are in Telluride. Aril 12-13 is the series opener in Fruita. That place is amazing. May 2-4 is Nathrop. That was fun last year. July has Blast the Mass and it looks like it will be a huge event again. We need to find camping there. September looks olschool cool in Breck, they are putting on a stage race. Cross country, hill climb and circuit race all timed for an overall winner. Sounds sweet to me. One bummer is that Angel Fire is to be on the same weekend as the Iron Horse Bicycle Classic. DEVO will again be taking the Velo Swap by the reins, thanks to IHBC for the opportunity.

Perfect Cross Conditions in KC

Were back. Kansas City turned into a sweet, sweet weather collage this past weekend. Ice storms from the previous week left the ground hard and frozen for the thursday cross crowd. Robin Guillaume a regular DEVO assistant, took fourth place in the highly contested B-men race. The course was icy for his race and he said he could tell the ground was about to unleash  iceymudness upon the next days riders. Joe Burtoni, who helped organize the Cross movie night at the Abbey theatre in 2006, raced on friday afternoon. Racing in the 45+ category, Burtoni suffered a classic, 200 man strong pile-up, not 30 secs into the race, and bounced back to pick off 40 riders and finish in 46th place. Ryler Overend’s dad, Ned, took his second national championship in as many tries, as he demolished the 50+ field. Then it was another local legend and DEVO man, Travis Brown who swooped through the icy ruts to take second place in the singlespeed class after a 6th place the day before in the 35-39 age group. Jon Bailey, a DEVO roostmaster also shredded the single category. An 11th place finish was the sweet ending to his race that started him in the back of the pack, which was 100 strong. Thats 100 gears! Noah Singer a DEVO U-14 coach was there racing for Fort Lewis College and finished 25th, helping the team to a 2nd to Lees-Mcrae in the omnium. FLC coaches Dave Hagen and Rick Crawford were around the venue all weekend, giving the racers support in their amazing fashion. Todd Wells, a DEVO role model, took 3rd in a race that some spectators touted as the best back and forth action in years. This is a strong list of DEVO supporters. High Fives. 

Kansas City Cross Nationals Calls DEVO Coaches

This weekend the 15th&16th, Kansas City calls out 4 DEVO coaches, 3 DEVO assistants and 3 DEVO board members. Coach Sarah Tescher in the elite women category, U-14 girls coach Sabina Kraushaar collegiate, U-14 coach Noah Singer collegiate, Coach Chad Cheeney elite, Miles Venzara elite, Robin Guillaume B men -29, Jon Bailey singlespeed, Gaige Sippy 35+, Dave Hagen 35+ and Travis Brown singlespeed.  Todd Wells will also be there to try and take back the sweet stars and bars. That is quite a list of DEVO instructors keeping the cycling season alive.  

  •  Wish them well and keep track on or on the kansascitycrossnationals website. 

2007 DEVO Telegraph Hill Time Trial Results

Course Records: Nick Gould 14:55 2005, Matt Schriver 15:06 2004, Ned Overend 15:11, Coach Chad 17:05 2001, Coach Sarah 19:48 2007, Shonny VanLandingham 17:232001

  • 4.20.2007 Alisha 21:14, Nora 28:24, Hannah 29:39, Joan 31:18, Kayla 32:13, Coach Sara 20:38, Gino 20:37, Sepp 21:27, Elliott 28:35, Collin 30:14, Hank 30:27, James 40:01, Tad 15:40, Schneider 17:22, Evan 18:27, Kyle 19:30, Howard 20:33, Chase 20:36, Ryler21:09, Taylor 21:31, John 22:04, Autry 23:10, Daniel 30:17, Coach Chad 18:19 
  • 5.18.2007 Daniel 26:23, Elliott 26:26, Tad 15:47, Evan 17:25, Schneider 17:25, Howard 18:33, Chase 20:14, John 20:40, Kyle 20:42, Ryler 21:32, Autry 22:17, Taylor 22:44, Coach Sarah 19:48, Coach Chad 17:30, 
  • 6.27.2007 Alisha 20:21, Joan 26:09, Kayla 25:08, Coach Sarah 28:47, Gino 21:03. Sepp 22:25, Elloitt, 28:32, Collin 25:22, James 40:26, Daniel 24:46, John 21:55, Chase 19:09, Howard 17:57, Ryler 20:17, Kyle 18:31, Schneider 18:30, Tad 15:30(DEVO Record,) Autry 19:20, Director Annie 28:17, Coach Chad 17:26
  •  7.20.2007 Daniel 23:40, Gino 19:48, Stephan 23:41, James 36:40, Collin 25:38, Tucker 26:28, Howard 18:23, Evan 19:45, Chase 20:02, Daniel 21:18, Taylor 21:23, Kyle 21:40, Joan 22:57, Director Annie 27:50, Coach Chad 17:31 
  • 8.15.2007 Coach Chad 18:10, Elliott 30:23, James 39:10, Director Annie 27:44, Stephan 25:52, Tucker 28:44, Hank 29:43, Collin 27:08, Daniel 23:20, Gino 19:25
  • Most Improved: female Kaya Hart -7.05, male Daniel -8.59
  • Top Times: U-14 male Gino 19:48, U-19 female Alisha 20:21, U-19 male Tad 15:30  

DEVO appreciated local Telegraph TT help this summer

Durango DEVO took up monthly hill climb testing this summer on the local suffer-route, Telegraph Trail. Official start line being at the parking lot, riders power up the chunky Horse Gulch Rd before entering the deceiving meadow. The climb gets steep once you turn right up the Telegraph Trail. The infamous “chute of doom,” tops off the climb with riders making a hard right to finish the suffer-fest. I would like to take the time to thank these local riders who took time to come shred with the future-shredders this summer. (name and best time) Robin Guillaume 18:15, Anne Cheeney 27:44, Mike Wilk 17:47, Cale Redpath 17:28, Travis Brown 16:21, Frank Mapel 18:46, Nick Gould 16:56, Andrew Wait 19:36, Ned Overend 16:12, Zack Schriver 15:57, Greg Lewis 16:02, Noah Singer 16:49, Rick Whetherald 17:28. 

The Snow Rains on our Parade

Russell the Musclecross is officially cancelled again, this time until next December. We would have seen a twenty to thirty strong field of racers all aboard klunckers, townies, tandems, and randoms, shredding and pushing during the Cruiser race. After a short intermission of hot chocolate and Shishims’ chili, the B men and women would have lined up. The race could have been good. In the B mens category, their would have been a battle for second place, being that Burtoni probably would have won again. After that, the kids race would have gone off. Nothing beats watching a bunch of dedicated jr. Devo cyclists ride around in circles. That would have been cool. Then they all would have gotten medals witch they so deserve. Then Alex would have sung the star spangled banner, and half of us wouldnt be able to tell if it was a serious moment or another DC funny. His voice could have been so perfect that day. Then fireworks would have flown and the A men and women would have taken off on their quest for whatever it is they quest for. Then we would have all hung out for a little longer than we usually do and our cheeks would have hurt. Thats probably what would have happened. Next year my friends. 

Thursday Night with Tommy D and Bob Roll

This thursday night at Miller Middle School, Durango DEVO will have a booth at the Durango BMX fundraiser. Tom Danielson, Bob Roll, and Field Blevins will all be speaking about being a sucsessfull student athlete. Sports programs from the community have been invited to take part. The doors open at 6pm. 8.00 for adults and 5.00 for children. This will be a good opportunity for our athletes to soak up positive ideas on life choices. Annie and I will be there sittin behind a table with DEVO propaganda. Any ideas?

chad is going to start blogging things about DEVO here

Cyclocross season has been a hoot so far. Both Howard Grotts and alumni Tad Elliott have been out on the grass this winter, layin track with the best of them. Today at Fort Lewis Colleges national team qualifier, Tad let world champ Ben Sonntag out stride-him on a grassy run up with two laps left, and took a well deserved second place. Tad will be a crosser to watch in the future. Kansas City is soon my friends.  

Announcing Devo's Board of Directors

The following are Durango Devo’s 501c3 (non-profit) Board of Directors:  Travis Brown, Dave Hagen, Chad Cheeney, Russell Zimmerman, Dave Kerns, Gaige Sippy, Sarah Tescher, Kaila Hart, Denise Robbins-Sague, and Kyle Horn.

New Directors of Durango Devo

Starting Dec. 31st, Sarah Tescher will be handing over directorship of Durango Devo to Annie and Chad Cheeney. The new Durango Devo number is 764-5758. After Dec. 31st, you can still reach Sarah at

Results for Team State Champions

 High School Boys’ (based upon lowest score of both events for any team of two):1.  Durango Devo (11 points)2.  Front Rangers (16 points)3.  Ralston HS (22 points)High School Girls’= Durango DevoMiddle School Boys’= Durango DevoMiddle School Girls’= Durango Devo

Weekend's results

Short Track:  Varsity Boys’1. Adam Park2. Bryce Gordon3.  Russel Finsterwald4.  Matt Wiebe5.  Jensen Ricks6.  Ty Porter7.  Kyle Horn8.  Will Curry9.  Grady James10.  Tyler PorterDNF Joe AutryShort Track Varsity Girls’1.  Alicia PastoreShort Track JV Boys’1. Howard Grotts2.  David Kessler3.  Coulter WesmanXC Middle Sch Boys’1.  Gino Pastore2.  Kyle Rhodes3.  Sepp Kuss4.  Stephan Davoust5.  Tristen White6.  Collin Albert7.  Merrick Wesman8.  Elliott Saslow9.  Tucker Leavitt10.  Collin Francom11.  Hank Stowers12.  Levi Kurlander13.  Haakon Siguslide14.  James ShahanXC Mid Sch Girls’1.  Elyse MassoneHill Climb Varsity Boys’1.  Byrce Gorden2.  Adam Park3.  Russell Finsterwald4.  Will Curry5.  Jensen Rick6.  Ty Porter7.  Matt Wiebe8.  Kyle Horn9.  Rhyler OverendDNS Grady JamesDNS Tyler PorterHill Climb JV Boys’1.  Howard Grotts2.  Gino Pastore3.  Coutler WesmanHill Climb Varisty Girls’1.  Alicia Pastore

Pre-ride Course w/ Travis Brown

Come pre-ride the XC course with Travis Brown. Meet at the registration for the Short Track on Sat. at 3 pm. Go get all the beta and then head down to Chapman for the awards, burritos, dual action, and meet the collegiate representatives @ 6:30.

Meet college race team coaches

After the Short Track this Saturday, there will be a “Meet the College Race Team coaches” at 6:30 at Chapman hill. Come grab a burrito and talk to some of college cycling’s representatives.