Thanks Goes out to Morehart Subaru

Thank you Jim Morehart and Chris Latshaw at Morehart Subaru for getting durango cyclists on the bike this winter. Along with Tommy D, they organized a indoor trainer ride for the public to sweat in unison with proceeds to benefit our DEVO team. In the group was a local durango BMX superkid who is recovering from leukemia, Walt Axthelm, Patti Zink, Shawn Candelaria, Richard Dutton and Richard Bagienski just to name a few. We all rode to the beat of TDanielson’s sweet Brasstown Bald highlight vids. That guy is fast! 

Kricket Lewis, New U-19 Ladies Head Coach

Hello Durango Devo! This is Kricket Lewis and I wanted to introduce myself and let you know how excited I am to be a part of Devo and support its mission. With Sarah heading to Argentina, I am filling her role as the U19 girls coach. You can be sure we will have tons of fun, be well prepared athletes and learn a lot along the way. While I’ve met many of you, I look forward to meeting everyone and hearing your stories. So you can get to know me a little better, here’s my story…
I started racing mountain bikes in 1992 after finishing a 14 year career as an junior olympian and NCAA D1 gymnast. The great thing about cycling is (unlike gymnastics), you can do it forever! My first race came 2 weeks after getting my first mountain bike, I caught the bug and spent the next 15 years racing. After completing over 700 races ranging from the beginner to professional level, I hope to share with you my knowledge, experience and expertise. Annie, Chad and I will be meeting with the teams soon, but if you have any questions, thoughts or want just want to say “hi,” please call or write. Kricket 970.946.9677

Jr DEVO Jerseys for Fall 2007 Riders and Parents

If you did not receive a fall 2007 jrDEVO jersey for your young wippersnapper ripper, now is your chance. Here is how it will go down; email and request a size sm, med or large and a range of dates you can come and pick it up at 1015 E 5th ave. You will then receive a confirmation email. Next you ride over to 1015, east of downtown at the base of college plateau near Nature or ABC trail, walk up to the porch, look right and find the box-o-jerseys, grab the size you need, drop a 20$ in the envelope and sign your name. Thanks for being patient. Info on 2008 season will be out soon. durango_front_oct22-1.jpg Adult sized  jrDEVO supporter jerseys have not yet arrived. Soon my friends. 

Become a DEVO Supporter and Look Fast

devoms2007-1.jpgLocal junior development cycling team, Durango DEVO, will make team jerseys available to the public through the end of January. Donate $250.00 and receive a blue U-14 or red U-19 2008 team DEVO jersey. Donors will also be included in all 2008 media, listed as a friend of DEVO. Donated money will be used to help pay uniform dues to incoming scholarship cyclists for the 2008 season. Email Coach Chad Cheeney at with jersey size and color. Michael “Turbo” Carroll is our first jersey supporter, choosing the blue U-14. The kids will be stoked to have Turbo at their backs.


Tour of Durango

October 12-13 my friends. Semi top secret sources have leaked info of a two day mountain bike/trail running event to take place here in Durango. Three Springs Development will be the site of saturdays events, a 20mile trail run or 20 mile mtb race. Sunday is Tour of Durango, a clover leaf-like trail ride taking riders over all of Durango’s sweet singletrack. Finishing downtown in front of the Crossroads building, home of Alpine Bank, the events primary sponsor. Sounds like a good time.  

Board Meeting Jan 8th

Thats Tuesday at 6pm till 7:45 my friends. We will discuss several things at the Crossroads building located in downtown Durango. Please remember to dress accordingly, for this is a formal affair. No khakis or faded denim, ball caps, wristbands and white socks will not be allowed.

2008 DEVO Summer Shred Schedule

 dsc_0292josii.jpgis a picture of Todd Wells racing last season. TWells will be riding with us this spring to help us keep our chins up and our elbows in, as we prepare for our upcoming season racing the Mountain States Cup. The MSC has to be one of the best regional race cups in the land. The 2008 tentative DEVO race schedule will be; April 12-13 camping in Fruita, May 2-4 camping in Nathrop, June 20-22 condo in Crested Butte, July 11-13 condo/camping in Snowmass, August 1-3 State Championships in Telluride, and season ending September 6-7 stage race campout Breckenridge. This schedule is not set in stones, so check out the MSC website to the right and let us know what you think. Have a nice snow ride.

Danielson This Thursday

Thursday night is ride with Tommy D time. Ride the trainer with Tom as he re-rides to victory on Brasstown Bald, the sweet steep climby stage of the Tour of Georgia. Donation of 25 dollars, bring your trainer and towel and come sweat with Tommy. Starts at 530 and should go till 730. Tom’s Slipstream Team physiologist Allen Lim will be there as well to answer questions after the sufferfest. Morehart Subaru is the generous home to this event. See ya there.

Happy Holidays

Have fun with the families and friends.  Did you check the mountain states cup schedule yet? 

Alisha Rose Pastore and Alumni Tad Elliott Ski Fast

Alisha Rose and Tad where at it again last weekend. Taking victories at Vails Junior Olympic Qualifying ski races. Pastore,14, posted the fastest times of all the U-19 women. Nice work! Tad took time off from training on the bike to slash the competition both days in the JO category, which I believe means u-19. Gino Pastore took a first place in the j3 classic race with Sepp Kuss close behind in third. Hannah Madden racing in the J2 cat, placed 9th and 10th on the days. Nice work fellas and feminitas.

Cyclofile Makes Tasty Cross Vids

Check out the link on the right for Cyclofile, under cyclocross video action. They make super sweet cross videos. Short and sweet. Check them out if you’ve still got the bug. 

DEVO Winter Athletes

We’ve been hearin things lately about the off season antics of the DEVO riders. Alisha Rose Pastore, Gino Pastore, Evan Elliott, Paige Elliott, Sepp Kuss, Hannah Madden, Elliott Slaslow have been seen up at the Nordic Center, training hard and racing fast. Daniel Walker, Joan Walker, Kyle Horn, Ryler Overend, Chase Orrick, Stephan Davoust, James Shehan, Hank Stowers and John Turner have been hitting DMR hard this winter. Sepp Kuss has been on the ice playing junior hockey for the durango traveling team. Did we miss you? 

Icy-Muddy-Ruts are Perfect for Chad

I was busy all day. Superfan for Bailey and TBrow in the 1×1 race at 8am, pit guy for the women and mens collegiate races at 9 and 10 am, high fives at 11am with Tescher and superfan again for Tescher’s first elite race at noon. Well, during Sarah’s race I was actually pacing around in my jeans, nervous energy giving me nothing but pointless direction to various tasks. Then I puked 5 hearty times in the garbage can in the FLC canvas tent. At that point I figured I was to have a descent race.On the start line I was focused. People made comments about my denim jeans and my Republic of Doom vest here and there. I tried not to think about that to much, as my responses where choppy and unclear. By planning ahead, I was able to pull a start position of 8th row. Less than 60 people up sat, TWells, JPage and BWicks. That right there made the trip worth it to me. I have always dreamed of racing in the main event and now here I was, few rows back of the fastest guys, taking deep breaths and trying my best to pretend like I belonged.I’m a great clipper-inner from all the stopping starting riding I do with juniors, so my 8th row start warp-zoned me to somewhere in the fortys. The first turn from the pave to the dirt gave me an inside look of the natural selection process of cyclocross. It seemed like 75% of the pack disappeared. Arms and legs pokin out, carbon rims stressin, not everyone was ready for the conditions. I was. I ate that dirt up, every rut I saw, every turn felt like it was built for me. I was not winning, but having a blast propelled me forward and backward throughout the group. Mistakes were the product of full throttle grins that pushed me past the point of sensible racing.My lack of preparation did not lend a hand to the prospect of myself being able to exchange rides. So as the laps melted away, my drivetrain did as well. Two laps in I was skipping. Three laps in I was getting passed every chainsuck backpedal. Four laps in I had the crowd roaring on my side-saddle to stair run up-pass, and then my Dura Ace derailuer, inside hanger cage decided that it wanted to find a home in the soupy KC slop, and popped off, never to be seen again.I bent over my steed and messed with the drivetrain, unknowing as to what exactly happened. I tried to let out a little curse word, hoping to show the sideline crowd that I was in need. But in reality, the experience up to this point had taken me so much farther than I ever could have hoped. Minutes went by as I did that thing we all do when we cannot think in a hurry, grabbing, turning, huffing to no avail. After, what I thought was, the whole race had passed me by, I acknowledged that I had a race ending mech and started to face the crowd to begin my walk up the final paved finish stretch.Two hundred yards to the line. As I walked, my head surfed from the wet spots of the road to the outreached palms of the crowd along the plastic fencing. It was so neat to see the enthusiasm for a walking cyclist. Right as I approached the line, Tim Johnson and Johnathon Page passed me, in a zone all of their own. I was lapped. Failing in my goal to not get lapped was the least of my concerns. My day was perfectly over, I had won whatever it is you won when you get 61st place and love it. My friends where there with me in the end, telling me what they saw, how I did compared to so and so. But my ending will never end with who I beat or what place I got. The lines I chose, the sounds I heard, and the feeling I had racing in the main event will most likely…….keep me racing my freekin bike. Another year, another best race memory ever!