Top Secret Training Camp

Remember the dates for this Camp have been switched to April 4-6th. For more info please speak with Russ down at the Cyclery trncampflyerweb.jpg

Winter Tips via Todd Wells

 twellsweb.jpgHello Durango Devo,

I hope this note finds you well in the middle of a snowy Durango winter. I know it has been pretty hard to ride this winter in Durango and I just wanted to offer up some tips for staying fit and getting in shape during the winter. I use to live in NY and we wouldn’t see the sun for weeks during the winter and the temperatures would rarely get above freezing. I used this as an opportunity to cross train. Living in Durango with tons of snow you have access to all the winter sports. Nordic skiing will help build your aerobic base, downhill skiing and snowboarding will help with balance, core and explosive fast twitch muscles. You can also go to the Rec center or Sports Club and swim, play basketball, soccer or just ride the spin bikes. All of these exercises will help you with your cycling and you’ll be ahead of the game come spring time when the weather gets warm. If you feel like you can get out and ride a little bit this slippery weather offers a great chance to build your bike handling skills, just watch out for cars. Also, dress in layers so if you get too hot you can take some stuff off. It’s better to wear to much then too little in this winter. I look forward to riding with all of you this spring and summer.

Todd Wells

Non-Profit Status is Ours to Behold

Thats right, Durango DEVO has just successfully been accepted as a 501 c3 non profit organization. Our super all star during the process has been Yo Horn, who dialed and styled out numerous pages of hard to dissect packet action. Although we have not received an official notice on the acceptance, we have a former athlete who’s cousin works for a lady who swore to him that she overheard our name being accepted outside a meeting in Denver. That’s gotta’ be good as gold.  

Jr DEVO Adult Supporter Jerseys Are In

jrdevosupporterweb.jpgHey there Moms and Dads. Support your elementary school aged cyclists by wearing matching outfits this summer. You can do this by purchasing a Jr. DEVO Supporter jersey at the March 18 sign up meeting. They cost 75.00 and where made just for you. 

Jr. DEVO Ride Schedules Set

jrdevowebcoolkids.jpg  The Spring jr DEVO ride schedule is set my friends. March 18th 6-8pm will be the super sign up party at the Durango Rec Center. Please bring a pen and get ready to see your kids get excited. We have added several options to the program.  Wednesday   is the new day for 6-7 year olds. Deb Hall will be wranglin those rippers. Wednesday is also the new AllGirlsRide 2008-wednesday-allgirlsride.pdf led by Annie Cheeney. This sweet ride is open to all 2nd through 5th grade girls. Tuesday is the 20inch2008-tuesday20inch-schedule.pdf wheel group, open to 2-5th, led by Annie, Evan Elliott and Stephan Davoust. 24inch groups will meet wednesday2008-wednesday-24.pdf and or thursday2008-thursday-24.pdf. These will be led by Chad Cheeney and Greg Lewis.  Soon forms will be available.Please email with questions.sch-spring-08.pdf  First Grader Schedule  

Giants 17 Patriots 14

Final Score Giants17 Patriots14. Football is cool at times. This sunday was one of those times. 

Sarah in Argentina

Yo everyone, just bloggin from down south.  Hot and sunny down here in Patagonia, so lots of time to ride.  I rode up the ski hill and took a trail down the other day…like 3500′ down!  Craziness.  You know all those times Chad and I told you not to ride your bike straight down a hillside as it causes erosion and makes a mess of the trails?  Well, that’s pretty much all I do down here as that is where their trails go; straight down!   No rocks, no logs, no bumps, just 3500′ of straight down lose dirt (polvo).  Pretty sweet until you have to brake.  And, as I’m sure you all know, I descend with my mouth open so you can only imagine how much dirt I eat after riding.  Ok, so now I’m being your mom…ready?  You are sooooooo lucky to live where you do and ride where you do.  I have ridden all over the USA, in Spain, Mexico, Ecuador, France, Belize, and Argentina and I’m telling you, Durango has the best trail riding in the WORLD.  That’s right.  So go to the CO Trail meetings and the Hermosa Creek meeting ’cause what we have in Durango is special and unlike anywhere else. 

Chad will be happy to know that I have, due to the fact that I cannot get the kids down here to do anything but soccer, begun  to teach the neighborhood kids bike polo with a pine stick and a soccer ball.   See picture: bike polo in South America  Excuse the no helmets, there is only so much I can do.

I miss everyone!  Enjoy the snow!


Hermosa Wilderness Talk Tonight with Trails 2000

4:15 at the San Juan Public Lands Center, Trails 2000 will host a discussion for the public on the proposed Columbine Wilderness. This is a good chance to learn the positives and negatives of having a wilderness area take over a recreational natural area. The meetings location is in the Durango Tech Center, 15 Burnett Dr. This affects all user groups, not just cyclists.

2008 DEVO Applications at Durango Cyclery

2008 Team application packets are now available at Durango Cyclery for boys&girls U-14 &19 teams. Soon this kind of packet stuff will be available by clicking something, and printing or just looking and leaving.

2007 Golden Grip Winners

Alisha Rose Pastore & Taylor Borucki alishaweb.jpgtaylorweb.jpg

  • Madeline Meigs @ Blast the Mass, took the junior womens Colorado State Super D Championships by an 8 second margin,  third place was 28 seconds back.
  • Taylor Borucki @ Keystone Climax, rode to first place in the highly contested junior expert downhill category to finish out a impressive consistent season.
  • Howard Grotts @ Blast the Mass, won his first State Championship race in the junior sport field of 18. It was Howard’s first victory and he rode it well.
  • Alisha Rose Pastore @ Telluride Hill Climb, in a field of 15 professional and expert ranked adult women, she ascended to a 4th place finish. 

howardweb.jpgmaddieweb.jpgHoward Grotts @ Madeline Meigs 

    Thursday the 31st, Hermosa Trail Meeting

    As a result of last wednesdays packed house Hermosa Trail/Wilderness idea, a second meeting, tailored to the cycling and user groups of the greater Columbine district, has been arranged. 
    Trails 2000 is organizing a meeting for this Thursday, January 31 from 4:15 to 5:30pm for trail users to learn more about the proposed San Juan Forest Plan. The idea for the meeting arose at the recent presentation of the Forest Plan last week. In response to the request, members organized the meeting and choose the location of the Public Lands Center. Mark Stiles, San Juan Forest Supervisor, Thurman Wilson assistant Center Manager and Mike Van Abel, executive director of the International Mountain Bicycling Association (I.M.B.A.) will be on hand to aid in the discussion The San Juan Public Lands Center is located in the Tech Center at 15 Burnett Court.

    Informative DEVO U-14,19 Meeting is February 11th

    The Rec. Center will be the meeting place for the preseason informational blowout, Feb 11th at 6:30 to 8pm. Thats a Monday night. U-14 & 19 DEVO riders and parents are invited to come learn plans for the 2008 season. Race schedule, practice dates, coach introductions, paperwork and huge candy bars will be discussed. Coaches Chad and Annie Cheeney will be leaving for New Zealand friday the 15th and will be gone until mid march. The last preseason meeting will be March 19th.  

    Durango DEVO Film, Part 4 Finale

    Chase Orrick’s final installment of his sweet DEVO documentary. He will be selling a small number of copies. Details later, watch now.