DEVO News 5-5

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Mechanicals were frequent in last weeks DEVO practices. In one U-14 boys practice, two young riders lost a crank arm due to loose bolts. Keep em tight fellas! In thursdays 24incher ride at Church Camp a derailuer ripped off and allowed a good lesson in the art of getting back to civilization any way you can. In that case, it was a ride on the handelbars down the super washboardy road of Falls Creek. Sorry Charlie!

Thank You to all you parents who respect our “no tagging along” rule.  We know it must be tough, but you are doing the right thing for your child and the program. 

We have a new office space for the month of june. Located in the Park Center Commercial Center at 1911 main ave, suite 6 is where the paperwork gets paperworked. Please bear with us as our sweet old system of “just pick it up on our porch” is over and we figure out a new system.

Last Wednesdays AllGirlsRide were filmed by City Span 10 for a spot featuring Trails 2000 on their monthly news program. It airs this wednesday, so keep your eyes peeled. 


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Todd Wells 18th in World Cup #3

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Madrid Spain was the World Cup that Todd Wells led the entire field after the first of seven laps. Can you imagine how fast he had to of been going? Dang! After his amazing start he faded and eventually finished in 18th place, good for second of the Americans. Jeremy Horgan-Kobelski  was the top finisher at 15th place. After three rounds of world cup action, Todd is second in the chase for two spots on the USA Olympic Team. Adam Craig of Bend Oregon is first. In the women’s action, Coloradan Georgia Gould placed 5th and is on her way to her first Olympics. If any of you are reading this, Thank You for being great role models for our team. 

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Chalk Creek Stampede was Delicious

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Durango DEVO’s 2nd team race of the season took place this past weekend in Nathrop, Colorado at Taff and Keith Darner’s sweet cattle ranch located in the foothills below Mt. Prinston. Friday night the team camped and had spaggetti together. The weather was pretty chilly at first, but the cold winds died down and saturday and sunday turned out to be very nice. Saturdays events consisted of cross country and mountain cross, and sunday was short track and dual slalom. There were the usual atb ups and downs, and in the end, all had a great time. DEVO’s next team race will be in June at Crested Butte.


U-19 Ladies; Alicia Rose Pastore 2nd jr Ex xc, 1st ex stxc, Hannah Madden 7th jr ex stxc, 1st jr sport xc, Joan Walker 2nd jr sport xc, 9th ex stxc, Kaila Hart 3rd jr sport xc, 10th ex stxc

U-19 Men; Chase Orrick 10th jr ex xc, 9th jr ex stxc, Howard Grotts 7th jr ex stxc, 11th jr ex xc, Kyle Horn 15th jr ex xc, 10th jr ex stxc, Joe Autry 14 jr ex xc, Daniel Walker 6th senior sport xc, Taylor Borucki 4th jr ex dual slalom, 4th jr ex mountain cross.

U-14 Boys; Gino Pastore 1st jr sport xc, 2nd jr sport stxc, Sepp Kuss 6th jr sport xc, Stephan Davoust 2nd jr beg xc, 2nd jr beg dual slalom, Collin Francom 4th jr beg xc, Chris Blevins 5th jr beg xc, Hank Stowers 6th jr beg xc, Levi Kurlander 5th jr beg stxc, 7th jr beg xc, James Shehan 8th jr beg xc, 8th jr beg stxc

Coaches; Annie Cheeney 6th sport women xc, Greg Lewis 13th pro xc, Evan Elliott 14th semipro mountain cross, 19th semipro dual slalmom, Chad Cheeney 11th singlespeed, 27th pro/semipro stxc

Friends; Alumni Tad Elliott 4th pro xc, 7th pro stxc, Alumni Ben Kraushaar 4th jr ex xc, 1st jr ex stxc, Robin Guillaume 7th xc, 2nd stxc singlespeed, Miles Venzara 7th pro xc, Michelle Stowers 3rd beg women

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DEVO News 4-30

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This weekend may 2-4 brings the Chalk Creek Stampede in Nathrop, CO for the U-14 and U-19 DEVO teams. This is their second team race of the season. The team will camp out together and race cross country and mountain cross on sat and short track and slalom on sun. Good Luck to them.

Friday, the U-14 girls will practice at 330-545 with coach Jess Reed.

June 11th will be a summer jr DEVO circuit race and fun ride at Three Springs, 530pm. A Zia Taqeria and Robin Davis on the guitar will follow the jr DEVO race at 630. This is a DEVO fundraiser and is open to anyone. Racing categories are B Men/Women, jr DEVO Shredders, and A Men/Women. It takes place on a sweet course behind Mercy. More info soon.

Velo Swap is around the corner. Taking place over Iron Horse weekend, it will be at the fairgrounds again, in the same room as registration. It will be huge. Thanks to Gaige at IHBC for donating this sweet fundraiser to our program. Please remember to dust off the lingering bike mess and sell it at our swap. Contact annie@durangodevo.com for more info.

Also, the jr DEVO AllGirlsRiders were spotted by the local channel 10 in the Durango Mountain Park. Look for the young riders laying down the law during the May month.

Have nice weekend.

Coach Chad 

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IDTV and Durango DEVO Unite

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Starting thursday, DEVO will have a short segment on Durango’s IDTV. The show will air monday through friday, 7-10 am and 7-9pm. IDTV has been awesome and is giving Chase Orrick the freedom to produce the DEVO shorts. The segments will continue throughout the summer, and will be shown for two weeks at a time. Check out their website at www.insidedurangotv.com. Thank you Annie, Chase and John n’ Louisa at IDTV for all the action and hard work behind the scenes. 

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Offenburg, Gremany was World Cup #2

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DEVO friend Todd Wells kept his Olympic dreams alive by placed 2nd American in the second round of wrold cup action this past weekend. Todd placed 23rd and american Adam Craig had a sweet finish in eight place. Gorgia Gould was 13th and Mary McConneloug was 16th. These four Americans are all great role models for are sport. Stay tuned through the season on cycling news.com. Go Todd!

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Alien Run Was Sandy Sweet

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Sundays’ Alien Run race in Aztec New Mexico was small town sweet. About 40 racers showed up to take on the sandy singletrack. DEVO board member and friend, Travis Brown took the win. That guy is good! DEVO represented well with Kyle Horn 1st in jr EX, Joan Walker 1st jr sport, Daniel Walker 1st jr sport, Levi Kurlander 2nd jr sport, Chris Blevins 1st jr beginner, Coach Kricket 1st singlespeed women, Coach Greg 5th pro men, Alumni Tad Elliott 3rd pro men, Devo Helpers Robin Guillaume and Brendan Shafer 3rd and 4th singlespeed men, Miles Venzara 4th pro men, and Coach Chad 2nd singlespeed men. Nice work to all who showed up and represented the team. These small local races are things of beauty. Thanks Alien Run!

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Trails 2000 Trail Work Opportunities

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TRAILWORK:Where: Big CanyonDate: TUESDAY, May 6, 2008

When: 4:00 pm  to 7:00 pm

Meet: Entrance to Big Canyon, behind New Country Auto

Projects: Benchcutting, installing drainages, armoring and brush cutting. We’ll be there rain or shine.

Please wear/bring long pants, long shirt, sturdy boots, sunscreen, hat and enough water to drink for several hours. Bring a friend!

Directions: Camino Del Rio to Dominguez Drive, the stoplight at New Country. Turn left at T and you’ll see BLM Parking Sign.  Sign in, grab a designated tool and hike up Big Canyon. We’ll move toward South Rim if you want to join us after work.

Other dates to jot down on your calendar:

Wednesday Trail Work Parties will take place starting May 14 at Sale Barn.

Saturday, May 17: IMBA Trailbuilding School. Must sign up at Info@Trail2000.org by May 10 or sooner.

The IMBA Trailbuilding School will take place in Durango. The class begins at 9a until 4p. This is a very informative class on building sustainable trails and various techniques used to repair trails.

Wednesday, June 11: Annual Volunteer & Members’ Picnic

Wednesday, June 25: Bike to Work Day

Thursday, June 26: Commuter Challenge

Saturday/Sunday June 28-29: Colorado Trail: Champion Venture Mine to Gudy’s.

Friday/Saturday/Sunday: July 25-27: Colorado Trail at Blackhawk

If you can help with these events or our annual Colorado Trail Work Crew , please email or call at the numbers below.  970-259-4682  OR info@trails2000.org 


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Telegraph Time Trial Results 4-25-08

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Durango DEVO’s first monthly time trial was today. Telegraph hill climb starts at the parking lot of horse gulch at the off road vehicle sign, and finishes after the final telegraph shoot, and a hard right at the top, just between the rocks lined in the dirt. 

4-25-08, 4pm, tailwind up horse gulch, hardpack, dry and a little dusty.

U-19 Men

Howard Grotts 17:51, Kyle Horn 19:46, Taylor Borucki 21:54, Daniel Walker 25:05

U-19 Ladies

Alicia Rose Pastore 21:20, Kaila Hart 26:21, Joan Walker 30:00, Hannah Madden 30:22

U-14 Girls

Kaylee Blevins 31:10, Emily Schaldach 35:00, Elyse Massone 40:20, Hannah Quick 40:20

U-14 Boys

Gino Pastore 18:31, Sepp Kuss 20:17, Stephan Davoust 22:38, Haakon Sigurslid 22:54, Christopher Blevins 23:15, Collin Francom 25:08, Levi Kurlander 26:24, Elliott Slaslow 26:44, Hank Stowers 26:50, James Shahan 32:45


Kricket Lewis 20:45, Annie Cheeney 27:38, Greg Lewis 17:19, Chad Cheeney 17:44

Role Models

Tad Elliott 15:35, Robin Guillaume 17:50


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BMX Movie, RAD to Play Thursday Night at The Abbey Theatre

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1986 was a great year, the Mets won the World Series, mountain biking was gaining steam, and BMX was on the mind of every kid in every neighborhood. It was also the year Rad premiered in the theatres. It  plays at the Abbey Theatre this thursday night at 9pm. Thats all I know. I’m there! 

It  was sweet. Try to watch this amazing film the next chance you get.

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Alien Run is this Sunday

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The sweet, sweet Alien Run mountain bike race returns this sunday. Aztec, New Mexico’s Alien Run Trail will be the track for this weekends shred fest. To register, show up at HWY 173 mile marker 2, a left turn coming from Durango before downtown Aztec, in the 8-9ish hour. The fee is $30 and it is so worth it. This is a great race for beginners and professionals alike. The Beginner race course does not do the Alien Run trail. See you all there. DEVO!

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