DEVO Friend Cale Redpath Takes Front Range 50 Title

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Durango’s Cale Redpath of the Directory Plus squad, took an impressive win this past weekend at the Front Range 50, finishing in 3hrs 9min. Of the 160 starters, Cale was one of 16 singlespeeders. He did not only win his singlepeed category, he won the whole darn thing. 50 miles, 1 gear, priceless. 

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Mallethead to Play Mountain Film Festival on Saturday

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Check it out.

Bike polo is gaining momentum all across this sweet land. It has appeared recently in car adds in People and Newsweek magazines,  a sports brief in the latest Outside magazine and in the movie theatres in the new flick, What Happens in Vegas. Dang.

Bike polo has been taking place in Durango regularly since 1999 and has no signs of slowing down. Rumor has the local team looking at getting new matching socks. Dang.

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Bread Not Bombs

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We’d like to give a big ol’ shout out to Rob and the rest of his silly crew at Bread Bakery. Not only do they have the best coffee, BLT’s and cookies in town, they also have the biggest hearts. Nothing but good vibes from the folks down at Bread Bakery. Thanks for being in love with us Rob, right back at you!

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DWC Tuesday A & B+ Rides to Join Forces

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Dear DWC Members,

 With the Iron Horse soon to be in the history books and the college team 

 traveling the country/world on summer vacation, the A group has dwindled to a 

 handful of participants. After getting feedback and comments from a number 

 riders and regulars on the A and B+ rides we have decided to combine the A and 

 B+ rides for the summer, effective immediately! 


 change you schedules appropriately. Leaders and participants of the combined 

 ride are asked to split the group if it exceeds 40 riders.

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DEVO Practice Wednesday Open to Public

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Wednesday night the DEVO mens and womans mtb teams will be open to the public from 430-530pm at the Fort Lewis Factory Trails, located at the south end of campus, behind the Bader Dorms. Come and join the young rippers as they play short track games. A great workout will be had by all. See you there.

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Saturday Night, Sunday morning DEVO Needs Volunteers

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Saturday May 24th 5-9pm at Buckley Park, DEVO will be selling beverages donated by Coca-Cola for the post race concert and we need help.  Sunday May 25th 7am-9am kids race and Tom Danielson Junior Series, we need coarse marshals to help during races. Please contact annie@durangodevo.com if you can help us during this busy weekend. Thanks and great job Annie! 

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Telegraph Time Trial Results 5-16-08

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April’s Telegraph Time Trial Results

Yo Yo Yo, the trails were fast for team Durango DEVO’s 2nd monthly Telegraph hill climb time trial. Improvements were seen by almost the entire team. Its amazing how that works; you practice consistently and then wham….your faster. 

U-19 Ladies

Hannah 27:50, Joan 28:25, Alisha Rose 20:50, Sarah 32:00

U-14 Girls

Kaylee 29:00

U-19 Men

Taylor 22:15, Howard 17:40, Joe 20:50, Chase 19:15, 

U-14 Boys

Cully 27:00, Elliott 28:00, Hank 25:45, Collin 24:20, Stephan 24:00, Haakon 22:25, Chris 22:30, James 29:15, Sepp 20:05, Gino 17:50, Levi 24:37, Tucker 27:16


Kricket 20:05, Annie 27:55, Evan 20:40, Chad 17:45

Bonus Anasazi DH TT

Taylor 1:59, Evan 2:06, Chad 2:11, Gino 2:12, Elliott 2:24, Sepp 2:28, Stephan 2:40, Collin 2:45, Hank 2:47, Howard 2:53, James 3:17, Haakon 3:30, Chris 3:42, Cully 3:44

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June 11th Durango DEVO Circuit Races at Three Springs

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Wednesday night from 530-8pm will be the kick off to the summer short track training races to be held every wednesday night for 9 weeks. Three Springs will be hosting our first event and will be providing Zia Taqaria and Robin Davis on the guitar. B men and women start off at 6pm, Jr DEVO at 630 and A men and women at 7pm. Circuit races will be 20min for B and Jrs, and 30 for A riders. This is a DEVO fundraiser as a suggested donation for the burritos and circuit race will be suggested. The course is located at the east corner of the Mercy Hospital parking area. 

The remaining 8 wednesday night short-track will start at 6pm at various locations around Durango. A detailed schedule will be revealed soon. The races will suggest a donation of $5 and will go to kids on bikes. These are low key, no category, no fuss, training rides.

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Taylor Borucki on a Bike

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For all of you who are wishing Taylor a good race run in Angel Fire, and do not know what he looks like on a bike, here ya go. Taylor is racing for a spot on the USA Worlds team that will be competing in Italy in mid June. Rocket Fire Taylor!

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DEVO News 5-14

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Hello DEVO. Bikes are everywhere this time of year. With the Iron Horse Bicycle Classic right around the corner, the local bike population seems to triple, maybe even quadruple. Check the IHBC website for all your event questions. There are two jr races on the sunday of IHBC weekend. A Tommy Danielson Junior Series race starts the morning at 7am and the usual jr races are at 8am. 

Velo Swap is on for Friday 10 am to 10pm at the fairgrounds. If you are into selling stuff, you need to make it to the drop off on thursday night, 3-8pm at the fairgrounds. This is a big DEVO fundraiser, Thanks to the IHBC for letting us take part.

May 31st is the BigHugeGroupRide at Phils world, for all boys and girls, 20 and 24inch groups. Family members are invited to take part in this sweet weekend shred fest. Time will be announced later. We cant wait!

Telegraph Time Trial for all U-14,19 boys and girls is this friday. Wish them luck. The track is fast these days and the gulch road has been tailwindy, so times should drop.

May 29th is the rainy day make up ride for Jr DEVO 1st grade group, wednesday 24inchers and the AllGirlsRide. Location to be announced later. 

The Chili Challenge will be the same weekend as the IHBC and a handful of DEVO rippers will be in attendance to ride the dirt. U-19er Taylor Borucki will be racing downhill in the jr Expert category on sunday, with the top place on the podium earning a supported trip to Italy in June as part of the USA World Championship Team, and has been training hard for this one race qualifier. Send T-Bone some positive vibes!  

This past monday the U-19 ladies and U-14 boys met for practice and were greeted by local superstars, Shonny VanLandingham, Mary (sorry cant remember yet,) Tad Elliott and Todd Wells. Dang these kids are lucky. There were a ton of sweet silent, mouth agape, observations that day. Thank you for showing your support superstars!


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