Time to Register for FLC’s Fall Blaze

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Hosted by Fort Lewis College, the Durango Fall Blaze offers three different tour options, including a 37-mile, 60-mile, and 100-mile ride.  The tour starts when the clocktower rings 8am and a police escort leads the riders out from the center of campus. There are six food/aid stations along the way, support vehicles on the course, and a party at the finish line back in the center of campus! The ridership is limited to ensure a quality event. The century course is of medium difficulty when compared to centuries around the country, and the 37-mile and the 60-mile are easier.

All proceeds benefit the Cycling Scholarship Fund at Fort Lewis College. The scholarship is dedicated to rising young cyclists. Each scholarship recipient must possess a love for the sport, maintain a 2.7 or higher grade point average, and must be an active community member. Both men and women are eligible, of course.

Click here to register and for more information

Registration fees cover:

  • A fully supported tour with sag support vehicles and five food/aid stations
  • The fabulous Fall Blaze Packet-Pickup Party at the Fort Lewis College Union Plaza
  • The Blaze Lunch and Celebration on campus, presented by Morehart Murphy Auto Center
  • A commemorative t-shirt and pinIMG_0190
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An Invitation from Jamis’s Rotem Ishay

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I’d like to invite you all for an event I’m putting together this Friday at the Rotary Park 3:30-8:30. As part as my job at Durango Performance Center, I’m producing the second annual Physiology in the Park community event – which is a non profit event aimed to educate kids about health, wellness and exercise physiology through involved learning and live demonstration of physiologic testing.
The event has a couple of activities that are of interest to you – screening of the movie Breaking Away (classic movie that relates to cycling), gift certificates raffle (full day lift tickets to DMR and more…) and an interview with our guest speaker Todd Wells! oh and one more thing, you will probably see one of our FLC cyclists going “all-out” on a VO2max test live!
You can check details of the event at the Durango Performance Center Facebook page, please like us as well!
In addition, I can use 2-3 volunteers from noon to help with setup. Really not that much to do, but very much appreciated!
Send it,
-Rotem Ishai
Durango Performance Center, Director and Exercise Specialist
1201 Main Avenue suite #205
Durango, CO 81301
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Zia Taqueria/Devo mini Enduro #2

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August 14 2013 Star Wars mini Enduro

Women: 1. Brittany Clawson 1:39:50, 2. Alisha Gibson 1:42:32, 3. Krista Park 1:47:89, 4. Sarah Tescher 1:50:02, 5. Lacey Andersen 2:09:08(junior), 6. Brianne Marshall 2:18:83

Men: 1. Taylor Borucki 1:27:02, 2. Colton Andersen 1:27:20, 3. Miguel Ramos 1:28:30, 4. Phil Cowen 1:28:64, 5. Chad Cheeney 1:28:77, 6. Mint Henk 1:29:36, 7. Heikki Hall 1:30:48, 8. Grady James 1:32:61, 9. Joe Schneider 1:33:88, 10. Miles Venzara 1:35:42, 11. Mike Wilk 1:35:80, 12. Robbie Jones 1:40:05, 13. Levi Kurlander 1:40:58(junior), 14. Jeremy Thompson 1:40:64, 15. Johnny Turner 1:41:92, 16. Dave Hagen 1:44:36, 17. Casey Rhae 1:45:55, 18. Erich McAlister 1:46:86, 19. John Hackman 1:47:45, 20. Will Berger 1:48:27(junior), 21. Garrett Alexander 1:52:55, 22. Barney Siegel 1:53:21, 23. Sven Brunso 1:53:77, 24. Eric Walecki 2:00:00, 25. Jack Tescher 2:04:42(junior), 26. Riley Jaber 2:37:14(junior)

Most Consistent (2 runs); The second run. Of 31 riders, 25 had their best run on the second of two runs.

Most Improved; Junior-Jack Tesher 12 seconds, Lacey Andersen 4.5 seconds, male-Sven Brunso 6 seconds, female- Brianne Marshall 9 seconds

Past Results-

Next Wednesday Trailwork with T2K at Overend Park, meet at Leyden Street

Following Wednesday ZIa/Devo mini Enduro #3 in Horse Gulch

Then BME Durango Enduro on August 31st-1st.

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August Texas Telegraph Hill Climb Results

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August 1st 2013

Devo/Sweet Elite; Stephan 16:01, Will 18:54, Sarah S. 19:28, Ian B. 17:18, Hagen 21:55, Chad 17:17

Texas NICA; Alex 18:50, Boone 17:31, Andrew 20:03, Peter 22:13, Cara 22:45, Mark 24:08, Jonathan 28:28, Chad 21:24, Alex 22:19, Abbey 27:52, Jeremy 29:13, Daniel 33:24, Caitlin 20:19, John 27:17, Kathryn 33:20, Megan 30:37

Past Results

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Escalante Days MTB Race in Dolores this Saturday

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Southwest Colorado Singletrack : Dolores and Cortez from chris miller on Vimeo.

Registration runs from 8am-9am in front of the Dolores Medical Center. Race starts at 9:50 AM. Race starts in downtown Dolores, Colorado and continues on trails in the San Juan National Forest. Beginners cover 13 mile course, Sport cover 21 mile course, and Expert cover a 35 mile course. All races end at the start/finish line in Dolores. Come to race and enjoy all the activities of the Dolores Escalante Day.

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Thank you Tyson, Trails2000 and City for making such an amazing trail!

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Zia Taqueria/Devo mini Enduro #1

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July 31 2013 Shocker mini Enduro

B Men: 1. Conor Depew 1:17:08, 2. Chad Bobbett 1:23:93, 3. Jeremy Polanski 1:25:83, 4. Alex Defily 1:29:58, 5. Nick Girard 1:42:24, 6. Aaron McDonald

Women: 1. Brittany Clawson 1:07:00, 2. Jill Belhan 1:09:93, 3. Sarah Tescher 1:13:59, 4. Annie Cheeney 1:26:64, 5. Sarah STurm 1:32:40, 6. Cara Wood 1:32:50, 6. Caitlin Pervis 1:46:27, 7. Abby Lesting 1:53:77

A Men: 1. Colton Andersen 55:27, 2. Anthony Diaz 56:46, 3. Chad Cheeney 56:87, 4. Dylan Stucki 57:43, 5. Mint Henk 58:50, 6. Miguel Ramos 59:15, 7. Brent Weinbarger 59:37, 8. Miles Venzara 1:00:09, 9. Phil Cowan 1:01:27, 10. Grady James 1:01:77, 11. Stephan Davoust 1:03:55, 12. Nick Gould 1:03:62, 13. Joe Schneider 1:04:27, 14. Fabio When 1:06:49, 15. Peter Drury 1:06:61, 16. Alex Ward 1:07:93, 17. Boone Flynn 1:09:90, 18. Dave Hagen 1:10:99, 19. Andrew Andress 1:12:34

Most Consistant (3 runs); B-Jeremy Polanski, W-Annie Cheeney, A-Miles Venzara

Most Improved; B-Conor Depew, W- Cara Wood, A- Colton Andersen

Next Wednesday Trailwork with T2K

Following Wednesday ZIa/Devo mini Enduro #2

Next Wednesday trailwork

Following Wednesday Zia/Devo mini Enduro #3

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National Results

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This is a little more like it…

Cross Country Results

U23 Female 

2nd Kaila Hart/ No Tubes

Cat 1 17-18/ Female 

2nd Kaylee Blevins

5th India Waller/ Ska-Zia Team

14th Emily Schaldach

Cat 1 17-18/ Male

6th Stephan Davoust

29th Levi Kurlander/ Ska-Zia Team


Cat 1 15-16/male

1st Christopher Blevins

Cat 2 15-18/ Male

13th Keenan Desplanques

20th Keiran Eagen

Cat 2 15-18/ Female

5th Sierra Trout

7th Robin Austin

Junior 13-14/ Female

2nd  Katja Freeburn

5th Camryn Sippy

Junior 6-10

10th Ivan Sippy

Pro Women

4th Teal Stetson-Lee/ Luna Chix

17th Sarah Sturm


Super D

Pro Women

1st Teal Stetson-Lee

4th Lauren Caitlyn

Pro Men

22nd Chad Cheeney

Junior Women

1st  Kaylee Blevins

4th India Waller

Junior Men

1st Christopher Blevins

Masters Women

1st Shannon Gibson/ No Tubes


Short Track

U23 Men

14th Payson McElveen

Cat 1 Juniors 15-18

1st Christopher Blevins

2nd Stephan Davoust

20th Levi Kurlander

U23 Women

14th Lauren Caitlyn

Pro Women

4th Teal Stetson-Lee

25th Sarah Sturm

Pro Men

1st Todd Wells


11 Devo podiums

17 Durango Podiums

4 Devo National Champion titles (all from Blevins duo)

7 Durango National Champion titles






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