Steve Fassbinder 3rd at World Championships

Moncos local Steve DOOM Fassbinder finished up 3rd after racing the 24 Hours of Adrenalin World Championships last weekend in Canada. DOOM is a former world champion in the event and was honored by being selected into the 24 hour racing Hall of Fame during the weekends festivities. He was recognized for pioneering the singlespeed category and being the competitor with the biggest smile throughout the gruelling event.

Another athlete Jeff Toohey of Austrailia, who spent the past month staying and training with DEVO’s Pastore family, placed 4th overall in the race, with Austrailians taking the top 4 spots. Dang those Aussi’s can race!


Hermosa Offroad Classic Was Amazing

For the second year in a row, the Hermosa Offroad Classic was a tasty-fast mudbath for the competitors who took to the challenge. Travis Brown, Trevor Downing, and Dylan Stucki took the top spots in the Pro Men and Shannon Gibson, Lyra Parker and Teal Stetson-Lee for the women. The racers are still up at the north trail-head as I type having a classic post race campout. It was seriously the best race of the year. Don’t miss it ever again. Full results to be out sometime soon.

DEVO Results;

Alicia Rose Pastore 1st Jr Ex Women, Kaila Hart 1st Jr Women, Summer Ellefson 2nd Jr Women, Howard Grotts 1st Jr Ex Men, Gino Pastore 3rd jr Ex Men, Sepp Kuss 1st jr boys, Levi Kurlander 2nd jr boys, James Shahan 3rd jr boys, Annie Cheeney 2nd sport women, Jeanne Pastore 1st sport women, Mark Pastore 4th sport men, Jess Reed 7th singlespeed B, Kricket Lewis 6th singlespeed B, Chad Cheeney 2nd singlespeed A 

2007 Results

Local Steve Fassbinder at World Championships This Saturday

Mancos, Colorado shredder, Steve Fassbinder aka “DOOM”, will be racing at this weekends 24 Hours of Adrenalin World Championships in Canmore, British Columbia. He has been inducted in the 24 Hour Racing Hall of Fame and will be honored at the burly event. The race takes racers around and around on a technical singletrack lap for 24 hours straight. The person with the most laps finished in 24 hours win. Dang! Also racing will be Jeff Toohey of Austrailia who has been living and training with DEVO’s own Pastore family for the past month in preparation for the event. Check out this web site to watch this saturdays event live.

Tad Elliott to Race First World Cup

DEVO alumni Tad Elliott is in Canada this weekend and next, to race back to back World Cup xc events for the first time. The recent U-23 national champion will be competing against the best racers of all ages, in the world. Check up on him through the weekend at Good luck Tad!

DEVO Telegraph Hill Climb Results 7-25-08

Last Timesess Results

U-19 Ladies results and commentary 

Alicia Rose 19:57(pr) “i love my bike!” – Kaila 24:53(pr) “well, i was hoping to break 20, but this is a PR” – Sarah 26:36(pr) “i tried my best and that’s my best ever!” – Joan 29:55 “i can do better!” – Hannah 31:29 “i’ve been at sea level for a week!”

U-19 Men

Kyle 19:40, Chase Orrick 19:26, Howard Grotts 16:33(pr), Daniel 24:11

U-14 Girls

Hannah Q. 31:06, Elyse 32:57, Kaylee 26:12(pr), Hannah P. 31:05(pr), Martina 32:40(pr), Whitney 30:10(pr), Lily 29:49(pr), Amy 27:51(pr)

U-14 Boys

James 28:47(pr), Tucker 26:20, Levi 23:33(pr), Sepp 19:02(pr), Gino 18:19, Cully 23:47(pr), Collin 24:39, Hank 26:34, Chris 20.22(pr)

Coaches and Others

Shaun 20:38(on a touring bike), Annie 27:57, Chad 16:33(pr), Kricket 21:33 “not bad for a chick on a 32-16”

Hermosa Offroad Classic This Saturday

Jon Bailey Makes Cool Flyers
Jon Bailey Makes Cool Flyers
Its finally here. The second annual Hermosa Offroad Classic returns this saturday, july 26th at 9am. Meet at the lower Hermosa Trail head sometime before 9am and pay Fort Lewis College Cycling Team 35 bucks, then prepare to be stoked. The race climbs up the super popular trail and finishes at the north trail head. Upon arrival, racers will be greeted with juicy meat, sweet high alpine streams, cold beverages, sundown outdoor movie theatre and a bunch of smiling, satisfied faces. A camp-out will follow and all are invited. If camping is on your agenda, bring your gear to the race start and it will be shuttled to the finish courtesy of Dave Hagen. We’ll see you there.

Escalante Days Mountain Bike Race

Team Durango DEVO will take a break from the long travel team races and celebrate a good old fashion local race this August. Located in Dolores, Colorado, Escalante Days has been putting the locals to the test with their amazing singletrack. DEVO will be camping out for the race weekend at the Boggy Draw trail network. Prerides on friday, team/family potluck and the infamous “Shwagfest 2008” will bring back the good ol days of mountain bike racing. Check out this sentence for better information on the event.

Results for Factory Trails #7

July 23rd

B Men; 1. Daniel Walker, 2. James Shahan

B Women; 1. Kaila Hart, 2. Hannah Madden, 3. Summer Ellefson, 4. Annie Cheeney, 5. Terrina Tofoya
B Holeshot: Hannah Madden

A Women; 1. Alicia Rose Pastore, 2. Kricket Lewis

A Men; 1. Travis Brown, 2. Dustin Wanstrath, 3. Trevor Downing, 4. Chad Cheeney, 5. Erich McAlister, 6. Chad Wells, 7. Robin Guillaume, 8. Howard Grotts, 9. Lars Ellefson, 10. Michael Andreas, 11. Gino Pastore, 12. Ben Kraushaar, 13. Alex Howard, 14. Kyle Horn, 15. Sepp Kuss, 16. Dave Hagen, 17. Jack Ellefson
A Holeshot: Trevor Downing

Past results

Darien Harvey Takes Bronze and Almost Bronze at National Champs

Sobe/Cannondale Dher Darien Harvey
Sobe/Cannondale Dher Darien Harvey

Mountain Bike Specialists mechanic and local professional gravity racer, Darien Harvey made the podium last weekend in Vermont during USA Cyclings National Championships. In the Dual Slalom, she finished 3rd to two former world champions and in the downhill she raced to 4th place. Nice work Darien. She was also named to the world championships team that competed in Italy this past June.

Local Roadie Anthony Colby Sits 4th in NRC Standings

Fort Lewis College grad and local road pro, Anthony Colby currently sits in 4th place for the National Racing Calendars season long series. Colby rides for the Colavita-Sutter Home domestic road team and has donated several team kits to our DEVO squad. We liked that….Thanks Colby.
Elite men

1 Rory Sutherland (Health Net-Maxxis) 1396 pts
2 Ted King (Bissell) 728
3 Ben Jacques-Maynes (Bissell) 643
4 Anthony Colby (Colavita-Sutter Home) 589
5 John Murphy (Healthnet-Maxxis) 524

Men’s teams

1 Health Net Pro Cycling Team presented by Maxxis 2682 pts
2 Colavita/Sutter Home Men’s Cycling Team presented by Cooking Light 2141
3 Bissell Pro Cycling Team 2128
4 Toyota-United Pro Cycling Team 1858
5 presented by Parkpre 1320

Greg Herbold Guest Hostesess "Cycle Squawk"

Tuesday from 11:30 am to Noon on local college radio station 91.9 and 93.9fm, 1990 world downhill champion, Greg Herbold “HB,” will be the guest on “Cycle Squawk.” Hosts’ Russ and Chad will be fielding questions from callers with the chance that “HB’ might give a hand. 970-247-7262 is the number to call Cycle Squawk.