Purg Uphill Mountain Bike Race Results

August 30

Pro Men; 1. Travis Brown 50:19, 2. Howard Grotts 52:19(junior), 3. Scott Simmons 52:19, 4. Greg Lewis 53:50(ss), 5. Miles Venzara 56:30

Women; 1. Shannon Gibson 1:14:36, 2. Annie Cheeney 1:26:50

Amatuer Men; 1. Gerry Geraghty 1:01:23, 2. Jon Delaney 1:04:00, 3. John Percassi 1:04:32, 4. Corey Richardson 1:08:05, 5. Steve Autry 1:17:23, 6. Judd Rohwer 1:18:58(ss), 7. Steve Rossi 1:20:00

Thanks to Durango Mountain Resort’s Scott, Alex, Liz and Hank for all the DEVO support.

Tour de Farms Bicycle Ride

Cool ride coming up here in Durango. Saturday, September 6th will be the second annual Tour de Farms Bicycle Ride, highlighting what is unique, healthy and homegrown about our agricultural community. With two rides to choose from this year, an in-town 5 miler, or a 35 mile road loop around La Plata County. $20 gets you more than you think. Tickets can be purchased at the Durango Farmers Market, this Saturday. Sounds Delicious.

DEVO's Elliot Saslow Takes Down Another Cycle


Bike Polo Wreckage
Bike Polo Wreckage

DEVO U-14er Elliott Saslow has taken yet another prisoner, this time it was his sister Avra’s old mtb. Last week at a routine DEVO polo practice, Elliott cornered hard to get his mallet on the ball, when his frame took to the splits. The game stopped and a quiet came over the group. “it looked so weird,” said DEVO teammate Haakon Sigerslid. Then seconds later Elliott yelped, “YES, Thats number four.” Thats right, young Elliott, at 14 years old has broken 4 mountain bike frames to date. Coach Chad was quoted a little over a year ago that, “go ahead and shred Elliott, you won’t start breaking frames until you are 17, 18…” Turns out coach was wrong.

Purg Uphill This Saturday

This Saturday will be the first running of the Purg Uphill Mountain Bike Race. A benefit race for the Durango DEVO team, the mass start race will begin 9am at the Durango Mountain Resort Columbine parking lot. Please come and support our amazing youth cyclists. Get ready to climb!


The Course starts at Columbine Cabin, goes up the Ski Way to the bottom of Lifts 6 and 1.  Then it follows the normal climb of the 1990 World’s Course until mile 4.  Then it climbs the decent of Paul’s Park Trail to it’s intersection with the Los Pinos Trail.  It follows the climb of the Los Pinos Trail until it once again intersects the Paul’s Park Trail at which time it climbs the decent of Paul’s Park Trail once again.  The trail peaks out behind Lift 8, there is a short downhill section on the Elbert Creek Road  (FS Road) then climbs for the last half of a mile up the road to the top of Lift 8.

Triple Times Double Super Grand Final Results

August 27th

B Women; 1. Kaila Hart, 2. Summer Ellefson, 3. Hannah Madden, 4. Joan Walker, 5. Anne Cheeney, 6. Elysee Masone

B Men; 1. Chris Blevins, 2. Daniel Walker, 3. Stephan Davoust, 4. Elliott Saslow, 5. James Shahan, 6. Henrique Pohl

B Holeshot; Henrique Pohl

B Best Air; Chris Blevins

A Women; 1. Alicia Rose Pastore, 2. Kricket Lewis

A Men; 1. Tad Elliott, 2. Chad Wells, 3. Erich McAlister, 4. Dylan Stucki, 5. Travis Brown, 6. Howard Grotts, 7. Art Nelson, 8. Will Ross, 9. Chad Cheeney, 10. Mike Wilk, 11. Jimmy Deaton, 12. Evan Elliott, 13. Scott Simmons, 14. Ben Kraushaar, 15. Adam Snyder

A Holeshot; Evan Elliott

A Best Air; Evan Elliott

past results

Fall Jr. DEVO Sign-up Meeting

Parents- if you would like to sign your little ripper up for the Fall season of Jr. DEVO please come do so at the meeting next Tuesday September 2nd 6:00pm at the Rec Center.   Many of you have already called, sent emails and checks in but still come if you can make it.  This meeting is a must for new parents and kids.  Please bring your paperwork, be prepared to pay and bring any questions you might have.  Thank you and we’ll see you there.

Last DEVO Short Track Tonight

Tonight at Fort Lewis Colleges’ venue, Factory Trails, Durango DEVO will be hosting the last of the 11 race summer series. The Triple Times Double Super Grand Final will begin at 6pm with the B men and women. The A’s will follow at 630. 

All racers must pay 5$ to enter, including all DEVO racers. The top 3 B women, 3 B men, 5 A men and 3 A women will be awarded with thangs. Prizes will also go to biggest air, holeshot, and probably something else. The race series has been good this summer and us at DEVO really appreciate the support. Thanks, Coach Chad

DWC Championship Sign-Ups Tonight

Tuesday, August 26
4:00 pm – 5:30 pm at Bread
8:00 pm – 9:00 pm at Carvers
This may be your last chance to sign up for the club championships.
The race dates are: Sept 4 (road TT), Sept 7 (crit), Sept 10 (mtb TT), Sept 13 (road race to top of Coal Bank).
Categories are: Men A, Men B+, Men 40+, Men B, Men C, Women B+, Women B, Women 40+, and Women C. We have jerseys for the winners of each category.
USAC licenses are required for the road race. One-day licenses are available at sign-up.
For more information go to the DWC website: www.durangowheelclub.com

Animas Mountain Trails Fuel Reduction Meetings Open to Public

The public is invited to an open house to offer information and take comments on the Draft Environmental Assessment (EA) for the Animas City Mountain Fuels Reduction Project in the San Juan Public Lands Center Sonoran Room, 15 Burnett Court, Durango, from 5 – 8 pm on Tuesday, Aug.26, 2008.

The City of Durango will also hold two public forums on the proposed fuels project on Animas City Mountain:   Wednesday, Sept. 10, 2008 – The City of Durango Open Space Advisory Board will discuss the proposed Animas City Mountain Fuels Project and its meeting in the Durango Recreation Center at 5 p.m Tuesday, Sept. 16, 2008 – The Durango City Council will hold a public hearing to consider a possible access agreement for the proposed fuels project on Animas City Mountain in City Council Chambers at 6:30 p.m. Public comments on the Draft EA will be accepted through Tuesday, September 30, 2008.  Comments may be submitted in writing to Craig Goodell, Project Leader, San Juan Public Lands Center, 15 Burnett Court,Durango, CO 81301, or via email to: craig_goodell@blm.gov.

The Draft EA is available on the San Juan Public Lands Center Website at:http://www.fs.fed.us/r2/sanjuan/projects/projects.shtml.A limited number of hard copies are also available at the San JuanPublic Lands Center, 15 Burnett Court in Durango, and the ColumbineRanger District/Field Office, P.O. Box 439, Bayfield, CO 81122.For more information, contact Craig Goodell, Project Coordinator, 970 385-1207.

Durango Wheel Club Time Trial

DWC TT Series
Thursday August 28 5:15 PM
Extended North Valley loop 16.3 miles
(2008 Club Championship Course)
Open to all Wheel Club Members
Note earlier start time!
Note: Do NOT park in SANDCO lot. Their gate is closed and locked at 5:30. There is a good parking area a short ride away on Trimble Lane at Hwy 550 or on the frontage road at the finish.

Course: Start on Trimble Lane at SANDCO entrance just west of Animas River Bridge, W. to 550,
N. to CR 250 (old KOA Turn), Cross Baker\’s Bridge, S to Trimble, W to Hwy. 550,
N on 550 to Finish at mile marker 33 (first hump just past RR tracks)

August 30th Local Hill Climb Race



August 30th
August 30th



 Sat. Aug 30, 2008  Purg Uphill Mountain Bike Race Racers get ready for the Purg Uphill Mountain Bike Race.  You, your bike, miles, 2000+ vertical feet and may the best rider win.  Race starts in the  Columbine area and finishes at the top of Chair 8. $15-Amateur $20-Pro.   Prizes awarded and all proceed benefit Durango Devo. If you are a minor (under 18 yrs old) and would like to race you can, we just need a parent or guardian to sign a release form for you.  They can do this on race day or earlier if they can’t be there.  Just let Annie know and she will get one to you.  Contact Annie or Chad at  Durango Devo for specifics at chad@durangodevo.com or annie@durangodevo.com.

Free Mountain Bike Race

This Sunday the 24th of August, 15 year olds and under are invited to come race for free at the amazing Dirt Lovers Rally. This Parks and Recreation classic is classic, not to re-mention the excellent fact that racers 15 and under race free. Pre register and save. Horse Gulch calls. All ages and categories are invited.arrows1

Local Athletes to Shred Singlespeed World Championships in Napa

Five local singlespeed mountain bike shredders are off to Napa, California this weekend to compete in the annual Singlespeed World Championships. Two time winner Travis Brown, former 24hr singlespeed world Champion Steve”DOOM” Fassbinder, Jon Bailey, Ben Cooper and DEVO Head Coach Chad Cheeney will be making the drive for this sundays main event. Over 400 racers will take part in the mass start race. The Durango squad will be competing not only for the top spot on the podium, but also for the chance to host the event in Durango next year.  Cross your fingers and keep tabs at the SSWC08 blog.