September 16-20th is SSWC09

The 2009 singlespeed world championships will be held in Durango, Colorado from September 16-20th. The date has been changed from the previous, August 6-9th to accommodate the world. The race itself will be saturday the 19th, with the Tour of Durango on Sunday the 20th. It will be an action packed week, with group rides beginning on wednesday evening the 16th and follwing up with am/pm rides until the race on saturday. The race is being organized by DEVO head coach Chad Cheeney, Jon Bailey, Dave Hagen, Russ Zimermann, Travis Brown, Ben Cooper and Steve Fassbinder. The group will be working closely with the Tour of Durango organizers, Gaige Sippy and Mary Monroe to make sure sweetness happens.

FLC Cyclist Awarded Scholarship

Fort Lewis Cyclist, Teal Stetson-Lee was awarded with The Kuck Memorial Scholarship today in honor of her hard work on and off the bike. Teal has worked her way to a 3.9 grade point average, while managing to make time to train. Read the full story here. cimg43911

Bend, Oregon for 2009-10

Cyclocross nationals will be headed to Bend, Oregon for the next two Decembers. Those Oregonians know how to throw a race. Check out OBRA to check on who’s running the show.

Collegiate Cyclist Sweeps Season

Lees Mcrae College student athlete, Carla Swart recently became the first collegiate cyclist to win all 4 championship disciplines  in one season. She began the winning streak this spring with a win on the road in Fort Collins, then winning the omnium as well as the sprint during late summer on the track in Colorado Springs, then her home turf in North Carolina on the mountain bike, winning the cross country and short track,  and then this past weekend in Kansas City on the cross bike. Thats a dominant division 1 season.

Carla Swart has tons of those jerseys
Carla Swart has tons of those jerseys

Mountain Goat



 “This is a project I finished last summer.  1992 Mountain Goat Whiskeytown FS.  The design was a college senior thesis from a Mountain Goat employee, which got horrible reviews.  High pivot placement induced tons of pedal bob in the rear end. I took it for a spin and it was indeed like riding on one of those coin-op pony rides you see outside Wal-Mart. But what’s not to love? This was a team bike from that year raced by local Durangoan Linda Meyers.  XTR M900, Nuke Proof, Grafton, and Rock Shox Mag 20 with matching team paint.  There are likely less than 50 of these bikes in the world… I know of two: This one, and the one in the First Flight Bikes Museum. Very rare, and very cool.” 

Local Bike restorerer Mike Wilk

Durango Crowns Three in KC

Durango Wheel Club members Walt Axthelm and Martha Iverson, and Specialized  legend Ned Overend all won their respective age group titles this past weekend in Kansas City during the US National Championships. Earning the stars and bars, Martha won her group by eight minutes, Walt by two and Ned by thirty seconds. DEVO friend Robin Guillaume also placed on the podium, 3rd in the U-29 B men. With a mid week snow storm, followed by warm weather, the course changed drastically from day to day. _g5y42902

The FLC women’s team took to the warm air early saturday morning to compete for the Collegiate Title. Moments before their start, an amazing cold-air wind blast dropped the temperature by 25 degrees in a matter of seconds. Lees McRae took the top spot for the women with Teal Stetson-Lee in 4th, Sarah Sturm in 8th, and Sabina Krashaaur in 13th. The mens race followed  with Ben Sontag in 2nd after a sweet almost ending. Greg Carpenter followed in 8th and Jessee Dekrey in 13th. The FLC men won their collegiate race, but for the 3rd year in a row, the overall omnium points ended in a tie, with the tie-breaker going to Lees McRae, 2nd place again!

Other results; Robin Guillaume 9th in singlespeed, Richard Bagienski 14th in master men, Joe Burtoni 43rd in 35-39 master, Jon McManus 65th in 35-39,  Tino Sanora 47th in 40-44, Dave Hagen 60th in 40-44, Travis Oliger in 75th in 40-44,  Terrina Tofoya 20th in B women, Grant Berry 10th in 30-34 men, Ryan Bartel 12th in 30-34 men, Will Curry 43rd in U-23 men,  and Steve Lamont 37th in 45-49.

In the elite mens race, Todd Wells finished off the podium for the first time at a US Chapionships race and placed 6th followed by former Durangoan, Matt Shriver in 7th. Ryan Trebone rode away from the field to take the title, it was his second after being crashed out of last years race. Other Durango fellas in the race were Troy Wells 12th, Brandan Shafer in 60th and DEVO Coach Chad Cheeney in 70th. The elite women’s race went off without a local lady at the start. Katie Compton took a dominant win with Fort Collins superstar Georgia Gould in second. Cyclocross Nationals continues the tradition next year with heavy rumors of the venue being in Bend, Oregon. We’ll see.

Jeff Norman Benefit

Local mountain bike legend, Jeff Norman will be at the Smuggier Brewpub on Thursday the 11th, 5pm. The goal of the evening is to raise money to help with Jeff’s medical bills. Contact info: Jeff was a fast racer in the 80’s and was the owner of Durango’s Stonehouse Bakery, which was a popular atb hangout during the time.

Durango Sends Crossers to Nationals in KC

USA Cycling’s Cyclocross National Championships are taking place this weekend in Kansas City, MO, and Durango will be well represented at the sweet event. The FLC Cycling Team will be sending its squad to take part in the Collegiate Championships on sunday morning. The team placed second last year to rival Lees McRae of North Carolina. This years squad; Ben Sontaag, Rotem Ishay, Dustin Wanstrath, Jesse Dekray, Cody Wilderman, Greg Carpeter, Chad Wells, and Mike Stevens for the men and Stephanie Swan, Teal Stetson-Lee, Sabina Kraashur(DEVO Coach,) Sarah Strum and Tina Dominic for the ladies. The team will be supported by Coaches Dave Hagen, Ruthie Matthes, Rick Crawford and Mike Engelman, and mechanics, Jon Bailey, Chad Cheeney, Whitney Jones and Will Curry. Dang, thats a serious crew.

Competing in the Elite race on sunday will be; Todd Wells, Troy Wells, Matt Shriver, Brendan Shafer, Grant Berry, Joey Thompson, Ryan Bartel and Chad Cheeney for the men and Shannon Gibson will be representing Durango for the women. Robin Guillaume will be racing the B category on Thursday morning. Robin has a good shot at taking the title after placing 4th in last years race. Walt Axthlem has a good shot at the title as well in the 60+ category along with Martha Iverson, who is a former age group world champion on the road. Other Durango crossers making the trip are; Jack McManus, Richard Baginski, Joe Burtoni, Terrina Tofoya and Steve Lamont. Good Luck to all.

2009 MSC Schedule is Out

A trend has been developing in the race to schedule cycling events, and that can only mean good things for us cyclists. So many goodies to choose from. So here is the 2009 Mountain States Cup season schedule, which is the main squeeze of the DEVO contingent. Only scheduling conflict so far is the late date switch by Snowmass, on the same weekend as Durango’s host action for Singlespeed World Championships, August 6-9th. Darnit.

US Cup

2009 USA Cycling Pro Cross Country Mountain Bike Tour (ProXCT)
March 29: U.S. Cup – Fontana, California
April 19: Sea Otter Classic – Monterey, California
May 31: Bump N’Grind – Birmingham, Alabama
June 13: Carmichael Training Systems Sand Creek International Classic – Colorado Springs, Colorado
August 8: U.S. Cup – Mount Snow, West Dover, Vermont
August 15: Yankee Clipper at Windham Mountain, Windham, New York
September 26: USA Cycling Pro Cross Country Mountain Bike Tour Finals, Las Vegas, Nevada

Squawker Cup Finale is Sunday

race-7-course-map, squawker-cup-points-standings

“We have just met with the facilities director, grounds director and head grounds keeper and they have gotten a ton of complaints from campus goers about what was left behind from last weeks race. Rather than bicker back and forth we are taking responsibility and have agreed to do some mitigation work. This will show them that we have respect for what they work hard to maintain and what we like to play on. What they are concerned about is the mud tracks on the sidewalks (unsightly and risk management issue), some of the grass to cement transitions and some of the corners/ruts/cupping we created. FLC Grounds is marking up a map with the spots they have concerns about. So — After the race on Sunday please be prepared with regular clothes (unless you like gardening in your chamois), and one of the following: stiff brissle push broom, flat head shovel, garden rake or spade. We will walk the course and fix. Another crew will walk the course and pick up all the flagging, yet another will get the rebar/pvc. It really won’t be that much work if we get good numbers. We are getting some grass seed also and will do that where needed. In the future we will have a better pre and post muddy race contingency plan. Thanks for being a part of the CX season, see you Sunday.”  Dave Hagen

Muscle Cross is Tomorrow, Yes!

The third annual Muscle Cross is this Saturday, 10am at Buckley Park, the heart of downtown. Durango Cyclery is hosting the event, with the name rooting from owner Russell’s nickname, Russell the Muscle. The event is not you typical cross race as it includes many barriers and obstacles, as compared to the modern standard of one or two. Registration begins at 9am with the fees being $10 for adults and $5 for kids, all the proceeds will be going to the upstart Durango ReCyclery, a used bike shop located downtown. 

The first event is the Kluncker Cross. 15 minutes of pain on any “non-racer” bike. Costumes and goofy things usually go down. Then the Kiddie Cross takes the stage with elementary aged kids taking to the course. Helpers are placed all along the course and the name of the game is super fun. Hot chocolate pours hot all morning, and the kids dig in when their race is over. Then at around 11:30 the B men and B women take to the course, followed by the A men and women at 12:40 or so. Last years race was cancelled due to poor turf conditions, but this year is looking perfect, so come on out and enjoy the show.

Posters will be for sale at the event
Posters will be for sale at the event

Breck Epic Registration Opens Tomorrow

The sweet 2009 newbie to the Colorado mtb race scene, The Breck Epic will open registration at noon tomorrow. This event looks like a much needed classic for our already amazing season schedule. Check it out and stay on pace here. Mike Mac is the man behind the race and his work with the Mountain States Cup is proof that the Breck Epic will be a nice treat. Wool leaders jerseys!

Strawberry Field Trips Looking for Women

Local womens’ bike club, Strawberry Field Trips is currently looking for women to sign up for their sweet overseas bike tours. The club is run by Betsy Richards, mother of DEVO alumni Nora Richards and Lucy who is currently on a trek to Washington DC to spread the good word of the earth. Check out their site for more information. Here it is.