The Coke Course

More info; Registration begins at 730 and goes up until 30 minutes before your event. Awards will follow the pro/expert finish. There is no reg late fee and you can sign up for all three races in the series for 55 dollars at this first race. If you are interested in volunteering during the event, please find a Devo coach and wham. Have a nice sleep.

Durango Coca-Cola Triple Crown

The NedFurtado Circuit Race is on for Saturday up at DMR. In case you are wondering, the title NedFurtado is an attempt to honor the names of two great Durango champions, 1990 mtb world champions’ Ned Overend and Juli Furtado. Remember that 20 years ago, the both of em’ laid victorious sweat on the very dirt that we will soon be shredding.

With the help of Durango Coca-Cola and DMR, DEVO is pleased to be announcing the return of mtb action to DMR. This saturday the 19th will be the opening race in the Durango Coca-Cola Triple Crown race series. The NedFurtado Circuit race will take place saturday morning, registration from 7:30-9, Beginner and Sport categories will race at 9am and will do 6 laps(could change), a one or two lap kids race at 945, and the pro/expert categories will follow at 10 with 10 laps. The course is a 1.1ish mile singletrack, double track and dirt road lap around the DMR base area. It includes several berms, mellow climbs, wallride, steep drop in, 2 bridge crossings and some possible airtime. The track was designed by Travis, Mary and Daryl Crites and built by the Trails 2000 crew with the help of DMR and Logan james of TJ Excavation. Please come up an check out the action.

Coke Triple Crown Series – DEVO Release, print off if youd like

Below are the links for online registration through Closes 6pm friday.

Listing Home for Coca-Cola of Durango Mountain Bike Triple Crown #1: NedFurtado Circuit Race
Listing Date: 06/19/10
Listing ID: 1870578

Listing Home for Durango Coca-Cola Triple Crown #2: Lift 8 Hill Climb and HB Super D
Listing Date: 07/24/10
Listing ID: 1870585

Listing Home for Durango Coca-Cola Triple Crown #3: 1990 Worlds XC 20th Anniversary Race
Listing Date: 08/14/10
Listing ID: 1870594


AOA/DEVO Short Track Tonight at Factory Trails

Tonight is on for round 3 of the AOA/DEVO Short Track Series. Registration begins at 5pm on Fort Lewis’s Factory Trails, with racing beginning at 530pm with the B men and Women. The kids race next at 6pm and the A’s roll out at 630pm. Hope to see ya there.

Jr DEVO Last Thursday Ride


AOA/DEVO STXC #2 Results

Animas Orthopedic Associates/DEVO Short Track #2

June 9, 2010  Factory Trails

B Men; 1. Jacob Sacket, 2. Jeff Vierling, 3. Mike McQuinn, 4. Colton Sacket, 5. Clint Campbell, 6. Sven Brunso, 7. Devin Feilen, 8. George McQuinn

B Women; 1. Kaylee Blevins, 2. Emily Schaldach, 3. Dana Shinn

Kids Race; Carter, Elle, Sarah, Marit

A Women; 1. Kaila Hart, 2. Rebecca Gross, 3. Sarah Sturm, 4. Annie Cheeney

A Men; 1. Joey Thompson, 2. Drew Edsall, 3. Howard Grotts, 4. Joe Schneider, 5. Colton Anderson, 6. Greg Lewis, 7. Lars Ellefson, 8. Kenny When, 9. Elliott Saslow, 10. Jacob Sacket, 11. Chris Blevins, 12. Joe Burtoni, dnf, Trevor Downing, Dylan Stucki, Rotem Ishay

past results

Angel Fire DEVO Race Report

Give a high five to the fellas who went down to Angel Fire this weekend. Sepp won the cat 1 race, his first victory in the category. Teammates Chris, River, Devin, and Henry all finished in the top five in the xc. Levi flatted 2 times! Then finished the race like nothing ever happened. Chris Blevins took the victory in the Under 14 boys! Coaches Annie and Chad had tough, hot races and finished at the back. Annie crashed hard on her arm and cut it up pretty bad. They  were sad, but then thats racing. The super d was tough and fun. Coach Chad broke his chain on a rock in the first 20 seconds, Sepp flatted on the first turn and tried to jump the jump anyway and crashed pretty hard, and then Shane crashed in the junior race and broke his arm, not that bad of a break supposedly. And to top it off, Sepp’s Mom, Sabina took a crash while riding down the mountain after watching the race and had to be taken down in the cart. She suffered a calf wound that wouldnt stop bleeding but is ok. Devin was the only one who made it down in one piece out of the 4 of us. Lets all say a prayer for a quick Shane recovery!

AOA/DEVO STXC #1 Results

Animas Orthopedic Associates/DEVO SHort Track #1

6.2.10 results

B Men; 1. Matt Phillips, 2. James Storm, 3. Robert Montgomery, 4. Keenan Desplanques, 5. Jeff Vierling, 6. Fabio Wen, 7. Will Berger, 8. Devin Feilen, 9. Charlie Malone, 10. Ben Malone

B Women; 1. Kaylee Blevins, 2. Emily Schaldach, 3. Avra Saslow

Kids Race; Sarah, Nora and Kevin

A Men; 1. Mike West, 2. Trevor Downing, 3. Howard Grotts, 4. Nick Gould, 5. Greg Lewis, 6. Miles Venzara, 7. Sepp Kuss, 8. Chad Cheeney, 9. Joe Schneider, 10. Elliott Saslow, 11. Arthur Nelson, 12. Christopher Blevins, 13. Levi Kurlander, dnf, Lars Elefson

A Women; 1. Teal Stetson-Lee, 2. Jen Gersbach, 3. Kaila hart, 4. Sarah Sturm

past results

Movie tonight!!!!!!!

DEVO Bike Swap Today

Today at the Fairgrounds is the 4th annual IHBC DEVO Bike Swap. Its 5o cents to get in and there is plenty of used stuff to make ya go crazy. Check out the Buzztown video here. The doors open at 1pm and it will go until 9pm. Have a fun IHBC weekend and we’ll see ya there.

DEVO News 5-20-10

Wow, its 5-20-10. That means the Iron Horse Bicycle classic is coming up. And that means the DEVO Bike Swap. If you have stuff to sell, bring it to the fairgrounds thursday the 27th and we will help price it and place it on the sales floor. Friday is the sale and we are still looking for volunteers, contact Sarah if interested in helping. That friday the Bahati Foundation Pro Cycling Team will be riding with all the DEVO riders participation in the IHBC. 330 from the Fairgrounds, the team will roll out on road bikes and have some fun.

You've got stuff to sell. Next Thursday, bring it to the fairgrounds
You've got stuff to sell. Next Thursday, bring it to the fairgrounds

DEVO coaches have been active at the schools this week. Park, Needham, Riverview and another one are all involved in bike to school week and are hosting bike rodeos to help get kids to school in a healthy manor. Trails 2000, Bike Lemonade, hassle Free Sports and the DPD Bike Patrol crew were all in attendance helping kids. Coach Chad jumped his new Turner off the Park Elementary gym stage and his wheel exploded in front of 200 cheering youngsters. Chad was quite embarrassed, but enjoyed the laughter and finger pointing.

Speaking of youngsters, the Jr DEVO Fun Race and Short Track is about to happen. Next wednesday night, June 26th at TBA and at TBApm, the DEVO Fun Race will end the jr DEVO season in style. There are several categories and lengths for all skill levels, so please come and join in the action. Adult spectators beware, this is a very, very entertaining event.

The following wednesday is the first AOA/DEVO Short Track Series race at the TBA. The races start at 530 with the B men and women, followed by the Kids race at 6 and the A race at 630. The short track is a 15-25 minute race around a short 3-6 minute loop, a set number of laps are choosen and first one to complete the number of laps and cross the finish line wins. This is great fun and also amazing training in a short period of time. Races cost $10 and benefit the Durango DEVO junior program….us.

Oh yeah, IHBC means DEVO Coffee. We have a new batch this season and will be selling it at the Fairgrounds during the IHBC.

Oh Yeah again, Movie night at the Smiley Building on Saturday night, 6pm. This is another DEVO fundraiser and we are showing a super rad film about the 2006 tour, called Hell on Wheels. It is a beautiful film with some good characters and some pretty sweet tour moments. It will be quite the film after racing to Silverton. Make sure to get yourself a seat.

The Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory Cycling Team’s manager Grant Berry announced earlier this month the inclusion of DEVO’s Alicia Rose Pastore to their team for the 2010 season. This is the 3rd athlete to be signed to an amateur team while training with DEVO, Tad with the U23 National team in 07′ and Ben K with Directory Plus in 06′.

Tomorrow, friday, the DEVO team will be at the factory trails practicing a short track race around 345. If anyone is interetsed in joining us, show up by 4pm and you can come sweat with us. Have a nice Roost!

Coach Chad

What in the heck
What in the heck