AHS and DHS finish top dogs after more rain, epic finishes

More rain, more mud, and more good, clean fun this weekend in Leadville at the Cloud City Challenge Race #2 as part of the Colorado High School League series.  Durango saw some champions today amidst some of the most epic conditions we have seen since the league started four years ago.  At 10,200 feet, racers started with packed waves of 100-200 riders.  The course started on a double track climb that went into some of the tightest single track in the high country.   “The trail was fun, rolly, sick and the sharp corners were fast and dicey due to the tight trees,” said AHS freshmen Austin Monroe.  Teammate George McQuinn explained it  as “like an underwater experience.”  “This course pushed a riders ability to corner with slick rocks, lots of twist and turns in the trees and tight cornering,” said head coach Garrett Alexander.  The day ended with another lightening thunder storm that caused race organizers to evacuate the Varsity/JV boys field off the course.  DHS/AHS team then started home but realized that with mud slides, flooding and snow on the passes that they should stay the night in Leadville.  They also had a teammate spend the night in the hospital due to a bad crash that ended in a broken bike and helmet.  “With the road conditions and having a teammate in the hospital, there was no question that we were going to stay the night and make sure everyone made it home safe,” said team director Sarah Tescher.  At the end of all the chaos, AHS emerged as the race champion and DHS taking home 2nd.  Race #3 in Elbert will take place Oct 6 and the state championships Oct 20th in Eagle.

Div I Team results

1.  Animas High

2.  Vail Valley Composite

3.  Summit High School

Div II Team Results

1.  Grand Valley

2.  Durango

3.  Leadville


Varsity Girls

1.  India Waller (AHS)

7.  Robin Austin (AHS)

10.  Sierra Trout (AHS)

Varsity Boys

23.  Nathaniel Rodd

JV Girls

1.  Camryn Sippy (AHS)

2.  Katja Freeburn (DHS)

JV DI Boys


2.  Keenan Desplanques (AHS)

15.  Quinn Haughey (AHS)

JV Div II Boys

7.  Charlie Greenberg (DHS)

8.  Bryce Gordon (DHS)

19.  Will Berger (DHS)

65.  Ross Kotlar

Sophomore Girls

2.  Ellen Campbell (DHS)

Freshmen Boys Div I

2.  Keiran Eagen (AHS)

4.  Perrin Kileen (AHS)

6.  George McQuinn (AHS)

 7.  Dylan Williamson (AHS)
9.  Andrew Middleton (AHS)
19.  Jimmy Pope (AHS)
26.  Austin Monroe (AHS)
61.  Geoffery Steiner (AHS)
Freshmen Boys Div II
3.  Lukas Robbins
11. Tye Sandavol


AZ Devo Cycling Team Announces Woodruff as New Director

Prescott, AZ, September 13, 2013—The Arizona-based AZ Devo Cycling Team announces Travis (TJ) Woodruff as the Team Director effective immediately. The program will continue to support the top up and coming Junior and U23 mountain biker racers in Arizona. AZ Devo founder, Mary Coplea, said, “I cannot think of a better person to take over the program and lead our up and coming young riders to the next level.” Coplea will remain involved with the program in an advisory role.

Woodruff owns and operates Momentum Endurance, LLC, a cycling coaching business. He holds a USA Cycling (USAC) Level 1 coaching certification and currently serves as a representative on the USAC Mountain Bike Advisory Committee. He brings ten years of coaching experience to the program and has over fifteen years of racing experience, competing as a pro since 2006.

AZ Devo will focus on the Mountain Bike Association of Arizona (MBAA) race series along with select Pro XCT, Epic Rides or other national-level events. Former team members include Tyler Coplea (Orbea Tuff-Shed), Ryan Geiger (Team Winded) and Cypress Gorry (Whole Athlete). The program is excited to continue support for aspiring racers in Arizona and to provide further opportunity to bridge the gap from statewide to national-level competition.

Race #1 Col. High School League

DHS in 2nd (DIV II) and AHS in 5th (Div I)

Ellie cranking up the hill
Ellie cranking up the hill
Nano showing off his skillzzzzz
Nano showing off his skillzzzzz
Katja getting it done with a smile!
Katja getting it done with a smile!

DWC MTB TT Moved to Sunday

The rained-out DWC Champs MTB TT has been rescheduled for Sunday 9/15, first rider off at 9:30 AM. If you want to do this event send Spencer an email with your name and age and we will get you on the MTB TT start list. Please sign-up before 5 PM on Saturday to get on the start list.


Big Mountain Enduro Comes to Town This Weekend

Check out what the latest buzzword “Enduro” in mountain biking is all about this weekend at the BME Durango Enduro. Basically, Enduro is a race that takes place over the course of a few days. Each day has multiple timed stages, usually downhill, and a few non timed stages that the riders have to ride from the finish of one to the start of the next. There are many of these events popping up all over the world and this is Durango’s second year in the BME series. This year they have added a day 2 of racing that will take place in the Gulch, with Full Raiders Ridge and Crites/Carbon Junction, being the timed stages. Buckley Park is the headquarters for the weekends festivities, so swing down from 3-7 sat or sunday to catch the action.


Zia Taqueria/Devo mini Enduro #3

August 28 2013 Gulch mini Enduro #3

Women Stage 1: 1. India 11.29, 2. Anne 13.11, 3. Skye 13:19, 3. Jenn 13:19, 5. Leila 14.22

Men Stage 1: 1. Mike 9:43, 2. Colton 9:56, 3. Chad 10:06, 4. Stephan 10:13, 5. Miles 10:28, 6. Nick 10:35, 7. Paul 10:36, 8. James 10:39, 9. Grady 10:39, 10. Tyler 10:40, 11. Boone 10:50, 12. Erich 11:08, 13. Kirt 11:13. 14. Garret 11:18, 15. Anders 11:18, 16. Bryce 11:38, 17. Heikki 11:42, 18. Ben 12:43, 19. John 12:53, 20. Macky 13:04, 21. Trevor 13:19, 22. Tye 13:29, 23. Cody 13:32, 24. Denis 13:54, 25. Gaige 15:12, 26. Ivan 16:12, 27. Logan 19:10

Women Stage 2: 1. Jenn 4:02, 2. Anne 4:05, 3. Leila 4:09, 4. Skye 4:41

Men Stage 2: 1. Dylan 2:55,, 2. Colton 2:56, 3. Mike 3:04, 4. Chad 3:05, 5. Grady 3:11, 6. Stephan 3:11, 7. Miles 3:12, 8. Paul 3:18, 9. Heikki 3:19, 10. Tyler 3:22, 11. Erich 3:23, 12. Nick 3:26, 13. Boone 3:28, 14. James 3:30, 15. Anders 3:36, 16. Garret 3:37, 17. Trevor 3:39, 18. Ben 3:40, 19. Bryce 3:48, 20. Kirt 4:11, 21. Cody 5:02, 22. Ivan 5:10, 23. Gaige 5:10, 24. Macky 9:44

Most Consistent; Both Colton and Annie placed 2nd on each stage.

Most Improved; Heikki went from 17th on the pedaly stage one and finished 9th on stage 2.

Amazing Race: Junior Logan did stage 1 on a brand new singlespeed dirt jumper, his first Enduro ever. Mike’s/Cuchillo/Meadow

Past Results-

Next Wednesday Trailwork with T2K at Shocker and Talker, meet at Factory Trails or Goegline Gulch trail intersection.

Thanks so much to all our volunteers. The timers, marshals, medics, fans and of course the city for letting us do this.

And a big thanks to our sponsors for the series Zia Taqueria, Durango Devo and the Trek/Zia-Ska pro mountain bike team.

Remember to be respectful of other trail users out there as we want to do this in the future for shizzy.

This weekend- BME Durango Enduro on August 31st-1st.

High School Mountain Biking Meeting Thursday

6pm at Buckley Park. Come and talk with coaches about the 2013 Colorado HS league for both Animas Ospreys and Durango Demons. Looks like a friendly game of bocce ball will insure!DSC01005-475x315

Time to Register for FLC’s Fall Blaze

Hosted by Fort Lewis College, the Durango Fall Blaze offers three different tour options, including a 37-mile, 60-mile, and 100-mile ride.  The tour starts when the clocktower rings 8am and a police escort leads the riders out from the center of campus. There are six food/aid stations along the way, support vehicles on the course, and a party at the finish line back in the center of campus! The ridership is limited to ensure a quality event. The century course is of medium difficulty when compared to centuries around the country, and the 37-mile and the 60-mile are easier.

All proceeds benefit the Cycling Scholarship Fund at Fort Lewis College. The scholarship is dedicated to rising young cyclists. Each scholarship recipient must possess a love for the sport, maintain a 2.7 or higher grade point average, and must be an active community member. Both men and women are eligible, of course.

Click here to register and for more information

Registration fees cover:

  • A fully supported tour with sag support vehicles and five food/aid stations
  • The fabulous Fall Blaze Packet-Pickup Party at the Fort Lewis College Union Plaza
  • The Blaze Lunch and Celebration on campus, presented by Morehart Murphy Auto Center
  • A commemorative t-shirt and pinIMG_0190

An Invitation from Jamis’s Rotem Ishay

I’d like to invite you all for an event I’m putting together this Friday at the Rotary Park 3:30-8:30. As part as my job at Durango Performance Center, I’m producing the second annual Physiology in the Park community event – which is a non profit event aimed to educate kids about health, wellness and exercise physiology through involved learning and live demonstration of physiologic testing.
The event has a couple of activities that are of interest to you – screening of the movie Breaking Away (classic movie that relates to cycling), gift certificates raffle (full day lift tickets to DMR and more…) and an interview with our guest speaker Todd Wells! oh and one more thing, you will probably see one of our FLC cyclists going “all-out” on a VO2max test live!
You can check details of the event at the Durango Performance Center Facebook page, please like us as well!
In addition, I can use 2-3 volunteers from noon to help with setup. Really not that much to do, but very much appreciated!
Send it,
-Rotem Ishai
Durango Performance Center, Director and Exercise Specialist
1201 Main Avenue suite #205
Durango, CO 81301

Zia Taqueria/Devo mini Enduro #2

August 14 2013 Star Wars mini Enduro

Women: 1. Brittany Clawson 1:39:50, 2. Alisha Gibson 1:42:32, 3. Krista Park 1:47:89, 4. Sarah Tescher 1:50:02, 5. Lacey Andersen 2:09:08(junior), 6. Brianne Marshall 2:18:83

Men: 1. Taylor Borucki 1:27:02, 2. Colton Andersen 1:27:20, 3. Miguel Ramos 1:28:30, 4. Phil Cowen 1:28:64, 5. Chad Cheeney 1:28:77, 6. Mint Henk 1:29:36, 7. Heikki Hall 1:30:48, 8. Grady James 1:32:61, 9. Joe Schneider 1:33:88, 10. Miles Venzara 1:35:42, 11. Mike Wilk 1:35:80, 12. Robbie Jones 1:40:05, 13. Levi Kurlander 1:40:58(junior), 14. Jeremy Thompson 1:40:64, 15. Johnny Turner 1:41:92, 16. Dave Hagen 1:44:36, 17. Casey Rhae 1:45:55, 18. Erich McAlister 1:46:86, 19. John Hackman 1:47:45, 20. Will Berger 1:48:27(junior), 21. Garrett Alexander 1:52:55, 22. Barney Siegel 1:53:21, 23. Sven Brunso 1:53:77, 24. Eric Walecki 2:00:00, 25. Jack Tescher 2:04:42(junior), 26. Riley Jaber 2:37:14(junior)

Most Consistent (2 runs); The second run. Of 31 riders, 25 had their best run on the second of two runs.

Most Improved; Junior-Jack Tesher 12 seconds, Lacey Andersen 4.5 seconds, male-Sven Brunso 6 seconds, female- Brianne Marshall 9 seconds

Past Results-

Next Wednesday Trailwork with T2K at Overend Park, meet at Leyden Street

Following Wednesday ZIa/Devo mini Enduro #3 in Horse Gulch

Then BME Durango Enduro on August 31st-1st.