DEVO Helps Find “Sundance”-The Therapy Dog

You may have noticed “Lost Dog” posters tack’d up all over Durango’s trailheads earlier this week. Sundance, the therapy dog, from Albuquerque, went missing after bolting upon hearing the first booms of Durango’s 4th of July Fireworks. U14er Charlie Greenberg was watching the show when he saw Sundance running through the streets unattended. On wednesday’s U14 team practice, the athletes were riding the meadow backwards when coach Chad came upon the loose leashed Australian Shepherd and the dog instantly led out the group towards the dry frog beds. U14er River recognized the dog and bolted up the hill to track him down, knowing that his owners had been on the hunt. To no avail, the team headed back down to the parking lot. Then U14er Devin Feilen decided to forgo his post ride meal, and hunt down Sundance. He rode the meadow backwards and foreword several times and then spotted the Therapy Dog in about the same area as earlier. He then contacted the owners and led them to the area, where the family was reunited and finally able to return home to Albuquerque. Nice work Devo Dog Catchers!

July DEVO Telegraph Hill Climb

Telegraph Hill Climb 7.7.10 & 7.8.10

U14 Boys; Keenan 22:48, Charlie G. 21:35, Charlie M. 30:23, Devin 24:20, River 23:27, George 28:33, Derek 24:35, Will 24:47, Chase 24:19, Henry 20:23, Cole 28:12

U14 Girls; India 26:11, Sabina 32:52, Robin 37:27, Sierra 26:22

U19 Boys; Sepp 16:39, Howard 15:09, Levi 17:12, STephan 18:28, Haakon 17:37, Chris 18:58, Hank 23:36, Elliott 19:25

U19 Girls; Kaylee 21:53

Coaches; Annie 35:10, Evan 19:01, Chad 18:59 & 17:52, Greg 16:24, Scott 19:30, Elke 26:49

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AOA/DEVO STXC #6 Tonight at Factory Trails

Fort Lewis College’s Factory Trails will be the site for round 6 of the Animas Orthopedic Associates/DEVO Short Track series. Come on up and have some fun suffering. Tonights course will include a tricky rubbly climb. Brand new!

Wildflower Rush Photos

Photos by Jeanne Pastore, Jim Feilen and Chad Cheeney

National Interscholastic Cycling Association is Now Official

The NICA is now an official 501.c3 non profit advisory organization with a heavy hitting list of board members and official stuff. The NICA, NorCal and SoCal representatives met this past week and organized themselves to help grow the nations high school racing leagues. Colorado is in the process of participating in this first fall season of racing, with coaches and teachers organizing riders for the October race series. DEVO’s Director, Sarah Tescher recently participated in an high school cycling coaching summit in Ward, Colorado, and worked and trained with other interested potential coaches. Here’s more.

AOA Short Track Wednesday DMR

Thats right, round 5 of the 12 race Animas Orthopedic Short Track Series see’s DMR’s Coke Circuit Course home to its second timed affair. The short track will be 20-30 minutes long as usual and will begin at 530 with the B men and Women. The Kids Race will follow at 6pm and the A men and Women will wrap it up at 630. The race is only $5 this time and if you need help finding a ride, please contact See ya up there!


NedFurtado Triple Crown Photos

Photos By Jeanne Pastore and Jim Feilen

AOA/DEVO Short Track #4 Results

Animas Orthopedic/DEVO Short Track #4
June 23, 2010
Factory Trails

B Men; 1. Stephan Davoust, 2. Levi Kurlander, 3. Jeff Vierling, 4. Devin Feilen, 5. Clint Campell, 6. Keenan Desplanques

B Women; 1. Avra Saslow, 2. Kaylee Blevins

B Holeshot; Stephan Davoust

Kids Race; Ellie, Austin and Hayden

A Women; 1. Teal Stetson-Lee, 2. Kaila Hart, 3. Annie Cheeney, 4. Rebecca Gross

A Men: 1. Rotem Ishay, 2. Joey Thompson, 3. Adam Snyder, 4. Howard Grotts, 5. Chad Cheeney, 6. Colton Anderson, 7. Gino Pastore, 8. Dylan Stucki, 9. Greg Lewis, 10. Joe Schneider, 11. Bryan Morra, 12. Levi Kurlander, 13. Stephan Davoust, 14. Dave Hagen

A Holeshot; Joey Thompson

Past Results


Photos by Jeanne Pastore