Volunteer for IHBC with Devo Here

Volunteer for swap or IHBC mountain bike race here! All swap and IHBC mtn. bike volunteers get to enter swap before general public (Friday 12-2)

FLC Cycling Rival Lees McRae Offers Bicycling Studies Class

Collegiate cycling seems to be grown at a rapid rate. Each year, new collegiate cycling programs pop up wth names we’ve never heard of. Lees McRae has been around since the turn of the century, but with bike enthusiasts as school presidents, these private colleges are now throwing cycling into the classroom. Sounds sweet right. Read about Lees McRae’s new Bicycling Studies class now being offered. There’s ski schools, football schools and even basketball factory’s littering the east coast, so it only makes sense that with the rising popularity of cycling, we get cycling specific studies as well.

Make sure to check http://collegiatecyclingnews.com for all your collegiate curiosities.

Bike Movie Night, Wednesday at the Smiley Building

Please join us this Wednesday, May 18th for a fundraiser for the the Chapman Hill Bike Project this Wednesday, May 18th at the Smiley Auditorium on east 3rd avenue. 2 Sweet Bike movies will be shown to promote the new bike park project in town. Life Cycles will play first at 530 and it is such an inspiring film. Biking is so beautiful!
Time: 5:30 pm
Zia Taqueria will have burritos for sale. Beverages will be available.
Please show up to watch these two inspiring films and support your local community.

Presented by: The Smiley, Zia, Fort Lewis College Cycling, DEVO, Durango BMX, Durango Winter Sports Foundation, 2nd Avenue Sports, Pedal the Peaks and Trails 2000.

It’s all in your head! from infinite trails on Vimeo.

Devo’s May Telegraph Hill Climb Results

May 13th, 2011. dry dusty and hot afternoon.

U19 Boys; Sepp 16:11, Levi 17:35, Gino 17:43, Stephan 18:11, Nate 21:25, Gaylen 20:03, Christopher 18:30, Nan0 23:46

U19 Girls; Robin 30:22 and 33:18, Kaylee 21:51

U14 Boys; Keenan 21:38, Kieran 28:10, Dylan 24:30, Charlie 20:27, Derek 26:39, River 22:58, Will 20:36, Chase 29:23, Devin 23:36, Shane 29:43

U14 Girls; Marit 30:26, Katia 31:23, Lacy 39:12, Sierra 29:35

RMCF Sweet Elite; Howard 14:34 (new world record,) Teal 19:53

Devo Coaches and friends; Annie 25:57, Chad 19:43, Taylor 18:59, Sarah 22:28, Elke 25:39, Mint 18:04, Brendan 20:12, Ben S. 14:50, Jesse D. 17:05, Dylan S. 18:18, Trevor D. 18:04, Miguel R. 18:57.

past results are here

Devo rides on….trail work canceled

As of 1:55, Devo rides are NOT canceled. If it is pouring at 4 pm, we will call it. Bring rain jackets!

Trailwork with Trails2000 IS canceled and is rescheduled for Weds. June 8th.


Our First Devo Fans!!

A big thank you to our first Devo Fans: Walt Axthem who is a Devo Star and Travis Brown who is a Ultimate Fan.

DEVO Did the Squawker

Devo’s April Telegraph Hill Climb Results

U19 Boys; Gino 17:42, Sepp 16:40, Levi 18:31, Stephon 18:20, Chris 18:44, Nate 21:35, Haakon 18:18, Gaylen 22:15

U19 Girls; Kaylee 22:46, India, Robin

U14 Boys; Keenan 22:15, River 23:07, Charlie 21:17, Devin 23:48, Henry 25:07, Perrin 23:55, Kieren 28:41, Dylan 26:47, Chase 24:38, George 29:00, Derek 25:51, Jake 27:54, Shane 26:24,

U14 Girls; Marit 32:03, Katja 32:25, Allie 28:55, Indigo 37:59, Cameron 28:27

Coaches and Friends; Gaige 18:41, Mint 21:30, Sarah 38:32, Colton 16:06, Chad 18:59, Elke 13 or something, definatley beat Ned’s time.

Past results here

FLC Cycling Racing in Durango This Weekend

The Rocky Mountain Collegiate Cycling Conference is coming to Durango this weekend for the league finals. The FLC team has already qualified for nationals in Wisconsen and are set to keep the fast pace throughout the weekend. Many former Durango Devo athletes will be returning home for the race including, Howard Grotts, Joe Schneider and Nora Richards. There are open USCF categories and the info on the action can be found here.

Bike Polo Tournament in Durango this Weekend

The 2011 Rocky Mountain Grass Poloships will be in Durango this saturday to determine the best team in the rocky mountain region. Durango Devo will have a team in the tourney
The 2011 Rocky Mountain Grass Poloships will be in Durango this saturday to determine the best team in the rocky mountain region. Durango Devo will have a team in the tourney

Thanks to the Supporters of RMGP11;

Durango Cyclery, Ska Brewing, Pool Creative, Durango Narrow Gauge Railroad, Baskin Robbins, Steamworks Brewing, King Cage, Pam Cheeney Retires, Target Rental, Durango 9R School District, Fort Lewis College Cycling, Durango City market, Lemonhead Hair Salon, Durango DEVO and Bicycle Lemonade.

Prime spectation times, Saturday 12-2 at FLC softball fields and 6-930 at Buckley Park. All Star game at 8, Womens final at 830pm and mens final at 9pm under the lights!

AHS Gear Swap


Have too much old sports gear? Need new gear? On April 16, 2011 from 10-3 at the Boys & Girls Club, 2750 Main,
Animas High School will hold its first All Sports Swap.
Either donate your lightly used Sports Equipment directly to Animas (AHS) and 100% of proceeds
benefit AHS, or sell your own gear, man your own booth and donate 20% of your sales to Animas!
For more information contact pac@animashighschool.com or call Susan at 903-3434.

Devo Family Needs Your Help!

Come to Ska tomorrow (Friday) night between 6pm-10pm for a Silent Auction to benefit Sue B Earl who is battling Leukemia. $10 entry includes food from Zia Taqueria, Cassidy’s Kitchen,
CJ’s Diner and Serious Delights plus live music performed by Robby
Overfield. Show your support for this wonderful Devo family!!