Clean Commute Week Events

Pedal Vs. Metal: An in-town errand extravaganza! Choose your mode: bike, drive, or walk. Leave from the Transit Center at noon. Please email to participate (2011 results can be found below).

Community Forum and Celebration at the D&SNG Train Museum from 5 pm – 7 pm. We will walk through the draft Multi Modal Transportation Master Plan that is scheduled to be adopted by City Council in July as well as thank the hundreds of citizens who participated in this process, making this a fantastic vision for Durango’s many transportation networks. Food and beer donated by Carver Brewing Co., Ska Brewing, and Fired Up Pizza.

Free Transit Day: Sponsored by Mercy Regional Medical Center

Breakfast Stations for your morning commute at Mercy Medical Center, Main Street in front of Steaming Bean, and the Transit Center. Stop by on your way to work to fuel your engine (7 am – 9:30 am).

Free Transit Day: Sponsored by Mercy Regional Medical Center

Love Your Commute Party at Ska Brewing (5 pm – 7:30 pm). Awards for the Commuter of the Year, the Pedometer Challenge, and the Transit Rider Challenge, as well as live music by Robby Overfield. Safe rides back to the Transit Center sponsored by Ska Brewing and Zia Taqueria.

Free Transit Day: Sponsored by Ska Brewing and Zia Taqueria

Trails 2000 Corporate Commuter Challenge Awards Ceremony and Award Presentation to Durango for our recent Gold Level Bicycle Friendly Community designation by a representative from the League of American Bicyclists from Washington D.C. at Carver Brewing Co. from 4 pm – 6 pm.

Zia/Devo Short Track #11 Results

June 12th 2012 at Durango BMX

Thanks to new series sponsor Zia Taqueria, Go there for lunch!

Check them out on North Main and out at Ska Brewing in Bodo Park.

B Men; 1. Will Berger, 2. Zach Kurka, 3. Eric Parker, 4. Jeff Frost, 5. Ed Whritner, 6. Tim Schaldach, 7. Sven Brunso, 8. Dan Hubbard, 9. Rich Larson, 10. Ivan SIppy, 11. Riley Jaber

B Women; 1. Emily Schaldach, 2. Camryn Sippy, 3. Carly Froman, 4. Dana Shinn

B Holeshot Lap; Will Berger and Emily Schaldach

A Men; 1. Travis Brown, 2. Howard Grotts, 3. Colton Andersen, 4.  Sepp Kuss, 5. Chris Blevins, 6. Rotem Ishay, 7. Chad Cheeney, 8. Erich McAlister, 9. Greg  Parham, 10. Keenan Desplanques,

A Women; 1. Kaylee Blevins, 2. Jill Behlen, 3. Krista Park

A Holeshots; Chris Blevins and Kaylee Blevins

Next race is at FLC’s Factory Trails

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Durango Shines in Angel Fire

It was a great weekend for the Devo U14/19 mens and womens teams at round 2 of the Mountain States Cup Series in Angel Fire, New Mexico. Check out the results here.

The serious campers!
The serious campers!
The jump for joy!
The jump for joy!

Jr Devo Super Duper Fun Race Photos

Thanks to all who came and enjoyed themselves. The Stillwater Bands were amazing, the course was amazing, the dunk tank was amazing, and even the Zia and Purple Ice Cream Truck were amazing. It was a lovely evening for a bike race at 9R’s Buckley Park.

Zia/Devo Short Track #10 Results

June 6th 2012 at FLC’s Factory Trails

Thanks to new series sponsor Zia Taqueria, Go there for lunch!

Check them out on North Main and out at Ska Brewing in Bodo Park.

B Men; 1. Zach Kurka, 2. Andrew Cunningham, 3. Tim Schaldach, 4. Rich L:arson, 5. Sven Brunso, 6. Ivan Sippy

B Women; 1. Dana SHinn, 2. Annie Cheeney, 3. Nora Richards, 4. Camryn Sippy, 5. Betsy Richards.

B Holeshot Lap; Zach Kurka and Annie Cheeney

A Men; 1. Rotem Ishay, 2. Colton Andersen, 3. Chris Blevins, 4. Chad Cheeney, 5. Jens Nielson, 6. Mike WIlk, 7. Levi Kurlander, 8. Greg Parham, 9. Hector Cruz, 10. Robbie Jones, 11. Mason Bacso

A Women; 1. Teal Stetson-Lee, 2. Alicia Rose Pastore, 3. Lauren Catlin, 4. Krista Park, 5. Emily Schaldach, 6. Kaylee Blevins

A Holeshots; Colton Andersen and Tel Stetson-Lee

Next race is at Durango BMX

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Devo Coaches Social Plays Baseball Cards

Durango Devo coaches gathered for the biannual coaches social at Buckley Park on the eve before the Jr Devo Fun Race to cut Devo trading cards to be used as finishing prizes. It was tons of fun and we made several hundred. Coaches also opened a fresh box of 36 packs of 1987 Topps Baseball  Cards that were to be used as noise makers for the following days races. Thanks to our amazing coaches!

Zia/Devo Short Track/Eliminator #9 Results

May 30th 2012 at Buckley Park

Thanks to new series sponsor Zia Taqueria, Go there for lunch!

Check them out on North Main and out at Ska Brewing in Bodo Park.

B Men; 1. Perrin Kileen, 2. Jon Delacey, 3. Derek Blackmore, 4. Dylan Williamson, 5. Zach Kurka, 6. Ivan Sippy, 7. Clay Kinder, 8. Riley Jaber, 9. Bryan Morgan

B Women; 1. Nora Roberts, 2. Katja Freeburn, 3. Sierra Trout, 4. Shaila Blackmore, 5. Lauren Pressley, 6. Betsy Richards, 7. Camryn Sippy, 8.  Mickalah Smith, 9. Lara Faubion

B Holeshot Lap; Perrin Kileen

A Men; 1. Colton Andersen, 2. Chad Cheeney, 3. Greg Carpenter, 4. Payson McElveen, 5. Chris Blevins, 6. Sepp Kuss, 7. Rotem Ishay, 8. Robbie Jones, 9. Elliot Saslow, 10. Stephan Davoust, 11. Dylan Stucki, 12. Caveman, 13. Keenan Desplanques, 14. Levi Kurlander, 15. Tad Elliott, 16. Mason Bacso, 17. Alex Howard, 18. Jason Quenszler, 19. Jon Delacey, 20. Joe Burtoni, 21. Derek Blackmore, 22. Will Berger, 23. Aaron Kamp, 24. Nate Brown, 25. Bryan Morgan, 26. Tyler Smith, 27. Garret Alexander, 28. Casey Roberts

A Men Qualifying Top 10; 1. Greg Carpenter 1:34:79, 2. Chris Blevins 1:37:12, 3. Stephan Davoust 1:38:72, 4. Colton Andersen 1:38:72, 5. Payson McElveen 1:39:12, 6. Chad Cheeney 1:39:25, 7. Sepp Kuss 1:39:46, 8. Rotem Ishay 1:39:81, 9. Tad Elliott 1:40:69, 10. Robbie Jones 1:42:35

A Women; 1. Sarah Tescher, 2. Alicia Rose Pastore, 3. Annie Cheeney, 4. Lauren Catlin, 5. Sarah Sturm.

Next race is at Twin Buttes

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