We want YOU to become a Devo coach. Yes! You! Devo employs over 90 paid coaches each year, and with our programs continuing to grow, we’re constantly looking for new coaches who are passionate about sharing their love of bikes!

You need not be an expert rider to be a Devo coach – in fact, what we consider to be a more important trait in a good coach is your ability to connect well with kids! Even beginner mountain bikers make great coaches for our Jr. Devo groups as long as they are good with kids.

Typically, we start new coaches in a Junior Devo group as an assistant coach along with an experienced head coach. All first-time coaches will work as a volunteer during their first season with us. This helps new coaches learn the Devo ropes. As you gain more experience, new opportunities open up to begin being paid for your coaching time, and to coach older and more advanced groups. Stick with it long enough, and you might even end up with a full-time job with Devo!

We encourage all new Devo coaches to attend a Devo Secret Sauce Seminar (our coaching seminars where we teach Devo’s “secret sauce” that makes a successful MTB practice) prior to their first season. Devo’s Secret Sauce Seminars are required for all head coaches and highly encouraged for all coaches who wish to progress through the ranks of Devo coaches. New coaches should also be sure to read and understand Devo’s Coach Certification Requirements.

To learn more and apply to become a Devo coach, take a look at the open positions we have available now!

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