Results for Sport Ridge #4

July 2

B Women; 1. Hannah Madden, 2. Summer Ellefson, 3. Joan Walker, 4. Annie Cheeney

B Men; 1. Chris Blevins, 2. Hank Stowers, 3. Jack Ellefson, 4. Elliott Saslow, 5. Daniel Walker, 6. James Shahan

A Women; 1. Alicia Rose Pastore, 2. Kricket Lewis

A Men; 1. Tad Elliott, 2. Dustin Wanstrath, 3. Scott Simmons, 4. Howard Grotts, 5. Eric McCallister, 6. Adam Snyder, 7. Miles Venzara, 8. Brenden Shafer, 9. Gaige Sippy, 10. Robin Guiallaume, 11. Chad Cheeney, 12. Gino Pastore, 13. Lars Ellefson, 14. Nate Whitman, 15. Martin Cox, 16. Kyle Horn, 17. Sepp Kuss

Past Results

A U-14 Girls First

U-14 girls rider Kaylee Blevins reciently made her way into the DEVO record books by becoming the first U-14 girls to attend a team race. Crested Butte was the site of this sweet occasion, where Kaylee smiled her way to a 6th place finish in the junior sport women’s field of 9. Way to go team.

DEVO Short Track Wednesday at Horse Gulch


The weekly race lands in Horse Gulch for the fourth in a series of 12 races. Registration will be at 530 at the parking lot for B men and women and will move up to the meadow at the 6pm for the A’s. The B’s will go off at 6pm and will be doing 2-3 laps on the Sport Ridge Loop. The A’s will begin at 630 and will be doing 4-5 laps. The Sport Ridge consists of a start on Horse Gulch Road, up road past meadow, left at the slickrock climb to Raider Ridge, left after 50m on the traversing trail, all the way down the technical fast singletrack, hard left to join back up with Horse Gulch Road. Cost is 5$ a rider. Last weeks winners were Chris Blevins and Kaila Hart in the B’s and Alicia Rose Pastore and Ryan Trebon in the A’s. Come and race with us!

Jr DEVO News

Hey there Jr DEVOS. Sorry about the last minute schedule announcement, coach Chad was being silly. The post below has all four of the ride groups schedules. Monday is the first grade group with coach Deb Hall, tuesday is the 20” group with coach Annie Cheeney, Monday and fridays 24″ group is with coach Chad and monday and thursdays 24″ group will be led by coach Annie Cheeney. We are very excited to begin our first ever summer DEVO session. Thank you for being patient as we worked out the scheduling. Ride On!

Deer Valley Update

The weekend racing action in Deer Valley Utah wrapped up today with Chase Orrick standing on the podium in the junior mens super D, placing 4th. A day earlier he went on to finish 11th in the fast junior expert field. DEVO Alumni Tad Elliott had his best finish of the national series, taking 11th place in the short track, and 15th in the pro men cross country. DEVO coach Evan Elliott placed 22nd in the semi-pro downhill, after being crashed out by his minute man. Nice work team.

Thank You Carol

Check her out flying the U-19 team colors at the Mount Evans Hill Climb this next month. Carol was very excited to don the black, red and chex, and talked about the changing times. “When I was growing up, girls did not have this at all…..the life skills that they will gather from this program are priceless.” Thanks Carol.

Deer Valley National Race and Tad

DEVO alumni, Tad Elliott placed 15th in todays pro men cross country race. Recent short track attendees, Ryan Trebon and Andy Shultz finished 1st and 4th in the same race. The ladies race was dominated by the Luna Chix squad, finishing 1,2 and 3. Nice. U-19er Chase Orrick raced the jr expert category to an 11th place finish. Good luck to coach Evan in tomorrows semi pro downhill final.

Colorado Trail Update

A strong team of volunteers cleared trees on our adopted section of the Colorado Trail yesterday from Champion Venture down to Gudy’s Rest. The Forest Service gate at the Animas Overlook was opened Monday and Hermosa Tours shuttled us up Junction Creek, past the Animas Overlook to Champion Venture without issue. 23 trees were cut on this trip and the trail is clear to the Wall’s Gulch bridge. (Good News: The bridge is still there, too::). There are snow patches from the bridge up to High Point.
On previous outings we cut trees from Dry Fork to High Point and from High Point to Wall’s Gulch bridge clearing approximately 60 trees total. We’ll be working on the tread from Champion Venture to Gudy’s this weekend and would be happy to see you if you decide to go for a hike or ride.
Thanks for your support. Remember, tonight is the Durango Bike Week Street Fair from 4-7p on Main between 10th and 11th streets.
Special thanks to our hard-working volunteer crews.
Happy Trails,

KDUR to Premier Bike Radio Show Friday

Yep. Bicycling is on the air on 91.9  FM at 11am friday morning. A new bike talk show will premier on the sweet local college station KDUR. The show will be hosted by the crew at Durango Cylclery during a live remote at the shop. The premier will be followed by the classic Durango resale show, The Trading Post. Starting a week later, Bike Squawk will start its weekly coverage on tuesdays from 1130am the 12 pm. Hosted by DEVO coach Chad and local cycle shop owner Russ, the show will discuss all things bike, with the main model being responding to listeners questions. Should be fun. Make sure to tune in tuesdays, 1130 to 12pm.