Jr. DEVO News 8-4-08


Quinn Simmons Staying Hydrated
Quinn Simmons Staying Hydrated

Wow, its August. July jr DEVO went well. Coaches Deb Hall and Brian Peterson wrapped up another +20 strong 6&7 year old group which met every monday in July. It amazing how fast kids that age learn skills. Annie had about 10 jr DEVO 20 inch shredders and Chad shredded with the 24/26 inch jrs. The summer July Sesh will definitely happen next year as it was good for the kids.


Fall Junior DEVO will begin the week of September 15th. We will post all group schedules asap, so please stay tuned. Feel free to contact chad or annie @durangodevo.com with questions or comments.

Trails 2000 News

Trails 2000 hosts a Trailwork Party Wednesday, August 6 on Crites Connect in the Telegraph Trail System from 4:00pm to 7:00pm. Projects include drainages, lopping and additional trail maintenance.
Directions: Take College Drive East, Head South on 8th Avenue. Go 2 miles on Hwy 3 and the trailhead is on your left. Limited parking spots. The hike in is approximately 40 minutes from the trailhead.
Please sign in, grab a tool and meet us on the trail–all are welcome to attend. If you bike over, we’ll carry extra tools to the work site. Feel free to stop by after work to help out. Please wear long pants, long sleeved shirt and sturdy boots.
Thanks to everyone who camped out and worked on the Colorado Trail at Blackhawk. We appreciate the support from Pete and Lisa Turner; Nature’s Oasis; Hermosa Tours; Ernie Norris, Ted La May and especially from the hard working volunteer crew!

The point of the temporary closure of Junction Creek Road (Forest Road #171) to facilitate repair of retaining walls damaged by landslides has been moved from five miles above to 2.2 miles above the Forest boundary, due to vandalism of heavy equipment at the construction site. Forest engineers discovered the windows of an excavator smashed at the job site. To guard against further vandalism, the road is now gated shut just past the Log Chutes Trailhead.
Although Junction Creek Road is blocked to vehicular traffic at the gate closure, other forest users can travel the road until reaching the construction site. At the construction site, a one-mile section of the road will be impassable to all use until the project is completed.
The temporary closure blocks access to the Animas Overlook, Clear Creek Trailhead, South Fork Trailhead, and Champion Ventures Mine Road until August 8, 2008.
Access to the Logchutes Trail System, lower Colorado Trailhead, and Junction Creek Campground are not affected.
www.trails2000.org – 970-259-4682 – info@trails2000.org

State Championships in Sol Vista This Weekend

Sol Vista Resort will be the host to the Colrado State Championships from August 1st through the 3rd. Championships events include cross country, singlespeed, downhill, mountain cross and super downhill.

Colorado Trail Jamboree Ride and Race This Weekend

Two events will be taking place this weekend on one of the nations best stretches of tasty high counrtry singletrack. The CT Jamboree is a two day ride to benefit multiple sclerosis taking the riders from Molas Pass to Durango, with a sweet camp out in the middle. There are no openings available for this event as it sold out months ago, however the CT Race still has spots available. To be capped at 50 riders, the race is a one day, first to town, self supported marathon event. Dang. Check out ctjamboree.com to register and check stuff out.

Fort Lewis College Cycling Number 1 in Nation

FLC Cycling is back on top. The team earned the most points of any collegiate cycling team for the 2008 season. Scoring is based on points from mountain bike, road, cyclocross and track national overall placing. The news comes just days after the college “staff” let go superstar coach Rick Crawford, in the name of restructuring the program. The result of the reshuffling has the student cyclists in an uproar and the community is confused by the decision.

Results for Dump Run #8

July 30

Open B; 1. Kaila Hart 18:45, 2. Annie Cheeney 19:06, 3. Hannah Madden 19:23, 4. Collin Francom 19:34, 5. Summer Ellefson 19:38, 6. Joan Walker 20:03, 7. James Shahan 20:41

B Holeshot: Collin Francom

A Women; 1. Teal Stetson-Lee, 2. Alicia Rose Pastore, 3. Kricket Lewis

A Men; 1. Chad Wells, 2. Dustin Wanstrath, 3. Erich McAlister, 4. Nate Whitman, 5. Chad Cheeney, 6. Howard Grotts, 7. Robin Guillaume, 8. Lars Ellefson, 9. Ben Kraushaar, 10. Alex Howard, 11. Sepp Kuss, 12.  Jack Ellefson, 13. Matt Phillips, 14. Gino Pastore

A Holeshot: Dustin Wanstrath

past results 

DEVO Short Track #8 Tonight

Past results

Tonights Durango DEVO Short Track event will take place up in the Durango Mountain Park at the ol’ dump site below Hogsback. To get there ride up from Mana Soup Kitchen or take the dirt road in the Tech Center past the recycling center. The course will be pretty flat with several long gravel road sections. A small portion of the spirit trail singletrack and a technical rocky, turny section will make you smile to ease the pain. 5$ is the cost and sign ups will take place at the race site, 530pm. 6pm will start the B’s and 630 will see the A’s do battle. Should be good.


Dustin Wanstrath leads out the A's at last weeks DEVO short track
Dustin Wanstrath leads out the A's at last weeks DEVO short track

Steve Fassbinder 3rd at World Championships

Moncos local Steve DOOM Fassbinder finished up 3rd after racing the 24 Hours of Adrenalin World Championships last weekend in Canada. DOOM is a former world champion in the event and was honored by being selected into the 24 hour racing Hall of Fame during the weekends festivities. He was recognized for pioneering the singlespeed category and being the competitor with the biggest smile throughout the gruelling event.

Another athlete Jeff Toohey of Austrailia, who spent the past month staying and training with DEVO’s Pastore family, placed 4th overall in the race, with Austrailians taking the top 4 spots. Dang those Aussi’s can race!


Hermosa Offroad Classic Was Amazing

For the second year in a row, the Hermosa Offroad Classic was a tasty-fast mudbath for the competitors who took to the challenge. Travis Brown, Trevor Downing, and Dylan Stucki took the top spots in the Pro Men and Shannon Gibson, Lyra Parker and Teal Stetson-Lee for the women. The racers are still up at the north trail-head as I type having a classic post race campout. It was seriously the best race of the year. Don’t miss it ever again. Full results to be out sometime soon.

DEVO Results;

Alicia Rose Pastore 1st Jr Ex Women, Kaila Hart 1st Jr Women, Summer Ellefson 2nd Jr Women, Howard Grotts 1st Jr Ex Men, Gino Pastore 3rd jr Ex Men, Sepp Kuss 1st jr boys, Levi Kurlander 2nd jr boys, James Shahan 3rd jr boys, Annie Cheeney 2nd sport women, Jeanne Pastore 1st sport women, Mark Pastore 4th sport men, Jess Reed 7th singlespeed B, Kricket Lewis 6th singlespeed B, Chad Cheeney 2nd singlespeed A 

2007 Results

Local Steve Fassbinder at World Championships This Saturday

Mancos, Colorado shredder, Steve Fassbinder aka “DOOM”, will be racing at this weekends 24 Hours of Adrenalin World Championships in Canmore, British Columbia. He has been inducted in the 24 Hour Racing Hall of Fame and will be honored at the burly event. The race takes racers around and around on a technical singletrack lap for 24 hours straight. The person with the most laps finished in 24 hours win. Dang! Also racing will be Jeff Toohey of Austrailia who has been living and training with DEVO’s own Pastore family for the past month in preparation for the event. Check out this web site to watch this saturdays event live.

Tad Elliott to Race First World Cup

DEVO alumni Tad Elliott is in Canada this weekend and next, to race back to back World Cup xc events for the first time. The recent U-23 national champion will be competing against the best racers of all ages, in the world. Check up on him through the weekend at Cyclingnews.com. Good luck Tad!