Cyclocross Clinic on October 1st

The 2nd Annual Colorado Premier Training Cyclocross Clinic will be held on Wednesday, October 1st at the Fort Lewis College Campus at 5:30pm. The cost of attendance will be $25. $15 for FLC Cycling Team and Durango Wheel Club Members. The clinic is free for Durango Devo members! This clinic is for beginners and intermediate cyclists who have an interest in Cyclocross. CPT coaches will cover the basic techniques needed for Cyclocross. We will include proper Cyclocross mounting, Dismounting, Run-up technique, carries over barriers and into run ups, braking and cornering skills. This clinic is for anyone interested in learning about the Cyclocross. The clinic will be approximately 90 minutes in duration. For more info see

Never Forget the Feeling Trailer

Coming to the big screen October 18th or so. A fall fundraiser for the Durango DEVO junior development team. The creation of U-19 athlete Chase Orrick.

National Public Lands Day

It is so sweet that we have the opportunities we do here in Durango. We are spolied rotten when it comes to local singletrack. So lets grab out gloves and ride over to Durango Mountain Park (Test Tracks,) on September 27th and celebrate. Join Trails 2000 will partner with Friends of the Durango Mountain Park and the City of Durango for a celebration of trails and land stewardship on National Public Lands Day.

The workday is set for* Saturday, September 27, 2008 *at Durango Mountain Park. This event will celebrate the planning and implementation of the work of the Durango Mountain Park Stakeholder’s Group. The group was formed by the City to analyze the Park and its needs, including honoring the conservation easement held by the La Plata Open Space Conservancy, which balances wildlife needs and recreational uses.

The property, now known as Durango Mountain Park, was threatened with development in the early 1990s. Trails 2000 and its members, working closely with the City of Durango and the La Plata Open Space Conservancy, stepped forward with funding to help begin the process of preserving the park, now nearly 300 acres in size.

All are invited to help us with trail work, trash cleanup and various jobs suitable for young and old alike. Please meet at the *Leyden Street trailhead on Saturday, September 27 at 9am.* We will work until Noon. Please RSVP by September 25 to and share in a barbeque sponsored by Trails 2000 and Friends of the Durango Mountain Park. For more information or for directions, please visit

Bicycle Bob Interview From Costa Rica

Q: Describe what it feels like riding from Durango to Costa Rica, in one run-on sentence.
 A: Imagine how YOU feel when you’ve done a great new ride somewhere that you’ve never been before and it was hard and beautiful with all sorts of demanding terrain and interactions and it took all day and you finished with a feeling of great satisfaction and adventure as the ride included wind and weather and
a few other unexpected challenges some of which were bicycle related and others that had nothing at all to do with this ride that you were doing and then multiply by 105 because that’s how many days it took me to ride my bike from Durango to Costa Rica and when you’re done imagining that throw in some crazy border crossings in foreign dialects and currency calculations and bad directions that led you onto some very dangerous stretches of road, some with awesome scenery and others with the stench of garbage and delinquency followed by moments of doubt and elation and monotony and acheivement, then YOU’ll have a pretty decent idea of how it felt to ride my bike from Durango to Costa Rica…..

Q: What is the mountain biking like down there and what bike or bikes are you currently shredding? Who do you ride with?
 A: The mountain biking here is awesome, however limited as Costa Rica doesn’t have an organized public lands infrastructure that has funding and manpower to build trails. The trails that do exist are generally slimy and technical as we’re in the tropics and it rains regularly. Think roots and rocks. One of my main riding buds, Paulo, has worked hard to gain access to historic local trails. He hires local campesinos to help him build, clean and maintain them. Many local mountain bikers ride the countless dirt roads that link remote villages to paved roads. I usually ride with a local gang of downhilleros with names like Mosco de Pina, Ricardo, Alvaro, Andres and the Pizza Hut team. I’m shredding my Turner 5-spot on the trails and my touring bike, which I call the Noodle, for general road riding.  

Q: How did you score a job with Pizza Hut? Do you get free pizza?
 A: I’ve had a long friendship with the director of the team, a man named Albin Brenes. I called him when I arrived in the country and he offered me a job immediately. And yes, I eat free pizza 3 times a day. In fact, they pay me in pizza coupons, which are more valuable that the local currency.

Q: Olympics man, what? Who was the coolest athlete you met in person..cycling and non-cycling?
 A: Since Costa Rica only qualified 2 cyclists, only 1 support person was allowed to accompany them. Both of the riders are from my team, so Albin decided it would be more important to send me, as the coaching could be done via e-mail or the telephone. The coolest cyclist I met was Janka Stevkova, a mountain biker from Slovakia. She was friendly and smiled a lot. The coolest non-cyclist athlete I met would have to be Nery Brenes, who competed for Costa Rica in the 400 meters. At first, I thought he was rude because he barely lifted his head when I introduced myself. It wasn’t ’til later that day that I realized he was just super focused on his qualifying heat. After which, he proved to be a happy comic who’s ear to ear grin was infectious. Constantly positive vibes poured out of him.  

Q: If you could be an athlete in any sport, what would you be?
 A: I’d like to be a cyclist when I grow up!

Q: Do you have a crush on any of the Olympic ladies? If so who and what would your first date entail?
 A: Svetlana Rysenko, the Ukrainian weight lifter was kind of cute, although rather large, call it big-boned. On our first date, she could “crush” me.

Q: What do the Costa Rican Youth do to progress through the cycling world? Is their a national race series, do the have sport, expert cat names?
 A: There are a lot of very dedicated and generous cycling coaches in Costa Rica. Most work with athletic programs at a county level. Many, if not most of these coaches donate their time to train and support their local teams. The catagories are pre-junior, junior, and sub-23. Most cycling events in Costa Rica provide for these catagories, as well as elites, veterans and masters. There are a couple of race series that are very well attended. Per capita, cycling is quite popular in Costa Rica, only surpassed by soccer. Each year National Games are held to crown champions in various sports, including cycling.

Q: What do you want every junior racer to grow to understand?
 A: The values of sacrifice, sportsmanship, teamwork, and humility. No champion, past or present has won every event in which they’ve participated. One of the most important attributes any athlete posesses is knowing how to lose gracefully and turn it into motivation. Practice your sport ’cause you love it and it will make you happy and healthy!

DEVO Alumni Nora Richards Takes to the Track

This past weekend, Devo Alumni Nora Richards’ raced for the Fort Lewis College Cycling Team at the Collegiate Track National Championships in Colorado Springs. FLC a relative infant to the track, and Nora a total rookie, took fourth place overall in the Team Omnium Competition.

Division 1 Team Omnium

1 Marian College Cycling Team 899 pts

2 CSU Rams Cycling                         842
3 Lees-McRae College Cycling               743
4 Fort Lewis College                       622
5 Penn State Cycling                       549
6 CU Cycling                               342
7 Midwestern State University              233
8 Portland State University                171
9 Univ of Washington Seattle               151
10 UC Davis                                148
11 University of Pittsburgh                143
12 UCSB Cycling                            137
13 Depaul University                       126
14 Georgia State University                 64
15 UGA                                      56
16 University of Delaware                   38
 Nora placed 22nd in the 2k individual pursuit. Nice Nora, Nice!

Nora climbing at Snowmass in 2007
Nora climbing at Snowmass in 2007

Durango Girls Take MSC Series Podium

The U-19 ladies team took it to the state this year and finished 1 through 3 overall in the 12 race Mountain States Cup Series.  Junior Expert, Alica Rose Pastore lost one race of the eight she entered and finished 3rd overall. In the jr. sport/beginner class, Kaila Hart raced a consistant season and took the top spot, with teammates Joan Walker and Hannah Madden taking the next two steps on the podium. Other DEVO ladies in the overall were; 7. Summer Ellefson, 10. Amy Katz, 13. Elyse Massone, 15. Kaylee Blevins, 20 Avra Saslow and 20. Sarah Autry. Nice work ladies. 

always with the smiles
always with the smiles

Todd Wells Wraps up a Tasty World Cup Season

Todd placed 11th in last weekends World Cup FInal in Smaldinger, Austria. The finish placed him at 10th for the 7 race series. Teammate Adam Craig also represented the US well to finish 6th overall. Dang, it is nice to see these two model athletes at the top level after years of non-super sweet US results. 2008-world-cup-overall

Register for Kansas City Cross Nationals

If you are planning on freezing your buns off this December, you best register for the CX National Championships asap. It seems the whole register online before the field is full has become a race in itself. So get on it. Here it is.

sometimes you must just walk
sometimes you must just walk

Durango Fall Blaze is September 27th

Hosted by Fort Lewis College, the Durango Fall Blaze offers three different tour options, including a 37 mile, 60 mile, and 100 mile ride. The fabulous Tom Danielson (Garmin Chipotle Pro Cycling) will lead the ride! The first of two fabulous parties is on Friday (September 26th) on the eve of the ride. Its the Fabulous Fall Blaze Packet Pickup Party at the Three Springs Neighborhood Information Center!  On Saturday morning (September 27th) a cannon blast starts the tour(s) and a Police Escort leads the riders out from the center of campus. There are 5 food/aid stations along the way, and support vehicles on the course.  The second party is at the finish line back in the center of campus. Its the Merrill Lynch Lunch!  The rides are legendary, and the parties are out of this world! The ridership is limited to ensure a quality event. The century course is of medium difficulty when compared to centuries around the country, and the 37 mile and the 60 mile are easier. All proceeds benefit the Tom Danielson Scholarship Fund at Fort Lewis College. 

Tommy D will ride this year
Tommy D will ride this year

Register here

DWC Road Race Tomorrow

This is one of the coolest road race courses in the world. Check it out.

The start times for Saturdays road race are: A men 8:00 am B+ men, B+ women, 40+ men 8:02 am B men, B women, 40+ women 8:04 am C men, C Women, 60+ men 8:05 am The start is at Trimble Lane and Hwy 550. Stage at the new development east of the tracks. The road race sprint will be on Hwy 550, 100 yards north of the turn-off for Timberline Academy. The winner in each group will receive 3 bonus points.

Sam Hill's 3rd Place Run in Italy

Amazing. This guy is so good. The 2007 World Champ just barley misses a repeat. Freecaster will be broadcasting all 2009 World Cups Live. Check out the World Cup Final this weekend. Just go to the website at 530am, saturday to watch the 2hr broadcasted finals.