Tour of Durango Cancelled

The tour has been postponed until summer of 2009. Make sure to come and watch the DEVO Junior race at the FLC campus on Saturday October 11th. More info soon.

Jimmy Deaton and His Bike


Deaton and his stead at the final DEVO short track
Deaton and his stead at the final DEVO short track

Q: What year did you get this? What is it?

A: I raced for Raleigh USA 1987, 88, 89. This is my custom 1988 team issue race bike and jersey. It’s a Raleigh Technium, The three main lugs are hand made aluminum and the main tubes are aluminum carbon fiber kevlar rapped for protection.

 Q: What is the deal with the hot yellow? Who else rode the yellow?
A: It has faded a little. Its florescent green Suntour components. All Suntour sponsored rider’s rode it that year.
 Q: What races did you do on this bike? Do you have a race that sticks out?
A: I rode the 1988 season on this bike, Downhill’s, cross country, dual slalom, uphill’s, and trials. I won the 1988 world downhill championship at Mammoth Ca (NORBA sanctioned, pre UCI) and was 5th in the dual slalom, my jersey is hanging in MBS. 3rd Big Bear NCS downhill, 6th overall, Kirkwood stage race.
 Q: Where you always more into DH or XC, when did you have to choose between
the two?

A: I started racing cross country races 1981, My first race was the Whiskey Town Downhill in Redding Ca. the name is misleading there was 2500 feet of climbing.  There were no downhills until the Repack downhill in Fairfax Ca was revived in 1983. It was the first NORBA sanctioned downhill and I won it and the last Repack DH in 84. I didn’t specialize in downhill until 1990. Before 1990 you had to race everything, cross country, downhill, dual slalom, uphill’s, and trials.   
Q: What titles do you own?
A: 1985 California Downhill Champion /1988 world downhill champion, It was sanctioned by NORBA, pre UCI. / Silver medal at 1992 UCI world championships Bromont Canada.
 Q: What is your involvement with USA Cycling?
A: I have managed and coached the Downhill and Four Cross teams at the 2005, 2006 world championships. I managed the under 23 cross country team at Mont Sainte Anne and Bromont World cup races this year.

“attached is a photo of me racing for Fisher Mountain bikes in 1985. That year I won the first Mammoth Kamikaze downhill, Rockhopper downhill, California Downhill Championship in Malibu Ca. The first race of the Pacific States Cross country Series San Dimas Ca. Ned Overend was 2nd. I ended up 5th overall for the series.”

Jimmy Gettin it
Jimmy Gettin it


Jr DEVO Jerseys Have Arrived

Yep, they are here and boy are they goooood looking! We’ve decided to drop them at Durango Cyclery, so for $40.00 one can be yours. We have all junior sizes from small to XL and there are about 6 adult supporter jerseys left from last fall at $75.00, so go get em’ while their hot. On a side note, the U-14,19 team jerseys can still be purchased for $250.00 as a super supporter type program. We charge that much because the kids do not want everyone to have one and we use the money to get team members jerseys who cannot afford them.

Road Apple Rally is This Saturday

You best register if you want in. There is no day of race registration for this years race. It is the oldest race in the states that is still running and there is a good reason for that. The course has been roosted by John Tomac, Greg Herbold, Ruthie Mathes, Shonny VanLandingham, Sarah Tescher, and many other superstars of atb history. Be he next. Register here.

Alumni Joe Schneider 2007 Collegiate Champion


the Orediggers getting down after throwin down
the Orediggers getting down after throwin down

Alumni Joe Schneider was part of the Divison 2 Collegiate MTB National Champion team, Colorado School of Mines last year in North Carolina. SInce this blog began last winter, we missed the news. So nice work Joe. He is currently on the Mines team and is one of the top guys on the team, looking for a spot on this years nationals team. Look out for him this weekend as he shreds the STCX on saturday morning and the xc on sunday. Go Joe!


Joe is one refreshing athlete
Joe is one refreshing athlete

FLC Squawker Classic This Weekend

Fort Lewis College will be hosting a conference mountain bike race this weekend. The amazing coach Dave Hagen has done some tweaking to the schedule to make it spectator sweet. Saturday is the downhill out at the Log Chutes Trail, then the Short Track is up on campus at the Factory Trails. Later that day the Dual Slalom qualifiers will be run on the new and super improved Chapman Hill MX course, designed by Tommy T. Sunday morning will be the Dual Finals and at the same time the XC will get underway, with the course being a 5 mile circuit all on the Fort Lewis Campus. Its going to be sweet. Check here for more.


Super Triple Times Double Grand Final Short Track Photos

What a great STXC season! Big thanks goes out to Mark and Jeanne Pastore, Claudia Shahan, and Sabina Kuss for their help running the show. It was simply sweat and the workout could not be beat. The series champion for the 12 races series was Tad Elliott and Alicia Rose Patsore in the A’s and Kaila Hart and Chris Blevins in the B’s. We do not know that for sure, but we have a good idea based on pretty darn good memories of what went down at each one. Thanks for showing up and we’ll do the same next year.

Durango Wheel Club Crowns Champions

Please join us for the DWC Club Championships Awards Party on Thursday, Oct 2 from 5:30 pm to 7:00 pm at Carvers.  It is important for all members to attend since we will pass out a questionnaire about next year.

The Club Championship winners are:

Mens A   Ned Overend, Mens B+   Spencer Compton, Mens 40+  Jon Delacey, Mens B   Eric Burris, Mens C   Brandon McNellis, Mens 60+  Richard Bagienski, Womens B  Rebecca Kauffman, Womens C  Tracy Bedard

Winners in each category will receive a DWC Championship jersey.  We will also thank all of the volunteers who made the Championships possible.

Darien Harvey Takes DH Series

Local Durango downhill racer, Darien Harvey took the overall series title for the National Mountain Bike Series. Her consistent podium appearances led her to the top spot. Darien is a mechanic at Mountain Bike Specialists and is also a former collegiate national champion when she raced for Fort Lewis College.


Nice work!
Nice work!

Cross Vegas is Fun

Rumor had over 14,000 spectators for the second annual Cross Vegas Cyclocross race last week in Las Vegas, Nevada. After walking and talking much of the day away during the trade show, the wheelers and dealers came out to the race to have some fun. With sweet live race action commentary by Dave Towle, plenty of food and beverage and a soothing sunset, backed by the bright sports complex lights, the race was sure to be a hit. Lance Armstrong was the main show as a field of cameras followed his every move. He was not the only big name however, Thomas Frischknecht, a super duper long time racer, and World Champion MTB’er was celebrating his retirement with Cross Vegas being the finale. Durango racers Matt Shriver 11th, Todd Wells 12th, Troy Wells 18th, Chad Cheeney 66th and Brendan Shafer 67th of 96 starters. Shannon Gibson was Durango’s lone lady and finished a strong 13th. Full results Cross season is now on, so get ready.


Post race sillyness with the legend Hans Rey, Chad Cheeney and Brendan Shafer
Post race sillyness with the legend Hans Rey, Chad Cheeney and Brendan Shafer


Yep, thats Lance
Yep, thats Lance

Sarah Tescher Silver Medals in Argentinean Multisport Race

Read about it here

“I did a race a couple of weeks ago in which I skied 10 K, mountain biked 40K, Kayak 12 K, and ran 16K.  It just about killed me, but I got second.  I won a Gortex jacket which was perfect as it has replaced the one that was stolen from the house.  I took Jack skiing the next day and fell asleep laying down with my skis on in the snow as he ate his Choripan and Alfajor.  Wasted.” DEVO founder Sarah Tescher 

Sarah has been in Argentina this year exploring the country with her family. She is due back in Durango after the new year. 

Sarah Tescher, on left, is all smiles
Sarah Tescher, on left, is all smiles