Dolores Cyclocross This Weekend

Its on. Dolores will play host for the first race in the Durango Squawker Cup. It all begins on Saturday, 10am, with a clinic led my honch Travis Brown and honchette Amy Dombrowski. Racing begins at 1pm with the B men, followed by the Open Women at 2 and the A men, 40+ at 3pm. Sunday claims the same schedule, without the clinic. Awards will follow up the event at Dolores Brewery, Sunday at 4pm. We’ll see you there.

FLC MTB Nationals Team Selected

The collegiate national championships will be taking place next weekend in Banner Elk, North Carolina, hosted by the #2 powerhouse Lees McRae College. Fort Lewis is currently ranked number one and is looking fast as race day approaches. Coach Dave Hagen had this to say, “Go Skyhawks.” Womens racers are, Teal Stetson-Lee , Ashley Grubb and Sabina Kraushaar of Durango, Jessica Lathrop, Sage Wilderman, Tina Dominic, Emma Miller and Alisha Gibson. The Mens team, Jordan Rupe of Durango, Arthur Daley, Miguel Ramos, Cosy Wilderman, Ben Sonntag, Noah SInger, Chad Wells and Rotem Ishay.

Cyclocross Series Announced

The Squawker Cup series schedule has been announced by FLC Cycling Club manager Dave Hagen. 10am start for all FLC races and categories for A men, Women Open, B men and 40+ will be offered. Prizes for top three in each category at the end of the series. So here it is.

Oct 18,19 Dolores, Nov 9th FLC Stadium, Nov 16th FLC, Nov 23rd FLC, Nov 30th FLC, Dec 6th Buckley Park, Dec 7th FLC.

Good Stuff


Kevin was all business on the back straight
Kevin was all business on the back straight

"Never Forget The Feeling"

Tuesday the 21st, 6pm, the Abbey Theatre hosts the premiere of Chase Orricks’ Never Forget the Feeling. Also playing is a short feeturette documenting the 2008 Red Bull Rampage. The event is a DEVO fundraiser and rumor has it’s going to be sweet.

KDUR's Cycle Squawk Tuesday 1130-1200

Tune in to 91.9 or 93.9fm this tuesday to catch Cycle Squawk, the call in bicycle talk radio show where all things bike are discussed. Local trail conditions, maintenance, rumors and special guests and more random talk about cycling is a necessary component to the wellness of the community, so check it out and give Russ and Chad a call at 247-7262. The show cal also be heard on the web at

Junior DEVO Pedal Test was Super

Thats right, Super! 23 junior DEVO riders took to the Factory Trails like kids in a candy store tonight during the  Jr. DEVO Pedal Test Shredfest, a fun and serious kids race. The riders ranged from 1st grade to 5th grade and the race was their chance to show off their riding skills to friends and family. Some cried, some crashed out and most gave it their all in the heat of the moment. The event started out with a fun race which was a non-competitive two lap journey around the course. It was tough to contain the group as they wanted to let loose. They had their chance during the next race, coined the serious race, which took the racers five laps around the windy track. It was amazing to see their eyes on the start line, some gripped, some lackadaisical and most with an anxious look of happiness. The parents and onlookers formed a tunnel of clapping hands and positive screams and the race was on. In those five, or six laps, they all dug deep and felt the feeling of pushing through the pain and finding that happy place. It was sweet. The all finished the 30 minute effort with high fives and classic post-race talk of turns gone wrong and battles to remember forever. Forever these memories will stick with these kids. The relay finished up the night with teams of two taking a turn at one lap each, as fast as they could, for the good of the team. DEVO would like to thank all the parents, coaches and fans that supported the program and the kids of the Pedal Test. Racing is a tough thing to do, and with your high fiving and clapping support, it smoothes out the bumps just enough to ensure a positive experience. Rock onward.

Results from the Serious Race

1.George, 2. Devin, 3. Shane, 4. Zack, 5. Adam, 6. Will, 7. Kevin, 8. Tilden, 9. Kieran, 10. Cameron, 11. Bryce, 12. Aden, 13. Leland, 14. Katie, 15. Andrew, 16. Abbey, 17. Ellie, 18. Christian, 19. Carter, 20. Emma, 21. Calvin

Special Awards;

Amazing Girls Award to Bryce, Katie, Abbey, Ellie and Emma for taking it to the boys, 1st Grader Invader Award to Leland, Andrew, Christian and Calvin for hanging with the old kids, Comeback Award to Kieran, Will and Bryce for their strong finishes after a tough first lap, The Hammer Award to George, Devin, Shane, Zack and Adam for their sweet racing battle at the front, The Relay Award to Emma and Adam for their teamwork that led them to the relay victory, The 20inch Award to Tilden and Abbey for their wheel size victory and the Sportsmanship Award to Shane for his role modeling for the first time racers.

The Pedal Test is Today

The rescheduled Junior DEVO Pedal Test Shredfest is today at 430pm on campus at the Factory Trails. It is going to be a good time, so dress warm and we’ll see ya there.

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DEVO Sweeps Series in Super D


Alicia Rose Pastore is fast
Alicia Rose Pastore is fast

DEVO U-19ers Alicia Rose Pastore and Chase Orrick took the Super D junior series titles, for the 2008 season. The Super D event is an event that caters to the all-around rider, with most races starting with a short, 50yd run. Congratulations to both of you.


Chase Orrick on the loose
Chase Orrick on the loose

Jr. DEVO Pedal Test Rescheduled to Monday

Due to the weather, the Pedal Test has been rescheduled to Monday, same time and place. The schools will be closed so the reschedule should work out just fine. It is tough to make calls like this and we appreciate your patience. Have a nice variable weather day.


rain rain, go away
rain rain, go away

Trails 2000 to Sponsor "Never Forget the Feeling"

Chase Orricks’ 2008 documentary on the DEVO racing season has been sponsored by Trails 2000. The movie will air on tuesday the 21st, with doors opening at 6pm. The night will open with a short film on the 2008 Red Bull Rampage, a highly extreme big mountain event. Sounds like a good time. This is a fundraiser for the DEVO

Rumor Has MSC's Keith Darner in Town

Mountain State Cup’s new lead man Keith Darner has been spotted in town, doing work. The MSC has been releasing its 2009 schedule in waves thus far and it appears they are working on the August portion this weekend. Word has DMR as the venue with DH race course to be off of lift 4, if possible. Now, none of this is set in stone, as the rumor has a less than 10% positivity rating.