Cycle Squawk with Todd Wells

Wells Won Squawker 1

Todd Wells will be the guest on Russ and Chad’s call in cycling talk show, Cycle Squawk. Today, tuesday 1130-12pm on 91.9 and 93.9fm will dial to be dialed into for all your early November cycling tidbits. Local college radio station, KDUR has been airing the call in show since early summer and the show will go on until something happens. Next week Bob Roll of domestic fame will be the guest. Tune in at if you are in the office.

*Bob Roll has been rescheduled to tuesday Nov. 25th due to things*

Squawker Cup #3 Photos by Mike Wilk

Twas a good day of suffering. Sundays race might have been the biggest field to line up for a local race ever. The Squawker Cup was run by Rick Crawford, Dave Hagen, Mike Engelman, Ruthie Mathis and Jeramiah Brouchard and will continue the next four sundays. Yes!

Results 3-squawker-cup-results1

Squawker Cup#4 course map 4-course-map

FLC Squawker Cup Sunday

This Sunday will be round three of the Squawker Cup up on the FLC grass. 10am is the start time, $10 is the fee and the race will last 45 minutes. Spectators are invited to come and view the suffering as cyclocrossers love to suffer. Check the flyer for more info. flc-08-squawker-cup-flyer


Troy Wells running Boulder Reservoir
Troy Wells running Boulder Reservoir

Rain Make-up Ride Cancelled

1202658868-2The season has taken over, thus forcing us to rest our legs until 2009. Well not really, but tonight’s ride has been cancelled as a result. Jr DEVO will have to meet again, April, 2009. Have a nice winter.

Cross Vegas on TV

Wednesday at 1030am, Altitude sports network, channel 83 will be airing CrossVegas, the sweet cross race that drew 15 thousand spectators to last months season opener. The half hour broadcast will also air Thursday morning at 230am. Check it out, Lance did it.

JR DEVO Rain Make-up Wednesday

The jr DEVO rain make-up day for the wednesday 24-26inch and All Girls Ride will be wednesday at Horse Gulch, 4-6. It will get a touch dark, but not that bad. It was an amazing season, with the lingering snow from the winter and the perfect trail conditions this summer, to the warm, comfy fall. Dang 2008, you did good.

FLC Squawker Cup Cyclocross Series


This weekend there will be a practice race on FLC beginning at 10am, Sunday. A big UCI cross race will be in Boulder as well. Next weekend is the second race in the Squawker Cup. Lets do it.


Todd Wells and Tim Johnson at the front in Boulder
Todd Wells and Tim Johnson at the front in Boulder

Junior DEVO Halloween Ride Today

Spooky stuff here. Today at 3:15, the fall jr DEVO riders will be out in costume riding around the spirit trail. Rumor has that a legendary ghost rider from 1897 will rise from the Greenmont Cemetery at approximately 4:42pm.

Buff Lesnard was an amazing kid racer in the late 1890’s and fell ill in the winter of 1890, and died the following spring. His connection to Durango stems from his off road riding habits that had the entire town, Middlebury, Connecticut,  in an uproar. He was just having too much fun riding the dirt and the tight, cranky city folk, could not take it. Bikes were meant to be ridden slowly, and on stable hard pack surfaces, as written in the city ordinances. Buff’s illness came all too soon, as his off road discoveries led him to the joys of riding in the snow, and the heavy snow season left him to die of hypothermia during a descent down the towns snowy peak, Mt. Shred. In a note found in his wool knickers, Buff had written a list of places that might just be the best place to ride off road, and Durango, CO was on that list. 

So the spirit trail and Buff will come alive today, we will be there to say what up, how about boo?

Jr. DEVO News 10-29-08

Friday, October 31st will be the jr DEVO Halloween Ride from 3:15-5:15. Most of the ride schedules had the ride set for thursday the 30th, sorry but I made a mistake there. Please take note and meet at the Mana Soup Kitchen meeting spot off of Avenida del Sol. This is a dress up ride and is open to parents as well as Frankenstein.

Rain make-up rides will meet the first week of November in Horse Gulch at their normal meeting times. It has been an amazing fall with a rough rainy start, a cool then cold early October and now and amazingly warm ending.

Spring DEVO starts in April 2009. If there are any Jr. DEVO riders who are in sixth grade now and would like to be on the U-14 DEVO race team, or any jr DEVO riders looking to move up a level, please contact Coach


Two weeks ago, U-19 DEVO rider Howard Grotts was commuting northbound through the intersection of W 3rd and Florida at the infamous “Gauntlet” three-way intersection, when a truck turning from west to north hit and knocked him to the ground. Howard rose from the gutter, scarred that the incident was deliberate, and hammered past the post-hit, idle vehicle. This is a result to an unsafe intersection and roadway.

On Thursday, October 30 from 7:30-8:00 AM the Bicycle Friendly Durango task force will hold a 30 minute “Florida Fright Fest” on the corner of Florida Rd and Oak Dr to show support for Referendum 2A, the Florida Rd Improvement Bond.  Local proponents of bicycle and pedestrian safety will be attendance including Leigh Meigs and Scott Graham.  All interested students, cyclists, and users of Florida Rd are invited to attend.  You are asked to bring signs supporting 2A and in the spirit oh Halloween, come dressed in your favorite costume depicting the dangers that befall the users of this pothole-studded roadway.  Goodies will be served.  Cyclists please wear helmets!

MTB Collegiate National Championships

This friday, in Banner Elk, North Carolina, kicks off the 2008 Collegiate National Championships for the all terrain mountain bike. Cross country is on friday, downhill and short track on saturday and dual slalom on sunday. Individual champions will be crowned in each event, throughout the week, but the big prize has become the Team Omnium Title. The teams are allowed to score 4 riders in each event, and the team with the most points in the end wins. Fort Lewis College has earned this title many times over, due to the flood of talent that flocks to Durango in hopes of catching a view of Ned Overend on their way to class. The host college, Lees McRae is currently ranked second to FLC and lost the omnium to FLC last year, which was also contested on their home turf. The battle is sure to be amazing. Go Skyhawks!

2007 National Champions, FLC
2007 National Champions, FLC

DEVO Movie Premiere Tonight at 6pm

Chase Orricks’ latest DEVO film, “Never Forget the Feeling,” will be showing tonight at the Abbey Theatre. The doors open at 6pm and the films begin at 6:30. A 6 minute film on the Red Bull Rampage will show first, then a short talk about the DEVO program, with the feature film to follow. The film is 40 minutes long. Come check out the amazing local talent and be prepared to be impressed. The night is sponsored by Trails 2000.