Chapman Hill Work Date Moved

Last Saturdays Chapman Hill 4x course build date has been moved to this saturday, due to bobcat issues. If you want to lend a hand with the sweet new course, show up with a tool on Saturday. Booya. In related news, the city has OK’d a pump track at the Durango BMX track. Booya.

Trails 2000 This Wednesday

Trailwork Wednesday, May 13

Meet at the Meadow Trailhead in Horse Gulch. 

Time: 4:00 pm to 7:00 pm

Directions: From College, turn right on E. 8th Avenue and then left at E. 3rd Street (Horse Gulch Road)by Building Specialties. Park at the trailhead and walk or ride up the road to the start of the Meadow. 

Work Focus: Install water drainages, clean up trail and install new signs.

Please wear long pants, long sleeve shirt, sturdy shoes, wear hat, sunscreen and workgloves.

ALL are welcome to attend.

The Durango Mountain Bike Camp Womens Clinics are a big hitcheck out the next one on June 13 and visit to sign up.

Thanks to the Durango Downtown website for the piece on Trails 2000..check it out:

All of the downed trees on Dry Fork to the Colorado Trail have been cleared. Please feel free to contact us with any trail updates at

Upcoming Dates to add to your Calendar:


Wednesday, May 27

Wednesday, June 3

Trails 2000 Annual Membership Picnic at the Rec Center Amphitheater, June 10

Colorado Trail workday June 14. Please sign up at

Ladies Clinic

Hey ladies!  This weekend is Durango Mountain Bike’s Camp 2nd Women’s

Clinic with Sarah Tescher and Elke Brushaert.  This is our Mother’s Day

Clinic (but you don’t need to be a mom!) from 9-1 on Saturday May 9th.  We 

will meet at Mountain Bike Specialist and start our day with some basic 

skills that can improve any level of rider.  The clinic will be about body position on all different types

of terrain; corners, climbing, descending, switchbacks, rocky sections,

etc.  Then from 12-1 we will meet with the ONLY female mechanic in

Durango and go over bike maintenance.  Don’t forget that this is a

clinic taught by women, for women, and all about women riders! 

 10% of proceeds go to the Women’s Resource Center

$50/ clinic $225 for all five 

A helmet cam from GoPro will be given to the woman who uses her hips the

most in class!  Thank you to Verde for partnering up with us! 


Slots are filling fast!  So, go to to 

register or simply head into MBS for a registration form.   Call Sarah at 

779-8480 for more information. 



Chalk Creek xc Photos

 all photos by Jeanne Pastore

Here are the results and storyherald

Tad in Houffalize

Nice work to Alumni Tad! Here is the results
Q: Was this the biggest race you have ever done? Got any stats?

A: Yes, man was it huge. Here are some quick stats. 220 Starters. 30,000 Fans. Town Population under 1000. Start Lap plus five laps. Start hill 20% Grade.  

Q: What did you do the morning of your race? Did you see any fellow
competitors doing anything weird?

A: I woke up ate some delicious potatoes and drank some coffee. Rode my bike around for a minute in my Pajamas, then started to crank some JT to get ready to race. I only saw some weird stuff the day before the race. A whole factory team riding in a peloton being motor paced by a huge van.

Q: There were billions of people on the course cheering, did anyone scream
your name? Did you hear anything funny?

A: There were some cheers for me out there with my name in them. Mainly american women that had already raced. Nothing too funny out there. Just “Go American.” My team mate always reports back they he gets cheers like “Go OBAMA” and “YES WE CAN” all the time.

Q: How did your race go?
A: My race was awesome. I finished on the lead lap and was riding around 70’s 80’s and with one and a half laps to go, then I bonked super hard and tried to make it to the finish.

Q: What will it take to break the top 50?
A: A top 50 over in Europe will be hard. It will take some experience at being over here and knowing how to prepare for a World Cup. Maybe some more short track work outs would help. Its feels like a short track that lasts for two hours.

Q: What World Cup woman do you dig the most?
A: Oh there is no Question its Lea Davison. She went to the riser bars right before Offenberg, so she knows what is up. All the american women over here are super rad so lets hope they kill it this season.

Chapman Hill Mountain Cross

The Chapman Hill Mountain Cross course is set to get dialed this saturday. Track builders Tommy T and Cody Wilderman are heading up the charge this saturday. They have asked for help grooming the sweet, huge course. The track has taken on a fair number of looks throughout the past decade, but this version appears to be the most professional yet. The goal is to be as close to the industry standard as possible to make Durango more appealing to national and international competition. If you want a piece, show up on saturday.

Durango BMX to Redo Track

This weekend, starting thursday, Durango BMX will be doing the ol’ switcheroonie. A pro track builder named Billy will be coming and redoing all the straight away features. The crew needs help from the community to rake and smooth out the course. If you are interested in lending a hand, show up friday evening, or anytime all day saturday and sunday. The Durango track is considered one of the best built tracks in the state.

Nathrop Pictures

all photos by Coach Chad


Durango DEVO Next in Nathrop

The local squad plays next this weekend in Nathrop, Colorado at the somethingth annual Chalk Creek Stampede. It is the second stop in the MSC Series and the third team race this season for the student athletes. 35+ racers and family will camp out at the local campground, with cross country racing on saturday and slalom and short track on sunday. A serious “DEVO Shwag Fest” will take place friday night at team dinner, random cycling artifacts from test pilot Matt Phillips of Bicycling Magazine, and other local cyclers. Bread also chipped in for pasta bread and pre race cookies. City Market also lent a hand with the beeef, thanks to Devin for the fuel.

Hank blasts through a warp zone
Hank blasts through a warp zone


Kaila lands successfully
Kaila lands successfully

FLC Racers Find Teams


Tad's First German World Cup

DEVO alumni Tad Elliott just completed his most massive World Cup to date in finishing 138th of 180 in Offenburg, Germany for round 2 of the World Cup XC series. Here are the results and story.

Q: Did you know anybody around you at the start line? What was that like?
A: I did know one person, I was near Barry Wicks. He was easy to spot since he was about a foot taller than anyone else around us. I also met Kris Sneedon on the start line and we started right next to each other. It was nice to see some friendly faces amidst a sea of Euros with their game faces on.
Q: How did the first 5 minutes of the race go for you? Describe the feeling of being in that massive pack of hammers on the start.
A: The start really is crazy. The first five minutes for me were tough. I managed to stay upright which was goal number one. The feeling of being in massive pack of hammers was GRIPPED. There is a lot of dust you can’t see that well and you are trying to pass guys. It was intense, but now I know to stay relaxed and go with the flow.

Q: How did you finish?
A: I finished well started to move up the last couple of laps and came in 138th. I was more pumped that I did not crash or flat or walk any decents.

Q: Was there anything techy on the course that messed with you?
A: Yes. There is this 90 degree left turn off a log drop into super steep roots and ruts and then another flat 90 degree loose gravel turn to a rock drop off with hay bails on both sides for protection. The first day a girl crashed crazy hard infront of me and I could not get that image out of me head. On race day there were probably 1000 spectators there with huge speakers blasting music and a guy was anouncing over the loud speaker who you were and what country you were from before you dropped in. There was a little NASCAR vibe with people wanting to see some CARNAGE.
Q: Who is your favorite German World Cuper? Besides Sontagg.
A: Sabine Spitz she won gold at the Olympics last year. Getting to see her race and hearing the cheers of the crowd when she would came by was pretty cool. The loudest I have ever heard fans at a bike race.  

Yeah Tad!
Yeah Tad!


Telegraph Hill Climb Video

Once a month, the Durango DEVO U-14 and 19 teams do a time trial in the Horse Gulch Region. The footage is from team DEVO’s first test of the summer season. By Coach Chad Cheeney