all photos by Jeanne Pastore

Hermosa Offroad Classic

hermosacreekclassic09Saturday the August of 1st will take place the 3rd annual Hermosa Offroad Classic here in the high country surrounding Durango, Colorado. It has been coined a test event for SSWC09, for the reason that it is the best race around and the singletrack can get sweetly epic, which is how we envision this septembers event to be. Check it out and test it out next weekend. 09 Hermosa Off Road Classic Flyer[1]

Howard Grotts Adds Another

National championship number 5 was had by Howard Grotts on day 2 of competition. The strong cat 1 15-16 boys field saw Howard come through the start finish, with one 9 mile lap to go, battling with local CO fast guy, Michael Vigers. Howard used the steep first climb to his advantage and attacked his competitor and friend in front of the large crowd. It was the decisive move in the race, and took Howard to victory. His teammates Gino Pastore placed 13th and Sepp Kuss 14th in the same race.

DEVO Wins 4 on Day 1

The Durango DEVO riders won four National Championships in Sol Vista on the first day of competition. Alicia Rose Pastore started the day off with win in the stacked cat 1 15-18 ladies field. After getting a dicey start, Alicia quickly made her way to the front of the pack on the steep starting climb. She held the lead to the finish, with second placer Jill Belhen from Boulder catching her on the last straightaway, and sprinting for the win. U19er Kaila Hart had her best race ever to finish 3rd after spending a lap and a half in second place. Kaila dug deep and finished strong. DEVO coach Annie Cheeney took her win from the first climb as well. The quick start gave her a gap to hold off the strong cat 2 30-39 women, and solo to victory. It was Annie’s best race ever. The U14 girls followed the lead of their coach Annie short there after. Next it was Kaylee Blevins cruising to a win, again with a fast start up the first steep incline. Kaylee used her downhill skills to keep her gap and take her first stars and bars jersey. Teammate Elyse Massone was in the zone for her winning ride, and again took the lead early to cement her victory. She finished minutes ahead of her next competitor, and was all smiles while telling coaches and family of the fun descent to the finish.

Podiums were also had by Joan Walker who finished 3rd in the cat 2 15-18 girls, Stephan Davoust 5th in the junior men 13-14, Chris Blevins 2nd and Keenan Desplanques 10th in the 11-12 boys and Elliott Saslow was 6th in the cat 2 15-18 boys. Collin Francom was 29th, Hank Stowers 33rd and James Shahan dnfed after a flat tire change resulted in a busted tube valve in the cat 2 15-18 boys. Levi Kurlader finished a fast race in 6th in the junior 13-14 boys. U19 racer Chase Orrick placed 33rd and Alumni Joe Schneider was 13th in the super fast under 23 race. 

Saturdays racing action begins in a couple hours with Sepp, Gino and Howard taking the line in the Cat 1 15-16 boys.

Wish us Luck!

Results and stuff 

DEVO Racers off to the National Champs

And they’re off. The DEVO squad has arrived in Sol Vista, Colorado, the site of the 2009 USA Cycling National Mountain Bike Championships. Thursday will see the team preride the xc course in the morning as preparation for friday and saturdays cross country events. DEVO will also have athletes in the downhill, super d and short track events. Here is who’s here; U23 men, Chase Orrick, Cat 1 15-18 girls; Alicia Rose Pastore and Kaila Hart, Cat 1 15-16 boys; Howard Grotts, Gino Pastore and Sepp Kuss, Cat 2 15-18 girls; Joan Walker, Cat 2 15-18 boys; Elliott Saslow, Hank Stowers, Stephan Davoust, Levi Kurlander, Collin Francom and James Shahan, Junior girls 13-14 Kaylee Blevins and Elyse Massone and Junior boys 11-12 Chris Blevins and Keenan Desplanques. Coaches Annie Cheeney will race Cat 2 women 30-34, Evan Elliott pro dh and Chad Cheeney pro xc and super d. U-19er Kyle Horn will race cat 1 15-18 dh. Wish them luck as they practice on thursday. The weather is looking perfect and the team condo is sweet so far.

The boys pretend like they are going to sleep
The boys pretend like they are going to sleep


Ned Overend's bike is in our condo, he's racing!
Ned Overend's bike is in our condo, he's racing!




check the trails here

Tad Elliott in Recovery

Q: So a lot of us saw you out at the AOA/DEVO short track with a sling, what happened to your wing?
A: I broke my Scapula in a Mountain Bike crash while I was riding with the Wells brothers.
Q: What exact location on the trail/road did it happen?
A: I was descending from Molas Pass down to Cascade on the biking trail.
Q: What other bones and stuff have you broken, or is this a first?
A: This is the first broken bone I have ever broken but the ER staff knows Evan and I on first name basis.
Q: How do you feel now as compared to the first day of the injury?
A: I feel a lot better, I have even gotten on the trainer lately and have been riding to no where.

Q: It is early to say I’m sure, but when do you wish to race again?
A: Vermont is the goal. Be back for the east coast races. It is a hard race on the body but hopefully Dr. Blevins will have me in top form by then.

Q: Now that you are out of the U23 race at Nationals, and as the defending champ, who do you want to win it most? Can you pick the top 5?
A:I hope to see a good race that is exciting to watch from the side lines. I also hope that my team mates do well. Man it is cool to see how fast those big pros go. There will be a lot of local Durango talent in that race so it would be cool to see the boys do well in there home state. I wish all the best to Durango Devo at nationals and am looking forward to seeing every one from Durango race fast. Remember  Pin it to win it. 

Trails 2000 on Wednesday

This wednesday night is sweet sweet trail work with Trails 2000 at 430pm. The action will take place on campus, parking at the Factory Trails area on the Fort Lewis College campus. The Trails 2000 truck will be parked there and you can follow directions down to the work site. Show up and have a good time.

DWC Criterium on Sunday

There will be a Criterium in Durango this sunday at Mercy Medial Center. Hosted by the Durango Wheel Club, the free to DWC members race, will begin at 9am. It will cost $5 for all other participants.

The schedule for 7/19:

8:00 set-up

8:15 registration opens

8:30 practice

9:00 C race 30 min + 3 laps, 2 primes

9:40 B race 40 min + 5 laps, 3 primes

10:30 A race 50 min + 5 laps, 4 primes

11:30 clean-up

Durango Cyclists' Get Results

Several professional cyclists with Durango roots hit it big last weekend in the world of cycling. DEVO board member and former singlespeed world champion, Travis Brown finished up the Brek Epic in 2nd place overall. loosing my a small margin to former teammate Jeremiah Bishop. DEVO gust rider and used chamois provider, Anthony Colby climbed his way to his second in a row, overall victory, in the hill climb race up Mt Washington in New Hampshire. Then this years IHBC ladies road race winner, and former durango development camper, Mara Abbott is sitting in 3rd overall in the Giro de Italia, the premiere road stage race for women. Thats a ton of action.

AOA/DEVO STXC#6 Cancelled

This Wednesday’s AOA/DEVO Short Track race has been cancelled due to the mtb National Championships in Sol Vista, Colorado. They will resume next wednesday the 23rd and make up race will be added on to the end of the season.  Thanks for racing.


AOA/DEVO STXC #5 Results

July 8, 2009

Animas Orthopedic Associates/DEVO Short Track #5

B Women; 1. Hannah Madden, 2. Kaylee Blevins, 3. Annie Cheeney, 4. Joan Walker, 5. Avra Saslow

B Men; 1. Matt Phillips, 2. Chris Blevins, 3. Robert Montgomery, 4. Rick Crawford, 5. Jeff Vearling, 6. Collin Francom, 7. Ryan Mickelson, 8. James Shahan, 9. Will Berger, 10. River Weiss, 11. Devin Feilen, 12. Zach Mickelson, 13. Wyeth Rossi, 14. Mike MsQuinn, 15. George McQuinn

Kids Race; Garrett, Carter, Sarah, Emily, Isabel, Attila, Ivan, Noel

A Women; 1. Teal Stetson-Lee, 2. Tina Dominic, 3. Alicia Rose Pastore, 4. Kaila Hart, 5. Sabina Kraushaar, 6. Shonny VanLandingham (raced with the b’s)

A Men; 1. Todd Wells, 2. Joey Thomson, 3. Jeremy Powers, 4. Matt Shriver, 5. Drew Edsall, 6. Chad Wells, 7. Trevor Downing, 8. Brendan Shafer, 9. Payson McElveen, 10. Chad Cheeney, 11. Frank Mapel, 12. Joe Schneider, 13. David Berg, 14. Gino Pastore, 15. Dustin Wanstrath, 16. Brent Hall, 17. Jake Richards, 18. Chris Heath, 19. Dave Hagen, 20. Jonathan Delacey, 21. Dan Hale, 22. Robert Montgomery, dnf, Taylor Borucki, Lars Ellefson, Troy Wells, Robin Guillaume and Dylan Stucki

A Holeshot: Lars Ellefson

past results

Thanks to Lori for doing registration, Pricilla and Mark for finish line lap keeping, Dave for the course design and tear down, Jeanne for the photos, the u14ers for the kids race help, Elliott for the course marshaling and Stephan for the start area.