Elke Brutsaert Interview

Elke Brutsaert is a DEVO coach! The 2009 SUper D national champion was hired in February as the new U19 ladies coach and is doing a great job thus far. Her vast competitive cycling experience both as an athlete and in team management have been a serious bonus to the 5 year old DEVO program.dh_brutsaert
Q: How long have you lived in Durango and how did you end up moving here?
A: I have lived in Durango for about 16 yrs. I moved to Durango in 1994 in order to train for the Norba National Mtb series, as well as the WC circuit.
Q: How long did you race professionally and what are some of your biggest accomplishments throughout your career?
A:I raced pro for 10yrs. I totalled 4 individual WC wins and 10 Norba wins, as well as 2 X-games gold medals.
Q: What do you consider to be your career now that you have retired from professional cycling?
A: My career generally takes me in 3 or 4 directions…”side show Sally”. I am a massage therapist, teacher of kinesiology at RMIH (Rocky Mountain of Healing Arts), a coach and personal trainer.

Q: You were a pro soinger for Giant Bicycles in the early 2000’s, from that experience, what is is that most young professionals lacked when taking on their first pro season?
A:The discipline to consistently perform self care is something that the neo-pro struggles with the most. “Self care” is a process that is followed religiously by almost all successful pros, as they know it is a recipe for RECOVERY. If you cannot learn to recover well, you will never reach your true potential. Learning time management is maybe what is the underlying problem for most. Their are many variables to consider when trying to do everything right. The more ducks you can get in a row, the better your chances are for success. Periodized & methodical training w/ guidance from a coach is part of the building process. However, building to a peak, is a tearing down of tissue, which required time and self care to heal from. Rest, nutrition, hydration, stretching and structural corrective exercises are just a few of the important variable which have a huge bearing on the rest/recovery cycle. Other smaller details like the night before a race ice bath, or Animas river leg plunge after your hardest workouts, regular chiro, care, afternoon naps post training, eating mini meals rather than stuffing yourself as well as eliminating stress are all part of the balancing act called recovery. Attention to even smaller details like, immediate post race recovery drink, cool down post race, staying out of the hot sun, or removing yourself from the “pit” area of a race site to chill out. Staying in the action is fun and social, however this overstimulation takes its toll over the course of a day and race weekend, contributing to overall fatigue and less energy for your race.

Q: In order, what are the three mtb specific skills that need the most work as a junior racer looking to take it to the next level? and what is your favorite skill to teach?
A: 1) Learning how to pace yourself in a race. 2) Learning how to listen to your body for signs of fatigue and over training. 3) Riding efficiency…… like, pumping transitions, keeping your speed into uphills, recovery on the DH.
-My favorite skill to teach is looking for the exit of a turn in order to hold speed through turns and not drag brakes.

Q: You are also a Massage Therapist, how important is massage to the junior athlete? And what do you see being the benefits of regular massage as an adult professional athlete?
A:Massage is generally something a Jr racer does not come in contact with unless they have made the Jr national team selection and compete at world’s. If a Jr racer has access and resources to massage, it is great to add this to your self care routine. A good sports massage aids in recovery, speeding up the process 2 fold. Regular massage keeps the tissue healthy and free of adhesions form training hard and injury. Incorporation massage into any sports training program allows the athlete to get back to the build cycle more quickly.

Q: You have 2 hours to kill in town on you 5 inch shredder, what Durango loop do you do?
A: Warming up on South Rim trail at the Dietz entrance. Sidewinder, down Skull Rock and over to Carbon Junction, Crites, Anazasi….pedal HWY 3 back to Car.

Fort Lewis College Cycling

The FLC Cycling team just returned to the top spot in the ranking of the nations top collegiate programs. The ranking is based on overall performances in the 4 collegiate disciplines, road, track, mtb and cyclocross. FLC is a 10+ time winner in the mtb category, 2 time cross champions and have never won on the track or road. This past weekend the team was in Wisconson at road nationals where they finished 4th overall in the team omnium. Check out the full race report on their website. Congrats to coaches Matt Shriver, Dave Hagen and the support staff and all the athletes that race for FLC. This is a model organization and its in our town!

Coach Matt Shriver leads
Coach Matt Shriver leads

DEVO Telegraph Hill Climb Results 5-7-10

Durango DEVO Telegraph Hill Climb #2

U19 Boys; Howard 14:44(new DEVO Boys record), Chris 18:53, Gino 17:01, Sepp 16:21, Levi 18:35, Stephan 18:58, James 25:14

U19 Girls; Alicia Rose 20:01(new DEVO girls record)

U14 Boys; Charlie G 22:53, Keenan 25:37, River 25:43, Charlie M 27:58, Henry 33:14, Cole 29:25, Chase 31:50

U14 Girls; Sophia 28:30, India 25:52, Robin 36:09, Sabine 28:45

Coaches and Guest Riders; Annie 24:46, Jess 35:10, Evan 21:57, Brendan 16:25, Greg 16:19, Drew 16:53, Chad 16:20

*Every athlete had their personal record on this attempt!

past results

DEVO Coaches Take on the 12 Hours of Mesa Verde

DEVO coaches Jess Reed and Anne Cheeney are trying to hold onto their title in the 2 person female field and Chad Cheeney is on a 3 person team and also a defending champion. Director Sarah Tescher will also be competing in the single speed 3 person division. Board members, Gaige Sippy will be on Sarah’s Team and Travis Brown will be a part of the rad Legends team that consists of Dave Wiens, Daryl Price and the man, John Tomac. Good luck to all who shred!

DEVO Movie Night

Saturday May 29th at 7pm, the night of the IHBC road race!
Saturday May 29th at 7pm, the night of the IHBC road race!

This movie is sweet. Come support DEVO later this month and check out this flick at the Smiley Building.

“This is the best modern road cycling documentary I have seen yet.” Chad Cheeney DEVO Coach

DEVO’s Grotts Takes Moabs Gran Fondo

U19 Devo athlete Howard Grotts took his second road win in as many tries this past weekend at the Moab Gran Fondo. The mass start 60 mile race took the athletes up that sweet road along the Colorado river and then took a right at 17 miles, and headed towards the La Salls and then back to Durango. Howard broke away early with DWC rider Jon Delacey and worked together to build a 5 minute lead over the peloton.  The Howard broke away from Jon when he believed the KOM award to be at the top of a climb, when he arrived at the top of the hill, he realized the KOM was still 10 miles away. Howard continued on solo and collected the KOM and rode in solo the remaining 30 miles to victory. His time was 2 minutes off the course record and race organizers where so impressed with his effort that they awarded him the $250 prize for breaking the course record. Durango’s Jon Delacey finished minutes back in second place. Nice work Howard and Jon. Check out his results here.

Fruita Fhotos

photos by Jeanne Pastore and Chad Cheeney

Alien Run on Sunday

bktr3The 10th annual Alien Run will be tomorrow. Registration begins at 8am at the race track and the race begins at 10am. This is a rad lollypop loop race, filled with tight desert singletrack and oil rig road racing. The lollypop of the course being the Alien Run trail loop, which at the furthest point out on the course, makes for the best place to attack or be attacked. This small town race has kept it real and offers a cool tshirt and fun community meal after finishing. For more information.

Colorado Cyclefest to Benefit the NICA

This weekend in Denver the Colorado Cyclefest will take place to benefit the National Interscholastic Cycling Association. Basically a high school mountain bike league has been adopted by the state and schools are being encouraged to start up fall mtb race programs. The Cyclefest will pull Durango bike legends, Ned Overend and Travis Brown along with former pro superstars Dave Weins and Susan Demattei. Durango High School is currently in need of a 9R employee to help spearhead the mission. DEVO team manager Chad Cheeney was on the board for the Colorado league, and is willing to give a hand to anyone interested. Check out more on the event here.

DEVO to Offer Summer Camps at DMR

Durango Mountain Resort will play host to DEVO’s early August summer mountain bike camps. Aimed at ages 7-12, and open to all skill levels, the camps will cover everything mountain biking and will be lead by former DEVO athletes and current coaches. Please check the Jr. DEVO page above for more information or call Sarah at 779-8480 to sign up.

The Devo/DMR  camp will be offered twice, August 2-6th and 9-13th The camp is for ages 7-12 years old.  Kids must have own bike and helmet (Devo does have some loaners).  The camp runs from 9-3pm with transportation on the DMR buses from downtown Durango (bikes loaded on Devo racks).

Groups:  Kids will be placed in groups based upon ability (beg/int/adv) Typical Day:, 9 am Groups meet and drop off lunches, 9:15 Talk about the day events, 9:30 Skill Sesh in base area (film kids to show later), 10:30 Snack, 10:45 Ride chair 4 to access more trails, 12 lunch together at base area, 1 Bike Maintenance seminar, 2:30 Show video of kids from skill sesh

Other camp activities include; special guest appearances, gravity skill sesh, bike fit, trail building, family ride for int/ advanced with shuttle support on the classic five star Hermosa Trail.

$225 for one week to register go to https://www.active.com/event_detail.cfm?event_id=1858016

Reg fee includes: 4:1 coaching both in the DMR Bike Park and on the mountain utilizing the chairlift (camp 9-3, but Devo coaches will be on the buses with the kids) videoing for skill development, one week of lift access, free transport to and from downtown to DMR (bike transport as well) Not included:  lunch, snack, equipment (bike, helmet, camelback, etc.)

Gino in Fruita

U19er Gino Pastore demonstrates how to get your body into it in high speed motorcycle whoops. These pictured in Fruita are a lot alike the Road Apple Rally race track.

DEVO Athletes Scortch the Squawker

DEVO alumni Tad Elliott and current DEVO strongman, Howard Grotts took victories in last weekends local road slugfest, Tad winning the Pro1-3  race and Howard the Cat 4-5. Check out the results here on the Durango Wheel Club website. Each rider rode to victory by taking the hill climb up the front hill on the final laps. Congratulations fellas.

4/25/10 Coca Cola Road Race

Open Women
1 Shontelle Pierce Colavita NM
2 Betsy Richards Strawberry Field Trips
3 Holly Sharp Durango Wheel Club
4 Lauren Taylor Irish Embassy
5 Martha Iverson Durango Wheel Club
6 Meredith Mapel Coca Cola
Men 4/5
1 Howard Grotts Durango DEVO
2 Eric Malone Durango Wheel Club
3 Dale Kneller Durango Wheel Club
4 Joel Richards JS Media
5 Paul Adams N/A
6 Chris Grolefer Durango Wheel Club
7 Eric Burris Durango Wheel Club
8 Robert Montgomery Durango Wheel Club
9 Andrew Ferguson Directory Plus
10 Steve Ilg Durango Wheel Club
11 Reid Ackerman Great Divide
12 Daniel Penner N/A
13 David Blake N/A
14 Walt Axthelm Durango Wheel Club
15 Don Mapel Durango Wheel Club
Men Pro/1/2/3
1 Tad Elliot Sho Air
2 Neil Coleman Bahati
3 Dan Bowman Kelly Benefit Strategies
4 Chris Wherry Rocky Mtn. Chocolate Factory
5 Joey Thompson Mtn. Bike Specialists
6 Erick McAlister N/A
7 Erick Carlson Tessier
8 John Delacy Durango Wheel Club
9 Michael Carroll Durango Wheel Club
10 Lee Rosenthal Rocky Mtn. Chocolate Factory
11 Brendan Shafer Wooly Mammoth
12 Lars Ellefson Maple Pursuit
13 Steve Koller Colavita NM
DNF Anthony Colby Jelly Belly
DNF Grant Berry Rocky Mtn. Choclate Factory
DNF Gaige Sippy Iron Horse Bicycle Classic

Durango Professional Cyclist

These past two weeks Durango’s professional cyclists have been packing the podium at events all over the world. Nick Gould taking the fastest 2 lap times at the 12 Hours of Gallup. Todd Wells winning the Sea Otter short track. Trevor Downing won the Tour of Socorro cross country. Willow Koerber just placed 2nd at the first World Cup while Todd was the US’s top finisher at 19th place. Benn Sonntagg took the top spot at the Rabbit Valley Rally and Durango’s Jenn Gersbach, Teal Stetson-Lee and Shannon Gibson went 2,3 and 5 in the pro women’s race. Andy Shultz won the 50 mile Whiskeytown race in Prescott on saturday. Then on the rode, Allister Ratcliff and Rotem Ishay each won a stage in the FLC Squawker classic. FLC’s Sarah Sturm rode to 3rd in the road race. Then Chris Wherry took 4th in the open mens race around the FLC Campus, on the top step was non other than DEVO alumni Tad Elliott. Earlier in the day, DEVO’s current fast man, Howard Grotts rode away from the Cat4/5 field and took the win. And Darian Harvey placed 9th at the first ProGRT in Washington. Finally Carmen Small took the pro womens omnium at the Roadrunner Classic in Albuquerque, after winning last week’s Sea Otter. Dang.

Cycling Videos on CyclingDirt

Rabbit Valley Rally and DEVO

This past weekend 18 Durango DEVO U19,14 athletes, 2 coaches and 25 parents and siblings took to the Rabbit Valley Rally mountain bike race in Fruita Colorado. Camping in a soccer field sized gravel parking lot in Rabbit Valley rec area, the team pre rode the time trial course on friday, raced the time trial saturday morning, prerode the cross country course on saturday afternoon, had a team dinner at The Hot Tomato later that night, and raced the cross country early the following morning.

Highlights from the weekend

*In saturday mornings time trial, the Devo team won five of the six junior categories, with Chris Blevins, Haakon Sigerslid, Alicia Rose Pastore, Kaylee Blevins and Avra Saslow. The course started with a gradual rolling climb, that lead to a rutted motorcycle trail traversing the Rabbit Valley cliff line. At its peak, the track falls downhill, fast and rocky with 3 technical sections. It ends with rolling motorcycle whoops.

*The Devo cross country course preride later that afternoon was HOT. A group or 13 DEVO U14 and 19ers took off to ride the Junior Under 14 course as the longer courses would have left the team pummeled for tomorrows competition. The team bypassed the turnoff for the Junior course and took a even shorter turnoff. On the way back, all 13 DEVO riders and coaches managed to not pinch flat on the notorious killer cattle guard, a first for a Devo group in the 3 years competing there. In the end, the athletes “kind-of” knew the course.

*Later that evening, the squad carpooled into Fruita and headed to former Durango resident and pro cyclist owned restaurant, the Hot Tomato. The 25 parents and riders and kids ate, 7 huge pizzas, and numerous salads. U14 rider Chase Seivert brought along his unicycle and did his best tricks on a post dinner town walk, that led to some serious freestyle walking, and the team headed back to their campsite for a team meeting and schwag-fest. It was advised to drink plenty of water and get some rest.

*Cross Country sunday morning at Devo camp saw the team prepare oatmeal, pasta, and granola, parents and coaches helping at as they get organized and head down the gravel road, 1 long mile to the cross country start, where coaches Chad Cheeney and Sarah Tescher were their to get the athletes warmed up and prepared for the sufferfest ahead. There is a large mud puddle 100m into the dirt road start, hidden around a corner and it was advise to line up right on the start line to avoid the dodgy chaos.

*The Junior Under 14’s and the Category 3 racers started at 8am. Chris Blevins was the first one in and took first place with teammate Charlie Greenberg finishing behind him in 3rd only 2 minutes behind. Keenan Desplanques was 8th, Derek Pansze, the week of getting hit by a car was 12th, 13th was Chase Seivert from Bayfield in his first race with DEVO. George McQunn took 15th on his new bike from Secon Avenue Sports, the U14,19 teams local shop sponsor, and Dylan Williamson, a Junior Devo rider place 16th of 19 racers on his singlespeed. Avra Saslow won for the girls under 14 with teammate Martina Pansze coming in 6th. Cat 3 racer Henry Larson in his first Devo race placed 8th after the lead motorcycle took the leaders on a longer than planned loop that had the racers looking at twice the course distance.

The Cat 2 races see some drama as Haakon Sigerslid flats his front tire while in 2nd place, under a minute behind the leader, teammate Stephan Davoust passed him moments later and could only ride on by as there is nothing he could do. Stephan rode on to 4th place and Haakon stayed focus and rode in to 8th place. James Shahan rode in to 12th place. And again it was kaylee Blevins winning the race with teammate Emily Schaldach taking 2nd. Kaylee’s time on the course would have put her in 3rd in the Cat 1 girls race.

In the Cat 1 girls race, Alicia Rose Pastore took the win on her new bike from Specialized and her new team, Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory. She finished the race almost in tears from the pain from the day earliers’ crash in the time trial, that sent her over the bars into to the ground, and then followed it up with a bike to the back of the body and head. In the Cat 1 boys race, Gino Pastore, Sepp Kuss ad Elliott Saslow 2,3, and 6th, worked hard on the road section off the start line together, riding together in front until the first major climb. That is where the 2 “Utah boys” took off and split the group. Gino bounced in and out of 2nd place several times, once when the Utah junior took a wide corner and crashed hard and the other when a wrong turn derailed him for 5 minutes. Sepp Kuss had his best finish in the fast Cat 1 field and Elliott was 2 miles from home when he flatted, forcing him to crash hard in mid downhill corner. He then ran in the last mile, loosing a spot on the result sheet and finishing in 6th.

results and DEVORace Results Fruita