Super D’evo in Crested Butte

First Coach Chad came down the mountain and won the Open Mens class
First Coach Chad came down the mountain and won the Open Mens class
The Gino Pastore came down and won the Junior Men class
The Gino Pastore came down and won the Junior Men class
And then Kaylee Blevins finished the sweep and won the Junior Women class!
And then Kaylee Blevins finished the sweep and won the Junior Women class!


National Interscholastic Cycling Association is Now Official

The NICA is now an official 501.c3 non profit advisory organization with a heavy hitting list of board members and official stuff. The NICA, NorCal and SoCal representatives met this past week and organized themselves to help grow the nations high school racing leagues. Colorado is in the process of participating in this first fall season of racing, with coaches and teachers organizing riders for the October race series. DEVO’s Director, Sarah Tescher┬árecently┬áparticipated in an high school cycling coaching summit in Ward, Colorado, and worked and trained with other interested potential coaches. Here’s more.

Hermosa Offroad Classic Back for 4th Year

July 31st the Hermosa Offroad Classic is back. Everything will be the same sweetness as usual except for the exciting news that this season marks the first year a male and female champion will be crowned in the singlespeed long course category, 4 Corners Singlespeed Champion. Check out the flier for all the information. The race is organized by Dave Hagen and the Fort Lewis Cycling Team and the track runs up the popular Hermosa Creek Trail.10-Hermosa-Off-Road-Classic-Flyer

AOA Short Track Wednesday DMR

Thats right, round 5 of the 12 race Animas Orthopedic Short Track Series see’s DMR’s Coke Circuit Course home to its second timed affair. The short track will be 20-30 minutes long as usual and will begin at 530 with the B men and Women. The Kids Race will follow at 6pm and the A men and Women will wrap it up at 630. The race is only $5 this time and if you need help finding a ride, please contact See ya up there!


NedFurtado Triple Crown Photos

Photos By Jeanne Pastore and Jim Feilen

Good Luck Texas

Notice the camelbacks on all the juniors? DEVO U19er and U14er boys take note, Be Prepared!

Good luck and best wishes to the Bicycle Works Junior Cycling Team from Texas as they prepare for Nationals in Granby, this July 16th. The team is in Colorado for the month to prepare for the competition. DEVO team members rode with the Texan lads these past 2 weeks and they also competed in several of the local AOA SHort Tracks.

AOA/DEVO Short Track #4 Results

Animas Orthopedic/DEVO Short Track #4
June 23, 2010
Factory Trails

B Men; 1. Stephan Davoust, 2. Levi Kurlander, 3. Jeff Vierling, 4. Devin Feilen, 5. Clint Campell, 6. Keenan Desplanques

B Women; 1. Avra Saslow, 2. Kaylee Blevins

B Holeshot; Stephan Davoust

Kids Race; Ellie, Austin and Hayden

A Women; 1. Teal Stetson-Lee, 2. Kaila Hart, 3. Annie Cheeney, 4. Rebecca Gross

A Men: 1. Rotem Ishay, 2. Joey Thompson, 3. Adam Snyder, 4. Howard Grotts, 5. Chad Cheeney, 6. Colton Anderson, 7. Gino Pastore, 8. Dylan Stucki, 9. Greg Lewis, 10. Joe Schneider, 11. Bryan Morra, 12. Levi Kurlander, 13. Stephan Davoust, 14. Dave Hagen

A Holeshot; Joey Thompson

Past Results


Photos by Jeanne Pastore

DEVO is at the White House

DEVO U14er Henry Larson and family are at the White House. This is the first reported DEVO athlete to land on the historic site. Rich, Henry’s Dad has reported a hot and muggy day in DC. Henry’s teammates are in Crested Butte this weekend for their team race #3 of the season. The team will miss you Henry.IMAGE_157IMAGE_159

DEVO’s Chris Blevins 3rd in the Road Race After Spill

Durango DEVO U19er and 12 year old speedster, Chris Blevins pulled out a sweet podium spot at the Junior Road nationals in Bend, Oregon on Tuesday. Chris went down early in the race at mile 8 and was able to get back on the bike unscathed. He then closed a 30 second gap from the peleton to the lead group of six and caught on to the six with 1 kilometer to go. He sprinted and placed 3rd, finishing with the same time as the leader. The Crit is today. Chris is the first DEVO athletes to compete at the junior road nationals, and the first to podium. Well done!
Junior Men 10-12 Road Race
1. Grant McElroy (Portland, Ore./Beaverton Bicycle Club) 37:31.00
2. Matteo Jorgenson (Boise, Idaho/Boise Young Rider Dev. Squad) 37:31.00
3. Christopher Blevins (Durango, Colo./Durango Devo) 37:31.00
4. Gage Hecht (Parker, Colo./Intl. Christian Cycling) 37:32.00
5. Michael Hocking (Boise, Idaho/Boise Young Rider Dev. Squad) 37:32.00