Two Quiznos in Durango?

We have a Quiznos behind the Cyclery, but will we have the Quiznos Challenge road race in 2011?  Check out Durango’s proposal to host the big road race. Make sure and watch the video, Devo’s Alicia Rose has some reasons why she believes we are a good fit.


Animas High Ospreys Had Fun in Nathrop

Ospreys in Nathrop 2010, Click and read the press release from the race

Howard Grotts is Fast

U19er Howard Grotts had a terrific summer season with DEVO and now is taking it to the college kids. Racing for Colorado School of Mines, The Hammer has managed to win 4 of the 6 races he has entered. Way to Go Howard!
U19er Howard Grotts had a terrific summer season with DEVO and now is taking it to the college kids. Racing for Colorado School of Mines, The Hammer has managed to win 4 of the 6 races he has entered. Way to Go Howard!

Bike Texas Kids Kup

Kids mountain bike racing series are popping up all over the country, many with roots in Durango. Rick Wheterald, former FLC cyclist, is promoting a race series in conjunction with the Texas Fall Cup mountain bike series. Nice work Rick! A link to their website is located on our side bar under Teams.

“We run it in conjunction with the regular adult races. I’ll set up a very easy, short course (like a short track) where the parents and spectators can see the kids the whole time. Typically I’ll run a safety clinic before the races, then lead a pre ride of the course, then races divided into two year age groups. I usually leave the course up for a few hours after the race, and it’s always cool to see some of the kids hang out for a while and ride the fun parts of the courses.”

“We’ve got Shimano and Clif as co-sponsors of the series, so the kids get some free schwag when they sign up, and it’s all free. At the Mellow Johnny’s Classic at Lance Armstrong’s ranch a few months ago, Trek and Mellow Johnny’s brought some extra goodies including a couple of pinatas! The kids were lined up and swinging at the pinatas near the adult course right as the Pro men were starting, which was really cool.” -Rick Wetherald, FLC Cycling Alumni and Kids Kup Organizer

Jr DEVO Cancelled for Wednesday

Bummer. Todays Junior Devo rides will be cancelled due to water falling from the sky. There will be a make-up date at the end of the season in October. Have a nice rainy day!

DEVO Like Bike Polo

Todd Wells Likes Golf Interview

Todd finishes his swing in the desert
Todd finishes his swing in the desert

Q: What are your top 3 favorite golf courses?
A: Dove Mountain Ritz Carlton(Tucson, AZ) desert style course, Pinon Hills(Farmington, N.M.) desert style course, Eagle Vail(Vail, CO) mountain course.
Q: Have you ever competed or thought about competing in a golf tournament? What is your handicap?
A: I have played in a few best ball tournaments but never a real stroke play tournament like you watch on TV. I compete on the bike so often it’s nice to do something that I don’t have to be competitive with. It’s just a great way to be outside, enjoy the day and hang out with friends. It’s about 5 miles to walk 18 holes with a bag on your back. It’s good way to burn some calories with out trying to.
The lowest I ever got my handicap to was 8, currently it’s probably about a 14.
Q: Who are your favorite professional golfers? past and present
A: My favorite player is Tiger. It’s amazing how consistent he has been over the years. Most player win a tournament one weekend and don’t even make the cut the next. Tiger hasn’t been playing too well lately so it makes it even more impressive what he’s done in the past. Jack Nicklaus is probably the best golfer ever and there is a bunch of young talent coming up like Anthony Kim, Rory Mcllroy, Dustin Johnson and tons of other players.
Q: What crossover fitness from cycling most benefits your golf game?
A:I think the endurance I gain from cycling definitely helps my golf game. Golf is all about focus and cycling helps my golf game with that and golf helps my cycling. When I’m racing I am focusing 100% on going as fast as I possibly can. There is nothing else at that moment and you have to be completely in the moment to go that fast with out crashing or slowing down. It’s like the race is the only thing happening at that moment. To hit a good golf shot you have to be able to have that same focus while you’re making your swing, you can’t be thinking about anything else.
Q: Do you do Mulligans? If so, How often, If not, Why?
A: In general I don’t take Mulligans, I play the ball as it lies. During a round of golf I’ll hit plenty of bad shots and some good ones. If I hit a ball that’s unplayable I’ll take the penalty stroke and drop the ball where I’m suppose to. Golf is all about rules and tradition, I try to play it as close to the book as I can.
Q: Have you played with any other professional cyclists during the season? Who’s the best cycling golfer out there?
A: I have played with a few cyclists over the years. I just played a round with Burry Stander at the World Championships in Canada five days before he took the bronze medal in the Elite race. Most cyclists aren’t that good since cycling takes so much time and devotion, there isn’t much time for anything else. Steve Pete and Greg Minnaar play quite a bit of golf though so I hope to play with them one of these years. You wouldn’t think those are the type of guys that would play golf but once you get bit by the bug it can be a lot of fun.
Q: If you had to pick one club out of your bag and toss the rest into a hot lava pit, which club would you choose and why?
A: I would keep my sand wedge. I love to hit pitch and chip shots around the green. I’ve spent hours just hitting shots around the green. Plus, I can juggle the ball all day with a sand wedge.

Animas High Ospreys Flock to Nathrop

Its the season opening event in Nathrop Colorado that has 6 Animas High School students and their families, heading upstate to mountain bike race. It is the inagrual race of the inagrural season, and Durango has a team. Coached by Devo coaches Sarah and Chad, the Animas High Ospreys have 9 boys and 2 girls signed up for the team/class. 4 of them being summer Devo athletes. Rumor has over 130 high school students from all corners of Colorado attending the race. Categories are Freshman, Sophmore, Junior Varsity and Varsity for both boys and girls. Points are awarded to each teams riders, with the team title being the most prestigious. 7220 Composite, Animas High School , Boulder High School , Rocky Mountain HS , Crested Butte MTB , Fort Collins Comp , Gunnison HS , Lyons Composite , Palmer High School , Salida-BV Composite , Cheyenne Mountain , Monarch MTB , Summit High School , Vail Valley Comp , Fairview High School , Ralston Valley HS , and Douglas County HS are all the registed teams as of today. Check out for more info on the league.

cycling class is in session at Animas High
cycling class is in session at Animas High

Jr DEVO Pump Track Action Shots

These photos are from the AOA/DEVO Top Secret Short Track Race on the 1st. They were taken by Devo dad, Jim Feilen, at the entrance to the pump track, which was used in the week’s race course. Check out the face shots!

DWC Championships Dates: Oct 5, 7, 9 and 10

The schedule for the 2010 DWC Championships is set. This is the 5th or 6th running of the annual fall event. There are two practice events leading up to the Championships. Its going to be good!

September 16th: Practice TT
Sept 26th: Practice Crit at MRMC

Oct 5th: Tuesday MTB TT
Oct 7th: Thursday Road TT
Oct 9th: Saturday Road Race
Oct 10th: Sunday Criterium Finale
Post Event Party: TBD

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DEVO’s in College

U19er Howard Grotts is in college, and it didn'd take long for him to step on the podium. 4th in the xc and a 1st place in the short track. Way to go Hammer!
U19er Howard Grotts is in college, and it didn'd take long for him to step on the podium. 4th in the xc and a 1st place in the short track. Way to go Hammer!

Wednesday’s Junior Devo Practices Cancelled

Sorry junior riders, but tonight’s Jr Devo rides will be cancelled due to rainy unpredictable weather. There will be a make up date at the end of the sweet sweet season. Have a nice day.