Devo Did Great Last Weekend

Devo teammembers had a great weekend of racing last weekend at MSC’s Angle Fire Chili Challenge, the Teva Games in Vail and at SSUSA in Boulder.

Check out these results; Angel Fire- Cat 1 Boys; 1st Levi Kurlander, Cat 2 Boys-1st Chris Blevins, Cat 1 Girls; 1st Kaylee Blevins, U14 Boys DH; 1st Wyatt Frier, Teva Games- Cat 1 Boys; 1st Sepp Kuss, 3rd Gino Pastore, Pro Men; 3rd Tad Elliott, 4th Howard Grotts, 17th Colton Anderson, Pro Women; 3rd Sage Wilderman, 15th Teal Stetson-Lee, SSUSA- 10th Annie Cheeney, and Chad Cheeney got lost but was doing great.

And a Bonus score for U14er Shaila Blackmore who won the national BMX Championships in her age group!

Trail Work Wednesday at Horse Gulch

Trailwork is this Wednesday, June 8 at Horse Gulch.
We are re-routing Stacy’s to improve drainage, flow and contour. Originally, a game trail, the improvements will make for a more sustainable trail by reducing ruts from summer thunderstorms.
Please Join us!
From the intersection of College and Main, go east on College to 8th Avenue. Take a right and go south on 8th until you see 3rd Street on your right, and then take a left. Go east into a parking lot at the intersection of 3rd and 8th. A big wooden sign at the back of the parking lot shows a trailmap. This is where Horse Gulch Road begins.
Time: 4pm to 7:30pm
Wear closed toe shoes, long pants, shirt, hat, sunscreen and bring water.

Devo Podcast #1

Thanks to Hank STowers and James Shahan of DDTV for our first episode of the season. Nice work Guys!

Devo Short Track #1 Photos

Trails 2000 at Overend Park This Saturday

Trailwork this Saturday, June 4 at Overend Mountain Park for National Public Lands Day: 9am to Noon. We have several projects and the work is family friendly. Please join us at the Layden Trailhead at 9am. Lunch served afterwards

Wear closed toe shoes, long pants, shirt, hat, sunscreen and bring water.

Devo Short Track #1 Results

June 1st 2011 Factory Trails, IHBC course

B Men: 1. Keenan Desplanques, 2. John Trousdale, 3. Gaige Sippy, 4. Sven Brunso, 5. Field Blevins, 6. Tim Schaldach, 7. Connor Yates, 8. Mark Mata, 9. Quinn Simmons, 10. Colby Simmons

B Women: 1. Kaylee Blevins, 2. Annie Cheeney, 3. Emily Schaldach, 4. Shaila Blackmore

B Holeshots; Keenan Desplanques & Kaylee Blevins

A Men: 1. Colton Anderson, 2. Howard Grotts, 3. Tad Elliott, 4. Miles Venzara, 5. Chad Cheeney, 6. Gino Pastore, 7. Stephan Davoust, 8. Joe Schneider, 9. Trevor Downing, 10. Nick Truitt, 11. Chris Blevins, 12. Erich McAlister, 13. Alex Howard, 14. Dylan Stucki, 15. Gary Colliander, 16. Levi Kurlander, 17. Dave Hagen, 18. Brendan Shafer

A Women: 1. Teal Steson-Lee, 2. Kaila Hart, 3. Sarah Rawley, 4. Jill Behlen, 5. Tilly Field

A Holeshots; Dylan Stucki & Teal Stetson-Lee

Next weeks race is at the Durango BMX track

Past Results

June 11th Durango Devo Circuit Race at Durango Mountain Resort

June 29th Durango Devo Short Track Race at DMR

July 24th Purgatory Triple Crown at Durango Mountain Resort, Circuit race, Hill Climb and Super Downhill in one day. Do as individual or team.

August 3 Durango Devo Short Track at DMR

Devo at the IHBC and Team Practice Today

Sweet Elite Blogging Action and the IHBC

Keep up with the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory/Devo Sweet Elite Team on their blog at  Alisha Rose is in Germany at a U23 camp and the rest of the team is in Durango for the Iron Horse Bicycle Classic. Sage and Teal will be racing the mountain bike race on Sunday along with the Sweet Elite boys. Tomorrow, Tad, Howard and Colton will all line up together for the Cat 2/3 road race, and that sounds very exciting.

This new World Cup event looks exciting