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“Bicycle Dreams” Movie Thursday at The Abbey Theatre

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730pm Thursday, the Abbey Theatre will be showing a cycling documentary called, Bicycle Dreams. The film follows the athletes that take part in this crazy endurance event, as they race across America in the aptly named race, Race Across America, or RAAM. The featured race will also be traveling through Durango shortly after the films screening, so its good timing. Check it out.

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Durango Urgent Care/Devo Short Track #3 Results

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June 15th at FLC’s Factory Trails, shortest course ever

B Men: 1. Brandon Ewers, 2. Zach Kurka, 3. Matt Ozvat, 4. Matt Phillips, 5. John Trousdale, 6. Connor Yates, 7. Rich Larson, 8. Sven Brunso, 9. Andrew Cunningham, 10. Dylan Williamson, 11. Skyler Dobs, 12. Ivan Sippy, 13. Henry Larson, 14. Fabio When

B Women: 1. Sarah Tescher, 2. Annie Cheeney, 3. Camryn Sippy, 4. Lacey Andersen, 5. Marit May

B Holeshot; Brandon Ewers & Sarah Tescher

A Men: 1. Howard Grotts, 2. Rotem Ishay, 3. Greg Lewis, 4. Kenny When, 5. Adam Snyder, 6. Nick Gould, 7. Gino Pastore, 8. Payson McElveen, 9. Joe Schneider, 10. Brendan Shafer, 11. Erich McAlister, 12. Chris Blevins, 13. Stephan Davoust, 14. James Rowan, 15. Levi Kurlander, 16. Collin Francom, 17. Kyle Mernitz, 18. Dave Hagen, 19. Brandon Ewers, 20. Jon Delacey

A Women: 1. Alicia Rose Pastore, 2. Teal Stetson-Lee, 3. Kaila Hart, 4. Kaylee Blevins, 5. Jill Behlen

A Holeshots; Rotem Ishay & Kaila Hart

Next weeks race is at the FLC Factory Trails

Past Results

June 29th Durango Devo wednesday night Short Track Race at DMR

July 24th Purgatory Triple Crown at Durango Mountain Resort, Circuit race, Hill Climb and Super Downhill in one day. Do as individual or team.

August 3 Durango Devo wednesday night Short Track Race at DMR

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Devo Welcomes the Hill Country Junior Team Riders to Town

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This week a handful of Texas’s finest junior cyclists are in town training for te upcoming mountain bike national championships in Sun Valley, Idaho. While in the area, the young athletes will be hooking up with Devo U19 and U14 practice rides. Look for them in the red white and blue Hill Country team kits. Good luck at Nats and have fun in Durango!

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Coke Circuit Race Photos

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Devo Short Track #2 Photos

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This weeks short track is at the Fort Lewis College Factory Trails

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Coke Circuit Race Results

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June 11, 2011 Durango Mountain Resort

B Men; 1. Nate Andrew, 2. Nathen Baldwin, 3. Jay Eagen, 4. Rich Larson, 5. Bob Davoust, 6. Mitchell Baldwin

B Women; 1. Marit May

Kids Race; Jack Tescher

A Women; 1. Sarah Tescher

A Men; 1. Sepp Kuss, 2. Frank Mapel, 3. Rotem Ishay, 4. Gino Pastore, 5. Erich MsAlister, 6. Stephan Davoust, 7. Brendan Shafer, 8. Casey Roberts, 9. Levi Kurlander, 10. James Rowan, 11. Dave Hagen

Sweet Moment from the B race was when Jay Eagen made a move on Rich Larson with 2 laps to go, to move into 3rd place and the $10 prize.

Sweet Moment from the A race was when Sepp Kuss held off a late charge by Rotem Ishay and Frank Mapel on the last lap to win the $30 prize and DMR ski pass. That lap also saw Frank close a 16 second gap to Rotem to overtake him for 2nd place.

Thanks to Durango Coca-Cola for the sweet course, pump track and Mexican Coke beverages, Jay Eagen and his DMR crew for the spring course work and the new bridge and the ski pass prizes for the winners of each category , Annie Cheeney for her sweet DJing and registration help, Sarah Tescher for the registration and schlepping help and all the racers and parents who cheered on the racers and helped tear down the venue after the sweet racing action. It may have been small, but it was a ball!

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Devo’s June Telegraph Hill Climb Results

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June 10th, 2011. Perfect day

U19 Boys; Sepp 16:23, Stephan 17:47, Collin 19:23, Gino 16:43, Christopher 18:07, Levi 17:01, Nate 22:23, Gaylen 19:23, Nano 22:50, Andrew 24:53

U19 Girls; Robin 26:28, India 23:06

U14 Boys; Lucas 33:04, Tye 36:57, Jakob 24:13, Charlie M 29:12, Shane 23:30, Devin 26:27, Austin 34:02, Connor 23:02, River 20:18, Dylan 27:10

U14 Girls; Marit 29:47, Allie 26:38, Indigo 34:59, Camryn 24:42, Ellen 30:20, Lacey 31:09, Amanda 37:41

Devo Coaches and friends; Annie 25:28, Chad 18:02, 18:11, Sarah 20:45, 20:09, Taylor 17:54, Mint 18:59, Brendan 16:40, Elke 25:28, Paul 19:54, Colton 21:46, Jacob 19:50, Anthony 19:52

past results are here

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Coke Circuit Race on Saturday at DMR

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This weekend is the first of 4 bike races at Purg this summer
The Coke Circuit Race is Saturday!
By Devo and DMR
830-900 Registration
920 B men and Women race for 30 minutes
1000 Kids race
1015 A Men and Women race for 50 minutes
Awards Immediately follow each event
$20 a race
$5 kids race
$30-20-10 payout for top 3 men and women in both A and B categories
Plus* 4 One Day Ski Passes to top man and women in A and B categories
Devo medals for all kid finishers

Coach Chad will do some announcing with Coach Annie and DMR’s Jay on the tunes.
We will have water and Coke product on hand.
DevoTV film crew will be there as well.

June 29th a wednesday is the next DMR race and is part of the wednesday series, $5
Then July 24th is the Purg Triple Crown which is 3 disciplines in one day. DO it alone or as a team, $35 either way. Circuit Race, Hill Climb and Super D in one day!
And finally August 3rd will be another wednesday night short track series race, $5

just a minor surface wound

just a minor surface wound

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Devo Short Track #2 Results

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June 8th 2011 Durango BMX Course

B Men: 1. Connor Yates, 2. Derek Blackmore, 3. Rich larson, 4. Jack Hewitt, 5. Dylan Willamson, 6. Mark Mata, 7. Nano Rodd

B Women: 1. Annie Cheeney, 2. Camryn Sippy, 3. Shaila Blackmore

B Holeshot; Shaila Blackmore

Kids Race; Ivan Sippy and Brady Short

A Men: 1. Howard Grotts, 2. Kenny When, 3. Chris Blevins, 4. Gino Pastore, 5. Joe Schneider, 6. Taylor Borucki, 7. Stephan Davoust, 8. Jason Quenzler, 9. Dylan Stucki, 10. Chad Cheeney, 11. Gaige Sippy, 12. Collin Francom, 13. Levi Kurlander, 14. Jon Delacey, 15. Adam Short

A Women: 1. Kaila Hart, 2. Jill Behlen

A Holeshots; Stephan Davoust & Kaila Hart

Next weeks race is at the FLC Factory Trails

Past Results

June 11th Durango Devo Circuit Race at Durango Mountain Resort

June 29th Durango Devo Short Track Race at DMR

July 24th Purgatory Triple Crown at Durango Mountain Resort, Circuit race, Hill Climb and Super Downhill in one day. Do as individual or team.

August 3 Durango Devo SHort Track Race at DMR

Past Results

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