Late Summer Devo Fun

DUC/Devo SHort Track #9 Photos

photos by Connor Yates

Devo’s August Telegraph Hill Climb Results

August 5th 2011, dry and fast

U14 Boys; Perrin 22:52, Derrick 23:48, Shane 28:48

U14 Girls; Katja 29:21, Marit 29:10

U19 Girls; Madeigh 26:29

U19 Boys; Sepp 17:39, Levi 17:53, Connor 20:58, Nano 23:38

Coaches; Elke 25:10. Annie 28:50, Chad 21:27, Mint 17:02

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Durango Urgent Care/Devo Short Track #10

August 3rd at Durango Mountain Resort

Open Men and Women; 1. Howard Grotts, 2. Erich McAlister, 3. Jill Behlen, 4. Tyler of DMR

Super D; 1. Howards Grotts 1:10:94, 2. Erich McAlister 1:20:94, 3. Jill Behlen 1:22:10, 4. Annie Cheeney 1:26:69

Lap Time Challenge; Howard-2:46 first lap, 2:47, 2:48, 2:50, 2:49, 2:48, 2:46, 2:48 last lap. Erich-2:48 first lap, 2:56, 3:03, 3:04, 2:56, 3:03, 3:03, 3:04 last lap. Jill- 3:17 first lap, 3:17, 3:36, 3:31, 3:34, 3:33, 3:34 last lap, Tyler- 4:26 first lap, 4:34, 6:08, 6:35 last lap

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Next Short Track Race is at the Factory Trails of FLC

Devo Coach Ryder Okumura Heads to Trials Worlds

Junior Devo Summer Camp Coach Ryder Okumura qualified for the US National Mountain Bike Team in Sequatchie, Tennessee this year.  The event was a couple weeks back, but he finally got a good picture or two. He was edged out last year and selected as an alternate, but this year placed 2nd and earned a spot on the team.  Ryder was beaten by Aran Cook, who won the IHBC trials and last years Trials from the Crypt.  The UCI Mountain Bike and Trials World Championships will be held in Champery, Switzerland in early September.  Trials master Okumura be working with Durango Devo in August coaching mountain bike summer camps at DMR. Wish him luck!DSC_0365DSC_0371DSC_0366

Thanks for Playing in Durango El Grupo!

The El Grupo cycling group was in town last week for their second season of Dave Hagens Amazing Mountain Bike Adventure Camp. While in town the group got to ride and hang with the cycling locals that help make Durango the cycling mecca that it is. They are another great example of community cycling programs that put the teamwork aspect into all things biking. Great work leading such a great group of kids!

Durango Coca-Cola Triple Crown Photos

Triple Crown 249
Sierra Trout, River Weiss and Brendan Shafer on the Circuit Race

By Jeanne Pastore

Erich McAlister on the SUper D
Erich McAlister leads out Lucas Lemaire on the Super D
The finishers of the Hill Climb
The finishers of the Hill Climb

Durango Urgent Care/Devo Short Track Series #9 Results

July 27th at the Factory Trails of FLC

Thanks for having a good time El Gruppo!

B Men: 1. Donovan Capoto, 2. Logan Boyd, 3. Zack Kurka, 4. Sven Brunso, 5. Marcos Espanza, 6. Derek Blackmore, 7. Ben Duncan, 8. Keenan Duncan, 9. Nathen Franklin, 10. Daniel Yakushevich, 11. Lucas Murray, 12. Mose Goddes, 13. David Anaya, 14. Ivan Sippy, 15. Connor Adkisson, 16. Tyler Stites

B Women: 1.Annie Cheeney, 2. Lauren Frisk, 3. Shayla Blackmore, 4. Camryn Sippy, 5. Lyzzie Caputo, 6. Emily Franklin, 7. Sabina Quiroz

B Holeshot: Derek Blackmore and Annie Cheeney

A Men: 1. Miguel Ramos, 2. Chris Blevins, 3. Dylan Stucki, 4. Miles Venzara, 5. Erich McAlister, 6. Chad Cheeney, 7. James Rowan, 8. Levi Kurlander, 9. Richard Hurst, 10. Joe Burtoni, 11. Zack Kurka, 12. Dave Hagen, 13. Wyatt Frier, 13. Mike Geddes, 14. Mike Midlarsky, 14. Logan Boyd, 15. Donovan Caputo

A Women: 1. Jill Behlen, 2. Kaylee Blevins

A Holeshot: Kaylee Blevins and Levi Kurlander

Past Results

Next Short Track Race is at Durango Mountain Resort

Trails 2000 Membership Picnic and Sweet Group Rides Tonight

NEW LOCATION for the Trails 2000 annual PICNIC!
Trails 2000 Membership Picnic for NEW and RENEWING Members will be Wednesday, July 27th at SKA World Headquarters! Bring a friend and join us for a very fun evening:
4:00 Group road ride with the Durango Wheel Club
4:15 Group mountain bike ride with Travis Brown, Ned Overend and Sarah Tescher
(Rides will start and finish at SKA)
Music by Robby Overfied
Backcountry Experience offers CORSAR cards at check-in
6:00 Zia Taqueria burritos served
8:00 Pedal-Driven,the only Durango showing of the Bike-umentary film
Bring a chair/blanket to sit on lawn, kid-friendly film.